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Kunst und Sittlichkeit Verhältnise und Probleme.

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1 Kunst und Sittlichkeit Verhältnise und Probleme


3 Chapman Brothers, Grande Hazaña

4 Goya, Grande hazaña. ¡Con muertos!

5 Théodore Géricault Study of Truncated Limbs

6 Chapman Brothers


8 Chapman, Hell

9 Grayson Perry Mr. Shit Sex, 1999

10 Grayson Perry


12 Maurizio Cattelan Ninth Hour

13 Maurizio Cattelan Tre bambino finiscono appesi

14 Maurizio Cattelan

15 Paul McCarthy, The Garden

16 Paul McCarthy, The Garden

17 Paul McCarthy, Cultural Gothic, 1992

18 Thomas McCarthy, Tomato Heads

19 Thomas McCarthy, Grand Pop, 1977


21 Tracey Emin My bed##

22 Tracey Emin, Tent


24 Chris Ofili Virgin Mary

25 Tracey Emin It just happens, 2001

26 Ron Mueck Dad dead

27 Ron Mueck Pregnant Woman

28 Orlan



31 Refiguration, 1999

32 Piero Manzoni Merda d’artista

33 Zhu Yu, Eating People


35 Eroticism

36 Jeff Koons, Made in Heaven

37 Liebeszauber

38 Degas

39 Mujer desnuda peinándose

40 Degas, Desnudo reclinado

41 Degas, El baño matutino

42 Klimt, Danae

43 Rodin, The Kiss

44 Rodin, Lovers

45 Goya, La maja desnuda

46 Manet, Olimpia

47 Tiziano, Venus de Urbino

48 Tintoretto, La dama que descubre el seno

49 Ramos-Manet, Olimpia, 1973

50 Ramos, Chiquita, 1964

51 Yasumara Morimura, Retrato, 1988

52 Coubert, El origen del mundo, 1866

53 Mark Rotenberg and Laura Mirsky, Forbidden Erotica (2000)


55 Dalí, El juego lúgubre, 1929

56 Egon Schiele



59 Hokusai

60 Otto Dix, Three women, 1929

61 Tom Wesselmann, American Nude, 1963

62 Silvia Sleigh, The turkish bath, 1973

63 Claude Cahun, Autorretrato, 1928

64 Man Ray, Veiled erotic, 1933

65 Lisa Yuskavage Big Blonde with Beaded Jacket

66 Lisa Yuskavage Honeymoon

67 Lisa Yuskavage True Blonde

68 Magritte, The rape 1945

69 Sarah Lucas Two fried eggs and a kebab, 1992

70 Sarah Lucas, Bitch, 1994

71 Sarah Lucas, Sel portrait woth fried eggs, 1996

72 Toyen (Marie Cerminova)

73 Georgia O’Keefe, Grey line with black, blue and yellow, 1923

74 O´Keefe Iris, 1929

75 Violence in Aktionen

76 Hermann Nitsch, Aktion

77 Franko B, Aktion 398

78 Wolfgang Flatz, Meat

79 Otto Muehl/Kurt Kren, Sodoma, 1975

80 Marina Abramovic, Rhythm 0, 1974

81 Nudity in pictures

82 Cole Weston

83 Helmut Newton


85 Robert Mapplethorpe

86 Robert Mapplethorpe, X Portfolio


88 Robert Mapplethorpe, Self-Portrait 1978

89 Robert Mapplethorpe, Rosie 1976

90 Lewis Carroll



93 Robert Mapplethorpe, Elliot and Dominick, 1979

94 Robert Mapplethorpe, Lisa Lyon, 1980

95 Mappelthorpe, Ajitto

96 Flandrin (Young male nude seated beside the sea-1836-6)

97 Mappelthorpe, Thomas

98 Mappelthorpe

99 Andrés Serrano, A History Of Sex

100 Andrés Serrano, A History Of Sex

101 Andrés Serrano, A History Of Sex

102 Del Lagrace Volcano, Untitled

103 Lynda Benglis, Artforum 1974

104 Venus de Willendorf

105 Sex

106 Nick Zedd, Whoregasm

107 The Love That Dares To Speak Its Name By James Kirkup As they took him from the cross I, the centurion, took him in my arms- the tough lean body of a man no longer young, beardless, breathless, but well hung. He was still warm. While they prepared the tomb I kept guard over him. His mother and the Magdalen had gone to fetch clean linen to shroud his nakedness. I was alone with him. For the last time I kissed his mouth. My tongue found his, bitter with death. I licked his wound- the blood was harsh For the last time I laid my lips around the tip of that great cock, the instrument of our salvation, our eternal joy. The shaft, still throbbed, anointed with death's final ejaculation I knew he'd had it off with other men- with Herod's guards, with Pontius Pilate, With John the Baptist, with Paul of Tarsus with foxy Judas, a great kisser, with the rest of the Twelve, together and apart. He loved all men, body, soul and spirit. - even me. So now I took off my uniform, and, naked, lay together with him in his desolation, caressing every shadow of his cooling flesh, hugging him and trying to warm him back to life. Slowly the fire in his thighs went out, while I grew hotter with unearthly love. It was the only way I knew to speak our love's proud name, to tell him of my long devotion, my desire, my dread- something we had never talked about. My spear, wet with blood, his dear, broken body all open wounds, and in each wound his side, his back, his mouth - I came and came and came as if each coming was my last. And then the miracle possessed us. I felt him enter into me, and fiercely spend his spirit's finbal seed within my hole, my soul, pulse upon pulse, unto the ends of the earth- he crucified me with him into kingdom come. -This is the passionate and blissful crucifixion same-sex lovers suffer, patiently and gladly. They inflict these loving injuries of joy and grace one upon the other, till they dies of lust and pain within the horny paradise of one another's limbs, with one voice cry to heaven in a last divine release. Then lie long together, peacefully entwined, with hope of resurrection, as we did, on that green hill far away. But before we rose again, they came and took him from me.

108 They knew no what we had done, but felt no shame or anger. Rather they were gald for us, and blessed us, as would he, who loved all men. And after three long, lonely days, like years, in which I roamed the gardens of my grief seeking for him, my one friend who had gone from me, he rose from sleep, at dawn, and showed himself to me before all others. And took me to him with the love that now forever dares to speak its name.

