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Malaria – “Killer disease” Adapted from:

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1 Malaria – “Killer disease” Adapted from:

2 Incidence and Distribution


4 Risk Populations

5 Impact of Malaria 03_02/mosquitograph_468x611.jpg

6 Impact of Malaria (contd.)

7 After release, a dormant version of malaria travels through the host’s blood stream, to be ingested by another mosquito to onfect a new host. This repeating cycle depletes the body of oxygen and coincides with malaria’s fever and chills Infected red blood cells burst, infecting other blood cells and starting the sequence again. Gets into blood stream, attaches and enters red blood cells where further reproduction occurs. The Parasite starts reproducing rapidly in the liver. (Some parasites lie dormant and become activated years after initial infection) Parasite reaches the liver within 30 minutes. Infected mosquito bites a human. Malaria is a transmissible disease

8 Signs and Symptoms

9 Preventing Malaria

10 Preventing Malaria (while a vaccine is being developed)

11 Developing an Anti-Malaria Poster The theme of the poster is malaria prevention. Your goal is to communicate the five approaches in preventing malaria infections, to a population with a large percentage of illiterate persons. Areas of focus ; ElementMark Title reflects content /3 Graphics and drawings are relevant and informative /5 Poster is neat, attractive, and draws the eye /7 Understanding of the approaches to malaria prevention. /10

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