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Different Types of Multiple Killers Mass Spree Serial # of victims 4+ 2+3+ # of events 1 13+ # of locations 1 2+3+ Cooling-off period no noyes.

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2 Different Types of Multiple Killers Mass Spree Serial # of victims 4+ 2+3+ # of events 1 13+ # of locations 1 2+3+ Cooling-off period no noyes

3 Serial killer - commits 3+ murders over an extended period of time with cooling-off periods in between. In between their crimes, they appear to be quite normal, a state which has been called the "mask of sanity." Serial Killers

4 Mostly white males with average intelligence Avg age is 29. Usually from unstable home. Absence of a loving and nurturing relationship. Physical ailments or disabilities (head injuries common). Triad – Animal Cruelty, Bedwetting, Pyromania. Serial Killer Profile

5 Visionary Motive Type - considered insane or psychotic. Voices tell them to commit crime (some see visions). Eg., Son of Sam Mission-Oriented Type - no psychosis, but has a need to rid the outside world of what he considers immoral or unworthy. Will select a certain group of individuals to kill (prostitutes, young women, gay men, etc.) Eg., Pickton Types of Serial Killers

6 Thrill-Oriented Type - For the fun. He is very sadistic and kills for excitement. Eg., Zodiac Lust Killer - Sexual killer. Not psychotic. Kills for the pure turn-on. The amount of pleasure is dependent on the amount of torture. The more heinous the torture, the more aroused they become. Eg., Dahmer Types of Serial Killers

7 Serial killers often keep mementos of their victims. Souvenirs: Personal items allow the killer to enjoy the memories of the crime. A trophy can become something of a shrine Serial Killers Some keep Polaroids Dahmer`s Bone Shrine


9 Common Traits Top 10 (According to 10 – Alcohol and substance abuse 9 – Psychological abuse during childhood 8 – Sexually stressful events in childhood 7 – Bedwetting 6 – Growing up lonely and isolated 5 – Fantasies 4 – Preferring auto-erotic activities 3 – Voyeurism and fetishism in adulthood 2 – Acting out fantasies on animals 1 – Physical injuries (often head trauma)

10 Henry Lee Lucas 3 years old Mother forced him to watch her have sex with strangers Spent 3 days in a coma after mother hit him with a plank of wood 7 years old Mother made him go to school dressed like a girl until he was in the second grade She beat him when his teacher gave him a pair of shoes 10 Years old Mother shoots a mule he was given as a present by a family friend Murdered mother at age 24. Convicted of 11 murders. Linked with 213.

11 The MacDonald Triad Animal Cruelty/Bed Wetting/Pyromania Secret compulsion seen as the seeds of greater mayhem. Animal Cruelty – Dahmer often mutilated and tortured stray dogs. Bed-wetting – 60% of serial killers wet their bed AFTER adolescence. Pyromania – Destruction is sexually stimulating. Easy to make leap from destruction of property to destruction of human lives.

12 Organized vs. Disorganized FBI has categorized serial killers into two different types: Organized Intelligent, planned murder Kill in one place, dispose in another Lure victims by appealing to their human nature (e.g. Bundy’s plaster cast) Choose a victim to hunt Cover their tracks Closely follow crimes in the media Often has close friends, lovers, spouses, and children BUNDY Disorganized Lower intelligence, impulsive, unplanned crimes Rarely disposes of a body, or covers tracks Socially inadequate with few friends and often have a history of mental problems DAHMER

13 Victim List of Subject # 1

14 1) Anna Slesers (55) Died 14th June 1962 2) Mary Mullen (85) Died 28th June 1962 3) Nina Nichols (68) Died 30th June 1962 4) Helen Blake (65) Died 30th June 1962 5) Ida Irga (75) Died 19th August 1962 6) Jane Sullivan (67) Died 20th August 1962 7) Sophie Clark (20) Died 5th December 1962 8) Patricia Bissette (23) Died 31st December 1962 9) Mary Brown (69) Died 9th March 1963 10) Beverley Samans (23) Died 6th May 1963 11) Evelyn Corbin (58) Died 8th September 1963 12) Joann Graff (23) Died 23rd November 1963 13) Mary Sullivan (19) Died 4th January 1964

15 Method of Subject # 1 Victims all female Age / race not consistent Murdered in their own apartments No forced entry Victims all raped Bodies left in obscene positions Strangled, usually with their own silk stockings Tied stockings in a bow under their chin He terrorized Boston for 18 months

16 The Measurer, The Green Man Various minor crimes Abusive father 13 victims as the Boston strangler Rumored 300+ victims as The Measurer and The Green Man Paranoid schizophrenic Cold blooded killer, remorseless Albert De Salvo, Boston Strangler

17 Outcome While in custody for rape and breaking and entering, he confessed to also being the Boston strangler, and murdering 13 women. His wife took his two children to her homeland of Germany at the urging of his lawyer. He was never tried as the Boston strangler, but was given sentences for his rape and burglary charges that would ensure he spent the rest of his life in custody. Six years into those sentences he was stabbed while in the infirmary and found dead the next morning.