109 Gerardjan Rijnders, Buff

110 Rockbitch, Bitchcraft, 1997

111 Catherine Opie and Ron Athey, Solar Anus (2000)

112 La Fura dels Baus, XXX

113 Extreme Cinema

114 Tun Fei Mou, Hei Tei Yang 731 (Men behind the Sun)

115 Takashi Miike's Koroshiya I

116 Katsuya Matsumura, Atrocity, 1994

117 Herman Yau Lai-To Ba Xian Fan Dian Zhi Rou Cha Shao Bao,

118 Aristide Massaccesi, (Joe D’Amato), Buio Omega, 1979

119 Nacho Cerda, Aftermath, 1994

120 Douglas Buck, Cutting Moments, 1995

121 John Waters, Pink Flamingos,1972

122 Todd Phillips, Hated, 1994

123 Sex and cinema

124 Max Noesseck, Garden Of Eden, 1954

125 Herschell Gordon Lewis, Blood Feast, 1963

126 Alex DeRenzy, A History of the Blue Movie, 1971

127 Gerard Damiano, Deep Throat, 1972

128 Tetsuji Takechi, Hakujitsumu, 1964

129 John Stagliano's The Adventures Of Buttman, 1989

130 Gaspar Noe's Seul Contre Tous, 1998

131 Lars VonTrier, Idioterne,1998

132 Nagisa Oshima, Ai No Corrida,1976

133 Virginie Despentes and Coralie Trinh Thi, Baise-Moi, 2001

134 Catherine Breillat, Romance, 1999

135 Catherine Breillat, Anatomie de l’enfer, 2004

136 Lukas Moodysson, Ett Hal I Mitt Hjarta (A Hole in my heart), 2004

137 Pierre Woodman, The Pyramid,1997

138 Hideki Takayama, Chojin Densetsu Urotsukidoji, 1989

139 Jack Smith, Flaming Creatures, 1963

140 Carolee Schneemann, Fuses, 1965

141 Ingmar Bergman, Persona, 1966

142 Violence in cinema

143 Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust,1979

144 Umberto Lenzi, Cannibal Ferox, 1981

145 Hideshi Hino, Chiniku No Hana, 1985

146 Death in cinema and pictures

147 Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi, Mondo Cane, 1962

148 Alfredo and Angelo Castiglioni, Addio Ultimo Uomo, 1978

149 Joel-Peter Witkin, The Kiss, 1982

150 Joel-Peter Witkin, Man Without A Head, 1993

151 Andres Serrano, Morgue, 1992

152 Andrés Serrano, Morgue, 1992

153 Death and preservation techniques

154 Maurizio Cattelan, Bidibidobidiboo, 1996

155 Maurizio Cattelan The Ballad of Trotsky

156 Damien Hirst, The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Someone Living, 1991

157 Damien Hirst, Away from the Flock, 1994

158 Damien Hirst Mother and Child divided, 1993

159 Günther Von Hagens


161 Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook, The class

162 Bodily Fluids

163 Gilbert & George, Fundamental Pictures, 1997


165 Marcel Duchamp, Paysage Fautif, 1946

166 Andrés Serrano, Semen & Blood 1990

167 Serrano, Milk and Blood

168 Andrés Serrano, Piss Christ, 1987

169 Marc Quinn, Self

170 Christo y Jeanne-Claude, The Gates, 2005


172 The 2 Live Crew, As Nasty As They Wanna Be

173 What'll we get for ten dollars? Every 'ting you want Everything? Every'ting Ooh! don't do that, baby! ahh! Hold on this! oh, sock it to me! aaahh! Ooohh! Chorus (repeated during breakdowns): Ahh! me so horny! Me love you long time! Verse 1: [brother marquis] Sittin' at home with my dick on hard So i got the black book for a freak to call Picked up the telephone, then dialed the 7 digits Said, "yo, this marquis, baby! are you down with it?" I arrived at her house, knocked on the doo Rnot having no idea of what the night had in store I'm like a dog in heat, a freak without warning I have an appetite for sex, 'cause me so horny Chorus Verse 2: [fresh kid ice] Girls always ask me why i fuck so much I say "what's wrong, baby doll, with a quick nut?" 