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1 26-July-10 Version 1.1 1. 2 26-July-10 Version 1.1 Linking Opportunities - Roha.

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1 1 26-July-10 Version 1.1 1

2 2 26-July-10 Version 1.1 Linking Opportunities - Roha

3 3 26-July-10 Version 1.1 Proposed Nhava-Sewri sea link - will reduce travel time from Mumbai to interiors of Maharashtra WHY ROHA? Proposed Local Railway route to be extended to Roha Station – will see the arrival of Local Trains from Mumbai to Roha Proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport – Government will complete the bidding process for this airport within one year Mumbai–Goa NH17 – Road Widening Close proximity to the expanding cities of Pune and Mumbai.

4 4 26-July-10 Version 1.1 A small town in Maharashtra, located approx 120 km Southeast of Mumbai. It is in close proximity to Kolad and Indapur, and tropical beaches like Murud and Janjira which are notable tourist attractions. Roha

5 5 26-July-10 Version 1.1 Located between the banks of the Kundalika River and the hills of Kalasgiri is our property ‘Sundew Haven’ in Roha - a beautiful serene and scenic town Sundew Haven is barely 3 km from basic amenities like schools, supermarkets, commercial buildings and hospitals

6 6 26-July-10 Version 1.1 Local train route will be extended to Roha from CST by 2012 3.5 kms from Roha Railway station 7 kms from Nidi Railway Station 15 kms from NH-17 65 kms from the proposed Panvel International Airport 40 kms from Alibagh Near to Dighi port Close proximity to tourist beaches like Murud and Janjira LOCATION

7 7 26-July-10 Version 1.1 LOCATION

8 8 26-July-10 Version 1.1 LOCATION MAP

9 9 26-July-10 Version 1.1 PROPOSED LAYOUT MAP

10 10 26-July-10 Version 1.1 OFFER 100 Collector NA Plots Area of each plot – 1 acre exclusive of motorable road Four cornerstone demarcation Round the clock security till handover Plots @ Rs. 15 lakhs Down Payment – Rs. 4 lakhs 1st Installment in the 6 th month – Rs. 2 lakhs 2nd Installment in the 12 th month – Rs. 3 lakhs 3rd Installment in the 18 th month – Rs. 3 lakhs 4th Installment in the 24 th month – Rs. 3 lakhs

11 11 26-July-10 Version 1.1 The Nhava-Sewri sea link will help improve connectivity to the property. An Economic Times as well as a DNA news article in January 2010 mentioned that, the Nhava- Sewri sea link will start within the next six months. Chief Minister Ashok Chavan will soon be deciding whether MMRDA or MSRDC are to handle the project. DEVELOPMENT BENEFITS The proposed Mumbai-Sawantwadi Expressway has been incorporated in the ‘Raigad Road Development Plan 2009-2029’. This expressway once set up, will also play an important role in traveling to Roha. The property is located approximately 5-6 kms from the Roha MIDC industrial area. The presence of an MIDC industrial area brings additional businesses to the area. This will lead to the area seeing additional infrastructural developments taking place.

12 12 26-July-10 Version 1.1 The Gulf Finance House will develop a special economic development zone near Panvel in Navi Mumbai, which will be spread over 1,700 acres and attract investments in excess of Rs 45,500 crore. Named as Mega City, the economic development zone will constitute Energy City India, and three other components – Telecom City Mumbai, Software City Mumbai and Entertainment City Mumbai. To be completed in 5 years, the project will be equipped to house approximately 1,40,000 residents and generate direct employment for over 2,50,000 people. Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan stated that the State and the MMRDA (Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority) will focus on providing more infrastructure projects to areas in and around Mumbai. DEVELOPMENT BENEFITS

13 13 26-July-10 Version 1.1 Best price guarantee: With current property rates at Rs. 1850/- per sq. ft. in surrounding areas, Roha is good value for money. Strategic Location: The Nhava-Sewri Sea link, extended railway line and the Mumbai–Sawantwadi express highway make Roha easily accessible and better connected to cities like Mumbai, Alibagh, Panvel, etc. Investment benefit: The presence of industries and the 3500 acre private project is sure to bring development and appreciation to the property making it a great low entry, high return investment. With the fast expansion of the merging cities of Mumbai and Pune, Roha is set to appreciate as Panvel of the 90's did. Early investment will benefit from the expansion and appreciation of the town. SYNOPSIS

14 14 26-July-10 Version 1.1

15 15 26-July-10 Version 1.1 15

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