18 Victim List of Subject # 2

19 1) Steven Hicks June, 1978 2) Steven Tuomi Sept, 1987 3) James Doxtator January, 1988 4) Richard Guerrero March, 1988 5) Anthony Sears March, 1989 6) Edward Smith June, 1990 7) Raymond Smith July, 1990 8) Ricky Lee Beeks July, 1990 9) Ernest Miller Sept., 1990 10) David Thomas Sept., 1990 11) Curtis Straughter Feb., 1991 12) Errol Lindsey April, 1991 13) Anthony Hughes May 24, 1991 14) Konerak Sinthasomphone May 27, 1991 15) Matt Turner June 30, 1991 16) Jeremiah Weinberger July 5, 1991 17) Oliver Lacey July 12, 1991 18) Joseph Bradehoft July 19, 1991

20 Method of Subject # 2 Victims all male Age / race not consistent Murdered in killers home All were homosexual Victims all raped Victims were lured to his home for intimate contact Once there victims were drugged and tortured Bodies were dismembered Some body parts were eaten by the killer

21 Jeffrey Dahmer, Milwaukee Monster Various arrests for assault Devoted parents, happy home life 18 victims confirmed, many more suspected Started unusual fascination with death as a small child Necrophiliac, cannibal, “experimental neurosurgeon” Cold blooded killer, remorseless

22 Outcome One of his victims escaped and a neighbour called the police, who believed Dahmers’ story of the boy being his lover and released the boy to Dahmers’ custody and his death. A final victim was lucky enough to escape and this time the police took notice. He admitted to the murders and detailed his brutality. He plead guilty and insane but the jury found him guilty and sane, while he was in prison one inmate tried to slash Dahmers’ throat unsuccessfully, the next attack (with an iron bar) was successful in smashing Dahmers’ skull and killing him.

23 Victim List of Subject # 3

24 1) Lonnie Trumbull, 23/6/66 2) Donna Manson, 12/3/74 3) Susan Elaine Rancourt, 17/4/74 4) Kathy Parks, 6/5/74 5) Brenda Baker, 25/5/74 6) Brenda Ball, 1/6/74 7) Georgeann Hawkins, 11/ 6/74 8) Janice Ott, 14/7/74 9) Denise Naslund, 14/7/7410) Jane Doe, 2/9/74 11) Nancy Wilcox, 2/10/7412) Melissa Smith, 10/18/74 13) Laura Aimee, 31/10/7414) Debbie Kent, 8/11/74 15) Caryn Campbell, 1/12/7516) Julie Cunningham, 15/3/75 17) Denise Oliverson, 4/6/7518) Melanie Cooley, 15/4/75 19) Lynette Culver, 5/6/7520) Susan Curtis, 28/6/75 21) Shelley Robertson, 1/7/7522) Nancy Baird, 4/ 7/75 23) Debbie Smith, ?/2/7624) Lisa Levy, 15/1/78 25)Margaret Bowman, 15/1/7826) Kimberly Ann Leach, 9/2/78 Several other victims survived, the actual number is unknown

25 Method of Subject # 3 All victims were female All victims were white and single All victims were young (late teens) All had long dark hair, parted in the middle and looked similar Usually abducted and found some time later All victims were seen talking to a man wearing a cast or sling shortly before their disappearance Abducted in the evening Severely beaten about the head Dumped in woodland

26 Ted Bundy, Lady Killer College graduate, law student, politically ambitious, rape counselor. Respected and admired by (most) who met him. Popular with women, generally considered to be a nice guy. Chose victims who looked like his ex girlfriend. Crimes spanned four states Escaped from jail to resume his killing spree Protested his innocence until he was sentenced to death, when he showed remorse.

27 Outcome Bundy managed to escape detection by pure fluke several times before finally being caught for attempted kidnapping. His previous flukes were due to his reputation as an upstanding citizen, and his charm. After he was imprisoned for kidnapping, while awaiting extradition to face other charges he escaped and went on a further killing spree. This time he was seen trying to abduct a school girl, a few days later he was arrested again and sentenced to death. Hours before his execution he gave an interview, where he accepted responsibility for his crimes and wished to inform the public of the encouragement he had from pornographic material, saying it was an addiction that he constantly needed harder and more until he finally acted his fantasies out.


29 Gary Ridgeway: Green River Killer “I`m not a serial rapist, I`m a serial killer." Body Count: 49 - Proven 71-90+ - Possible

30 Ted Bundy: Campus Killer “You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God..." Body Count: 35 - Proven 36+ - Possible

31 John Gacy: Killer Clown “I should never have been convicted of anything more serious than running a cemetary without a license." Body Count: 33 - Proven 34+ - Possible

32 David Berkowitz: Son of Sam “I am deeply hurt by you calling me a woman hater. I am not. But I am a monster. I am the ‘Son of Sam’." Body Count: 6 - Proven

33 Jeffrey Dahmer: The Milwaukee Cannibal “After the fear and terror of what I had done had left…I started it all over again. From then on it was a craving, a hunger..." Body Count: 17 - Proven

34 Peter Sutcliffe: The Yorkshire Ripper “The women I killed were filth-bastard prostitutes who were littering the streets. I was just cleaning the place up a bit." Body Count: 13 - Proven 15 - Possible

35 Edmund Kemper: Co-Ed Killer “One side of me says ‘I’d like to talk to her, date her’. The other side of me says, ‘I wonder how her head would look on a stick’." Body Count: 10 - Proven

36 Aileen Wuornos: Highway Killer “I robbed them, and I killed them cold as ice, and I know I would kill another person because I’ve hated humans for a long time." Body Count: 6 - Proven 8+ - Possible

37 Harold Shipman: Dr. Death "The only thing I did wrong was not having her cremated. If I had had her cremated I wouldn't be having all this trouble." Body Count: 218 - Proven 250 - Possible

38 Andrei Chikatilo: Citizen X “I felt a kind of madness and ungovernability in perverted sexual acts. I couldn’t control my actions." Body Count: 53 - Proven 56 - Possible

39 Pedro Alonzo Lopez: Monster of the Andes “I am the man of the century. No one will forget me.” “The moment of death is enthralling and exciting. Only those who actually kill know what I mean…When I am released I will feel that moment again.” Body Count: 110 - Proven 350 - Possible

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