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2 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 Aside from eating breakfast, the biggest predictor of longevity is psychological resiliency … being able to roll with the punches that life throws at us. Mark Hyman, MD

3 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 Tremendous Transformations Creating possibilities through personal transformation … one life at a time

4 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 GROUP EXERCISE IN PAIRS, DISCUSS THE FOLLOWING 1.Share your name 2.Your company 3.Why you chose to attend this particular event? 4.Is there something particularly stressful in your life right now? 5.What are you hoping to learn today?

5 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 February 2009

6 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 February 2009 – January 2011

7 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 Feb 2009 – Jan Apr 2013

8 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 Using Substances to Manage Mood  Four Top Selling Items In Grocery Stores  Caffeine  Sugar  Alcohol  Nicotine  The most powerful pharmacy in the world is right between your ears!

9 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 Stress Escalates On the average day, more than half the workforce leaves work with:  Neck pain  Tired eyes  Sore hands Many take the stress home, vent with family or friends and then have trouble sleeping! Web MD

10 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 Measuring Stress  Questions to ask  What job, personal or family stress do I have?  Have I had any recent major life changes?  Do my beliefs cause me stress?  How am I coping with the stress?  Internet measuring tool Web MD

11 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 GROUP EXERCISE 1.Identify your top five (5) sources of stress 2.Make a list of them 3.If you are able, identify the source of the stress 4.For how long have you been experiencing this stress? 5.If you can, find a link to any excessive or unhealthy eating behaviors or any other forms of “acting out:”

12 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 The Effects of Stress

13 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 Common Symptoms  Memory Loss and Dementia  Physical Symptoms  When prolonged  Propensity to get sick  Heart  Muscle  Stomach  Reproduction  Lungs  Skin  Thoughts and emotions

14 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 Acute vs. Chronic  Acute = Short Term  All change comes through chaos  Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved … Helen Keller  You’ll never have a testimony if you never have a test … Dr. Andrew Weil  Chronic = Long Term

15 Tremendous EVOLVE Common Causes of Stress 1.Your health 2.Emotional problems 3.Relationships 4.Major life changes 5.Family stress 6.Conflicts with one’s beliefs and values 7.Social issues 8.Job issues 9.Post traumatic stress (usually require professional assistance)

16 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 Avoiding Stress Manage your time Manage your health

17 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 Get Support

18 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 Develop Coping Mechanisms

19 Tremendous EVOLVE Tips to Calm Your Mind  Address underlying causes  Relax – take a break  Focus on the present  Move your body  Optimize your nutrition

20 Tremendous EVOLVE Tips to Calm Your Mind  Supplement – Beyond Organic  Try Herbs  Heart therapy  Change your beliefs  Find Community

21 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 Forgive and Forget Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea until they have something to forgive C. S. Lewis

22 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 Enhancing Forgiveness 1.Know forgetting is nearly impossible 2.Keep a gratitude journal 3.Journal your thoughts daily 4.Understand the two types of forgiveness 5.Being okay with not forgiving

23 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 Exercise Breathing Technique from Dr. Andrew Weil 1.Exhale all air out of your lungs 2.Tongue in yoga position (tip on back ridge of top teeth) 3.Take a breath in quietly through your nose for 4 seconds 4.Hold the air in for 7 seconds 5.Exhale noisily through mouth for 8 seconds 6.Repeat 3 more times for a total of 4 progressions

24 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 EXERCISE – Any “AH-HA” Moments? Pair up with your partner from the beginning of the session 1.What did you find helpful in the session? 2.Did you have a big “AH-HA” moment? 3.What are you going to do differently?

25 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 Tremendous Transformation MARK CARLSON TREMENDOUS TRANSFORMATIONS 6 Grove Street #B MINNEAPOLIS, MN

26 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 The Gift of Choice You have been given the greatest power in the world, the power to choose. The Seeds of Greatness Treasury, by Dennis Waitley

27 Tremendous EVOLVE 2013 FINAL WORD Happiness Is Within Us

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