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2 Some things I want to know about killer whales are:
I want to know what killer whales eat, how they swim and how long they live. Some things I know about killer whales are that they are mammals and they are warm blooded.

3 What do killer whales eat?
Killer whales have one of the most diverse diets of all marine mammals. Killer whales have been known to eat birds, sea turtles, penguins, seals, porpoises, and large baleen whales.More commonly, killer whales can be seen eating fish such as salmon, and cod, and squid.A killer whales diet Is largely dependent on where the animal lives and what food it is available in that environment. porpoises salmon Sea turtle

4 Where do killer whales live
They live in the cold waters of the northern pacific and Atlantic oceans and the Arctic sea.They are often found off the western coast of north America,near Alaska and British Columbia.

5 How do killer whales swim?
Fluke slapping Killer whale pec slapping Killer whale spy hopping Killer whale breaching

6 Other facts The only reason killer whales are called killer is that they eat and hunt so much meat and they are also so powerful hunters.They never kill for fun.Killer whales use echolocation. Killer whale Killer whale

7 What are killer whales like?
Though killer whales, also called orcas, they are considered whales by most people, they are actually members of the dolphin family. Killer whales are excellent hunters that a wide range of prey, including fish, seals, and big whales such as blue whales. Despite their hunting of other animals, free-ranging killer whales have never been reported killing a human. Killer whale Killer whale

8 Pods A pod is a group of closely related whales. A pod is formed when a female killer whale gives birth to a baby killer whale.which means that the oldest female is the leader because all the other members are her children and her children's children.A pod is made up of 4 to 40 killer whales. Pod of killer whales Pod of killer whales

9 Thank you for viewing my presintation
The End Thank you for viewing my presintation

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