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2 VOCABULARY - PROLOGUE secede- separate; become to oneself
Confederates- Southern army Union/Yankees- Northern army inauguration- when a president is sworn in as president podium- the place where a speaker talks, in front of an audience using a raised desk-like post scourge- punish; torture Executive Mansion- the White House adversaries- one who opposes illumination- candles or lights that are used at night

3 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 1 tyrant- one who uses power solely and unjustly
theatrical-artificial, acting, overly dramatic customarily- according to the accepted way courtesy- showing manners, respect propietors- owners partition- to separate off into parts intimately- close personal warm relationship telegram- electronic message sent through wires caliber- the diameter of the tube of a gun or rifle

4 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 1 concealment- hiding from all
Bowie knife- a heavy knife with a long blade conspiracy- an evil unlawful plan done in secret by two or more persons henchmen- followers that assist in unlawful actions planned out by a leader era- time period optimism- a feeling that good presides over evil eloquent- having the ability to speak in an exceptional way and admired by others by doing so

5 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 2 dialogue- conversation between two or more persons patron- a regular paying customer vestibule- a hallway between the outer door and inner part of a building corny- not really funny, but subtlety so spurs- a U-shaped device that slips over boots with a pointed end at the back, used to prod a horse avenged- to take revenge

6 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 3 confidants- those close to a person who share secrets elite- upper class; wealthy bedridden- very sick and unable to function standing deception- purposely trying to hide something intentions- what one desires to do purposely hideous- horrible; shocking; frightful; shocking nightshirt- a loose garment that goes to the knees worn to bed delirious- wild with excitement; forgetting one’s actions

7 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 4 pusuers- one who chases seeking another
Orchestra pit- the space reserved for musicians in front of a stage reluctantly- hesitating ghastly- shocking; frightful; dreadful fiance- one engaged to marry another vengeance- a desire to take revenge to harm someone unconscious- not aware of sensation or thinking coagulated- thickened; forming clots

8 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 4 (Continued…)
stabilize- to make or hold stable or steadfast oblivious- not aware diagnosis- the nature and circumstance of one’s illness or injury accomplice- a person who knowingly helps another with a crime boarding house- a place where renters get a room in which to sleep and, sometimes, meals gouged- a groove or hole made by a blade obscured- not clear; vague; uncertain cavalry- military soldiers composed of troops, on horseback or in armored units

9 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 5 regiment- military unit of men and women prepared for battle roused- to bring out of a state of sleep; awakened mayhem- complete confusion outpost- a station established away from the main area to avoid a surprise attack carbine- a light, gas operated semi-automatic rifle grotesque- fantastically ugly; bizarre steward- a person who manages another’s property Nelaton probe- an instrument used to locate a bullet inside of the human body vigalantes- one who takes the law into their own hands

10 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 5-2 monitor warship- a warship not very fast but carried large guns leverage- to exert power or influence on to influence others vouching- to support as true or reliable courier- a messenger that carries news fibula- the outer and thinner of the two bones of the lower leg bade- ordered; commanded

11 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 6 premeditated- unlawful action planned in advance statistics- collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data memento- a keepsake; souvenir; reminder of something erroneous- containing error; mistake, error; wrong typographical- written or typed text broadside- the whole side of a ship above the water line Typhoid fever- fatal infection from eating or drinking the virus, damages the intestines Diphtheria- a bacterial infection affecting the air passages, and can be fatal

12 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 6-2 relic- a surviving memorial; piece of the past Oath of office- promise made by the president to abide by responsibilities he/she is assigned sheath- a covering for a blade, dagger or sword tolling- ringing; loud sound collateral- something given as a loan to insure return autopsy- inspection and dissection of the body after death embalmer- a person who treats a dead body, preserving it using chemicals

13 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 7 mourning- in grief and sorrow from loss
fugitives- persons who are fleeing from authorities thicket- a thick dense growth of shrubs, bushes, trees overseer- a supervisor or manager trailblazing- the act of being a pioneer or first to do something ferried- to carry back and forth over a route vague- not clear; indefinite earshot- in the range of distance where sound or voice can be heard sabers- a heavy one-edged sword, slightly curved vulnerable- open for attack or wounding without knowing

14 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 8 assailant- a person who attacks
pickax- a pick with a large handle attached gutter- a channel at the side of a street usually made for water to drain to formidable- arousing feelings of awe or admiration meekly- humble; patient; kind interrogator- person who asks questions, usually in private, and responses are recorded stagehand- a person who moves props, lighting, or helps out in theatrical productions dragnet- a system for finding and catching criminals tribunal- a court where a person is put on trial

15 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 9 cowering- crouching in fear or shame
unanticipated- not expected heinous- hateful suppressing- putting and end to; stopping deplored- to disapprove of deeply concoct- to make up crepe- a lightweight fabric with a crinkled surface, usually worn to mourn a person implicated- to show to be involved or connected with

16 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 10 sanctuary- a sacred or holy place
hull- the outer covering bow- the front part of a boat or water craft stern- the rear part of a boat or water craft unintentionally- not deliberate; not meant on purpose courier- a messenger, bearing urgent news, important reports or packages tarried- delayed, lingered, in no hurry

17 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 11-1 disembarked- left on a journey operatives-
credentials- pungent- poise- chiding- bedraggled- egotistical- masquerading- aggitation- treachery-

18 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 11-2 ultimatum- relented- quarry- scaffold-
noncommissioned- rifled-

19 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 12 inquest- a legal inquiry, usually before a jury, especially made in the event of a death

20 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 13 accomplice- a person knowingly helping another in a crime or wrongdoing compensation- something given as an equivalent for services, debt, loss, suffering, or injury notoriety- being widely known or recognized gun turret- a weapon platform for housing guns for firing

21 VOCABULARY – CHAPTER 14 death warrant- an official order authorizing the death of a person or persons execution- the act of putting a person to death for a crime found guilty by a court of law

22 VOCABULARY – EPILOGUE verdict- the answer of a jury or court regarding to the innocence or guilt of a person on trial commuted- to change a prison sentence to a lesser one


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