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2007. 7. 23. Location Based MBS Service for IEEE 802.16 - IP Push Service - Jongtaek Oh

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2 2007. 7. 23. Location Based MBS Service for IEEE 802.16 - IP Push Service - Jongtaek Oh

3 WiCoN Lab. Hansung Univ. 2 Contents  Motivation  Technical description of LB MBS  Killer applications for LB MBS  Proposed working method –New RFC on LB MBS over IEEE 802.16 Networks  References

4 WiCoN Lab. Hansung Univ. 3 Motivation  Considering IEEE 802.16 radio system as; –Broadband wireless service system –Fixed Wireless Access or mobile communication system applications –Service convergence with IP network as core network –Competition with cellular network –Prominent prospects on Broadcasting and LBS  Necessity of new killer applications – Location Based MBS –Keeping existing protocols with additional functions in BS

5 WiCoN Lab. Hansung Univ. 4 Limitations for Internet Broadcasting  Necessity of unique IP address –Not enough IP addresses to be assigned –Difficulty of managing IP addresses, especially for mobile unit  Client-server model : Client access & request to server. –Necessity of pre-knowledge of web site address of server (even multicasting IP address) –Every time click is needed to request information. –So much load to server and network as increasing number of users  Not enough solutions for broadcasting  Not enough solutions for user location information

6 WiCoN Lab. Hansung Univ. 5 Benefits of LB MBS  No necessity of receiver IP address –No DHCP server –No IP address managing –No limitation of number of receivers  No necessity of pre-knowledge of web site address & information request –Just listening and tuning of broadcast data  Less load for broadcasting server –Sending datagram to each RAS not to terminals  Less traffic generation to network  No privacy problem of user location information  No violations to existing protocols !

7 WiCoN Lab. Hansung Univ. 6 Network Configuration for LB MBS BS with IP1 BS with IP2 Internet Broadcasting server AR BS :Base Station AR :Access Router MS :Mobile Station MS Unicasting Broadcasting

8 WiCoN Lab. Hansung Univ. 7 Control Message  Control field for broadcasting parameters of AR –Optional protocol between server and AR –repetition period, repetition duration, & priority control –authentication, scrambling, etc.  Type of data field –Message format between server and terminals –According to this, users can filter interesting data only. –Terminals can use for their own purposes. Control field type of data field broadcast data Simplified format of UDP data field

9 WiCoN Lab. Hansung Univ. 8 Terminal Initiation for LB MBS Internet Broadcasting server 2) Req. Broadcasting 1) Broadcasting Announcement 3) Req. Broadcasting 5) Data Broadcasting timer 6) Quit after time out 4) Broadcasting data BS * This seems like multicasting protocol, but more simple, and no need of many multicasting addresses. AR

10 WiCoN Lab. Hansung Univ. 9 Comparison of Network Traffic Total Traffic Conventional Unicasting method LB MBS method LB MBS with Terminal Trigger No. of Terminals ( No. of BSs)

11 WiCoN Lab. Hansung Univ. 10 Killer Applications FIRE EXIT ESCAPE ! Just click now! W50,000 Magic cap This statue is... Bus Stop Seoul City Tour Nearby historic spot is …. Tour Bus repeating

12 WiCoN Lab. Hansung Univ. 11 Framework of Proposed New RFC on LB MBS over IEEE 802.16 Networks –Introduction –IEEE 802.16 network model for location based MBS service –Functional requirements for the network components –Message format for the location based MBS service –Optional triggering protocol –Application services of the location based MBS service –References

13 WiCoN Lab. Hansung Univ. 12 References  Local Information Service Protocol using WLAN, TTAS.KO-06.0116, Oct. 20. 2006.  Report ITU-R M.[IP CHAR]:Key technical and operati onal characteristics for access technologies to support IP applications over mobile systems, ITU-R WP 8A/WP 8F, May 2007.  A Scheme for Location-Based Internet Broadcasting and its Applications, accepted for publication in IEEE Comm. Mag., July, 2007.

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