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13.10.2000 Tripoli WAP Service Gateway Project presentation 11.10.2000.

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1 13.10.2000 Tripoli WAP Service Gateway Project presentation 11.10.2000

2 13.10.2000 Project An explorative project to see whether we can make a WAP -killer application in ideal conditions –Free WAP-Gateway –Free GSM/SMS time (2000 mins/month Elisa City) –Backbone and ready-to-use services (Trimedia) –Tons of usable information webtopi, calendar, busschedules, caféteria menus –Technically oriented clients (students and staff)

3 13.10.2000 Building the killer HUT WAP app Trimedia WML/HTTP module Calypso WAP server integration Killer-app generation process –Trimedia service that gives largest possible coverage and useability. –Usage survey – is it a killer app?

4 13.10.2000 Trimedia WML/HTTP Module Addon and modification to already present HTTP module, so that Trimedia can handle (at least some) WAP-clients –preferably the most common models of WAP-clients Testing WAP compatibilty of existing Trimedia services such as bus schedules, cafeteria menues and campus event calendar. –Is it possible to write a generic styleguide/XSLT?

5 13.10.2000 Calypso WAP server integration Need help from Mikko Fallenius Server up and running Problem with ISDN card. Need to upgrade NT to Win2K server Ericsson Terminals possibly through Prof. Mäntylä

6 13.10.2000 Killer Application 1/2 Technically –New service to Trimedia –Programmed in Java –Relies on Trimedia’s database –Connects to Trimedia using CORBA

7 13.10.2000 Killer Application 2/2 Ideally –Provides a new service or a new or better use for existing service –Uses knowledge of clients location –Provides up-to-date or updated information to clients (push?)

8 13.10.2000 Resources needed 1/2 WAP Gateway (Calypso) –IP-network –Static IP-address –Ports 1099, 9200-9203 open all route WAP-terminals SIM:s to terminals Access to Trimedia services Development environment

9 13.10.2000 Resources Needed 2/2 SMS –Username and password to SMSC from Elisa –SMS from terminal to Tripoli: WAP Serves specs say in several places that server can send messages to SMSC, but can it receive it. Can we do requests via SMS ? –The way we see it is that there are two separate ways to do it: Our own servicenumber Our own service under Elisas service which is identified by a ’keyword’. For example(in SMS): TRIPOLI RUOKA TF

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