'cause you're the one, and you shouldn't be mad I won't tell your mama if you don't tell your dad I know he'll be disgusted when he sees your pussy busted Won't your mama be so mad if she knew i got that ass? I'm a freak in heat, a dog without warning My appetite is sex, 'cause me so horny Chorus Verse 3: [brother marquis] You can say i'm desperate, even call me perverted But you say i'm a dog when i leave you fucked and deserted I'll play with your heart just like it's a game I'll be blowing your mind while you're blowing my brains I'm just like that man they call georgie puddin' pie I fuck all the girls and i make 'em cry I'm like a dog in heat, a freak without warning I have an appetite for sex, 'cause me so horny. Chorus Breakdown(4x): Ahh! hold on this! oh, sock it to me! Chorus Verse 4: [fresh kid ice] It's true, you were a virgin until you met me I was the first to make you hot and wetty-wetty You tell your parents that we're goin' out Never to the movies, just straight to my house You said it yourself, you like it like i do Put your lips on my dick, and suck my asshole too I'm a freak in heat, a dog without warning My appetite is sex, 'cause me so horny Chorus Breakdown (repeated till end of track): Fuckie suckie. me fuckie suckie.

174 Ice-T, "Cop Killer" I got my black shirt on. I got my black gloves on. I got my ski mask on. This shit's been too long. I got my twelve gauge sawed off. I got my headlights turned off. I'm 'bout to bust some shots off. I'm 'bout to dust some cops off. Cop killer, better you than me. Cop killer, f**k police brutality! Cop killer, I know your family's grievin' (f**k 'em) Cop killer, but tonight we get even. I got my brain on hype. Tonight'll be your night. I got this long-assed knife, and your neck looks just right. My adrenaline's pumpin'. I got my stereo bumpin'. I'm 'bout to kill me somethin' A pig stopped me for nuthin'! Cop killer, better you than me. Cop killer, f**k police brutality! Cop killer, I know your mama's grievin' (f**k her) Cop killer, but tonight we get even. Die, die, die pig, die! F**k the police! F**k the police! F**k the police! F**k the police! F**k the police! F**k the police! F**k the police yeah! Cop killer, better you than me. I'm a Cop killer, f**k police brutality! Cop killer, I know your family's grievin' (f**k 'em) Cop killer, but tonight we get even. F**k the police! F**k the police! F**k the police! F**k the police! F**k the police! F**k the police! F**k the police! F**k the police, break it down. F**k the police, yeah. F**k the police, for Darryl Gates. F**k the police, for Rodney King. F**k the police, for my dead homies. F**k the police, for your freedom. F**k the police, don't be a pussy. F**k the police, have some muthaf**kin' courage. F**k the police, sing along. Cop killer! Cop killer! Cop killer! Cop killer! Cop killer, what you're gonna be when you grown up? Cop killer, good choice. Cop killer! I'm a muthaf**kin' cop killer! Cop killer, better you than me. Cop killer, f**k police brutality! Cop killer, I know your mama's grievin' (f**k her) Cop killer, but tonight we get even! Ice-T, Cop Killer, 1991

175 Max Ernst Virgin spanking Christ

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