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Vypracovala:Mgr. Silvie Reitharová The United States of America part II.

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1 vypracovala:Mgr. Silvie Reitharová The United States of America part II

2 political system of the USA Do you know any famous American presidents? George Washington the first president of the USA Thomas Jefferson the third president author of the Declaration of Independence Abraham Lincoln was the president during the Civil War author of Emancipation Proclamation that cancelled slavery in the USA John F. Kennedy one of the most important president of the 20th century influenced the emancipation of the blacks in the USA in 60s was assasinated in Dallas Ronald Reagan important US president in 80s was against nuclear weapons in the Space Gerge Bush was the president during our Velvet Revolution in 1989 Who is the president of the USA now ? George Walter Bush the present president of the USA ( for the second term)

3 the system of government The United States of America are federative democracy The political power is divided in this way: LEGISLATIVE power is represented by EXECUTIVE power is represented by JUDICAL power is represented by CONGRESSPRESIDENTSUPREME COURT bold eagle one of the state symbols

4 the CONGRESS the home of Congress is the ? in Washington D.C. US Congress consists of two parts: Senate The House of Representatives CAPITOL

5 The PRESIDENT The seat of the President is in Washington D.C. US President is one of the most powerful and important men in the world The President represents the executive power of the world´s leading country The President is also the Comander- in- Chief of Armed Forces of the USA He can be impeached by the Congress WHITE HOUSE White House

6 Who can become the US President? There are three basic rules: You have to be 35 years old or older You have to be born in the USA You have to live in the USA for at least 14 years of your life

7 The President and the Vice-President The President is elected by all the inhabitans of the USA every ? years Everybody can become the President only for ? times The President always candidates together with the VICE-PRESIDENT The Vice-President of George W.Bush is ? The Vice –President is the head of Senate In case of President´s abdication, impeachment, ilness or death he immediately takes the role and all the duties of the President FOUR Dick Chaney TWO

8 SCHOOL SYSTEM The school attandance is compulsory for all children since the age of ? Children usually go to school by special school buses Children spend their first year in a kindergarten Next FIVE years children spend in ? After five years in primary schools everybody goes to ? school years are called GRADES 5 PRIMARY SCHOOL SECONDARY SCHOOL

9 secondary schools are usually divided into two parts JUNIOR HIGH 6 th – 8 th grades (12-14 years) HIGH SCHOOL9 th – 12 th grades (15-17,18 years) at the age of 17,18 students take exams and when they pass they get HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA they need the diploma to study at universities and colleges secondary schools are very different according to the state and town or city where they are situated

10 BEST AND KNOWN UNIVERSITIES Do you know any famous US universities? HARVARD, famous private university situated in Massachusetts, near Boston established in 1639, the oldest university in the USA YALE private university in New Haven, Connecticut established in 1701, the third oldest university in the USA average scholarship for a year is about 27 000$ PRINCETON private university in New Jersey established in 1746 MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY private, the most expensive university in the USA established in 1861 strong emphasis on scientific and technological research one of two institutions with land-grants, sea-grants and space-grants

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