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Mrs. Albright’s Virtual Zoo

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1 Mrs. Albright’s Virtual Zoo
Keyboarding Class

2 Badger Badgers live in North America.
Badgers eat bugs, birds and reptiles. It has white and black fur. It digs underground. Ben H.

3 Bass e xander Bass live in lakes and rivers.
This type of fish is a carnivore and eats fish and crustaceans. It gets up to 22 pounds and 22 inches. It’s green. Its eyes are on the side of its head. Its body cover is scales. Bass young are called fry. A group of fish is called a school. e xander

4 Cheetah Cheetahs live in the grasslands.
They eat antelope, gazelles, impalas, puku, hares and other small mammals. Cheetahs have fur with spots and weigh 77 to 143 pounds. Cheetahs are the fastest land animals. Autumn N.

5 Cheetah They are found in grasslands in Africa south of the Sahara.
They eat antelope, gazelles, impalas, puku, hares and other small mammals. They are yellow with black dots and they have 4 legs. They run so fast. Gavin H.

6 Chicken Sebastian M. Chickens live around the world.
Chickens eat insects, seeds and grass. Chickens’ feathers look like the bark of a tree. Chickens are up to 11 pounds. Sebastian M.

7 Coyote They live in deserts, mountains, grasslands.
They eat rabbits, rodents, insects, reptiles. They look like brown and have a black nose. He can run 40 mph. Mya C.

8 DEER Deer live in the woods. They eat plants.
It weighs 65 to 310 pounds or 30 to140 kilogram. A name of male is buck. Jacob C.

9 Fox The fox lives in forest, grasslands, mountains and deserts. The fox eats birds, rabbits, rodents, earthworms and beetles. The fox can weigh 6 to 31 pounds. They can grow up to 21/2 to 5 feet. A fox can hear a mouse squeak from over 100 feet away. Mason L.

10 Fox Foxes live in Europe, and North America.
Foxes eat birds, rabbits, rodents, earthworms, beetles, insects, and sometimes fruit and vegetables. Foxes weigh 6 to 31 pounds, and are 2 to 5 feet long. They are red and white. They have 4 legs, and pointy ears. A fox has keen hearing and an excellent sense of smell. A fox can hear a mouse squeak over 100 feet away. Olivia J.

11 Giant Salamander Giant salamanders live in rivers and lakes.
They are carnivores. They look like rocks. They have camouflage eyes. AndyBoi H.

12 Great White Shark Sharks live in oceans. Sharks are carnivores.
Sharks are 21 feet long. Great White Sharks have a tail. It also has a fin and 2 flippers and a pointy nose. Great white sharks especially like to hunt seals. Willie L.

13 Hamster Hamsters live in Asia. Hamsters eat grass.
Hamsters weigh 4 oz. and are 7 in. long and have fur. Hamsters spin on a wheel and baby hamsters are named pup. AbbyL.

14 Horse Hayley P. Horses live around the world.
Horses eat grass, grain and hay. Horses have fluffy tails, a mane, and fur. The earliest horse lived 55 million years ago. It was the size of a fox. Hayley P.

15 Jaguar A jaguar is a type of animal that lives in the jungle.
It has to hunt its own food. It eats meat. It has claws. It has spots. It has padded feet . It can run 70 mph. Landon F.

16 Jellyfish The jellyfish lives in all the world’s oceans and coastal water. The jellyfish eats small ocean animals. The jellyfish is two to 16 inches long. It lives 3 to 4 years. Olivia D.

17 Madeline B Killer Whale
Killer whales live in oceans typically in colder regions around the world. Killer whales eat fish, seals, squid and whales. Killer whales have skin and they are black and white. They can weigh up to 8,000 to 20,000 pounds. Killer whales are the biggest of all dolphins. Madeline B

18 Mouse Mice live wherever people live. They started in Asia.
Mice eat almost any kind of plant that is small enough. Mice look brown, white, cute, fat and chubby. Mice have an instinctive fear of cat urine. Nona K .

19 Mountain Lion Mountain lions live in mountain areas and swamps.
Mountain lions eat deer and rabbits. They have a brown thick fur and four legs. Mountain lions are sometimes called pumas. Jarek J.

20 Northern Cardinal Kara H.
A Northern Cardinal lives in grasslands, forests, mountains in eastern North America. A Northern Cardinal is a omnivore. They eat seeds, wild fruit, grains, worms and insects. Cardinals have a black mask and red feathers. Only the male cardinals have bright red feathers. These feathers impress females. Females are tan or gray. The scientific name for Cardinals is cardinalis cardinalis. Their predators are: cats, dogs,hawks, owls and squirrels. A Cardinal lives with their family until they are at least a year old. Kara H.

21 Peacock Peacocks live in South Asia in rainforests.
Peacocks are omnivores. Some examples of foods are snails, frogs, grains and grasses. Only males have brightly colored tails. These feathers attract females. They live about 20 years. They have 3 to 8 newborns at a time. Silvie W.

22 Scarlet Macaw Scarlet macaws live in the rainforests.
They are herbivores. They have a curved beak, and are red, green and light and dark blue. You can teach it to say hello and good morning to you and simple things like that. Charlotte S.

23 The students chose their own animals and wrote down notes about them from World Book Online, Kids’ Edition. They typed their information into PowerPoint slides and chose a background color. They added a picture from Microsoft Clip Art, or used Google to find a picture on the Internet. Finally, they did a spell check and a reading check with Ms. Ewing, and she added their slide to the class’s virtual zoo.

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