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13.10.2000 Tripoli WAP Service Gateway Project presentation 11.10.2000.

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1 Tripoli WAP Service Gateway Project presentation

2 Project An explorative project to see whether we can make a WAP -killer application in ideal conditions –Free WAP-Gateway –Free GSM/SMS time (2000 mins/month Elisa City) –Backbone and ready-to-use services (Trimedia) –Tons of usable information webtopi, calendar, busschedules, caféteria menus –Technically oriented clients (students and staff)

3 Building the killer HUT WAP app Trimedia WML/HTTP module Calypso WAP server integration Killer-app generation process –Trimedia service that gives largest possible coverage and useability. –Usage survey – is it a killer app?

4 Trimedia WML/HTTP Module Addon and modification to already present HTTP module, so that Trimedia can handle (at least some) WAP-clients –preferably the most common models of WAP-clients Testing WAP compatibilty of existing Trimedia services such as bus schedules, cafeteria menues and campus event calendar. –Is it possible to write a generic styleguide/XSLT?

5 Calypso WAP server integration Need help from Mikko Fallenius Server up and running Problem with ISDN card. Need to upgrade NT to Win2K server Ericsson Terminals possibly through Prof. Mäntylä

6 Killer Application 1/2 Technically –New service to Trimedia –Programmed in Java –Relies on Trimedia’s database –Connects to Trimedia using CORBA

7 Killer Application 2/2 Ideally –Provides a new service or a new or better use for existing service –Uses knowledge of clients location –Provides up-to-date or updated information to clients (push?)

8 Resources needed 1/2 WAP Gateway (Calypso) –IP-network –Static IP-address –Ports 1099, open all route WAP-terminals SIM:s to terminals Access to Trimedia services Development environment

9 Resources Needed 2/2 SMS –Username and password to SMSC from Elisa –SMS from terminal to Tripoli: WAP Serves specs say in several places that server can send messages to SMSC, but can it receive it. Can we do requests via SMS ? –The way we see it is that there are two separate ways to do it: Our own servicenumber Our own service under Elisas service which is identified by a ’keyword’. For example(in SMS): TRIPOLI RUOKA TF

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