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By: Ryan Dwelley, Hannah Wood, Sarah Foley, Jason Tedford, Gabe Lawson.

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1 By: Ryan Dwelley, Hannah Wood, Sarah Foley, Jason Tedford, Gabe Lawson

2  Yale Was first found is 1826 it was roughly seven acers and had thirteen beds.  At this time it was supported by the town and was 13,000 to construct.  Yale eventually opened in 1833 and got a jump start in the civil war tending to wounded soldiers. This gave them good business to expand and prosper.

3  Now a days the hospital has 1,008 rooms and advances in many medical sciences such as:  Cancer  Physical Therapy  Neurosciences  Heart and Vascular  Eye Care  Child care  Maternity  Dermatology  Dental Care  HIV/AIDS  Infectious Disease Care

4  Relocating to another country gives Yale the opportunity to expand.  We considered 5 countries; Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, and Taiwan.  Our final choice was Thailand.  This spot is growing economically and in population.

5  The location is in the south eastern side of the Earth and receives a climate that is warm and stormy.  The land varies; there are scattered mountains and plateaus, but the majority of the land is plains and rolling hills.  The average population can read and write, and the people are able to be further educated to work in the hospital.

6  The water there is not always sanitary and may cause Bacterial diarrhea. There are also another list of diseases such as, dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, and malaria are all common in Thailand. This provides a good understanding of the necessary medicine and equipment we should specialize in.

7  The economy is at a moderate level and continues to improve.  The country’s alliance with America makes it easy to ship and fly goods directly to Thailand.  Though there are already successful hospitals, Yale would have more to offer in terms of special care.

8  The people in Thailand avoid disputes at all costs and are generally very respectful.  Thailand has a different smell and may be noisy.  Thai food is different than American food, and may not appeal to everyone’s tastes  The religious beliefs may be different from ours


10  There are many monsoons and other tropical storms that might severely damage the hospital.  The Vietnamese government is doing a lot to make sure that no diseases get spread over the border.  There are also many hospitals, so there will be a lot of competition.

11  Laos is very mountainous, setting up a hospital building would be difficult.  Laos is land locked making it harder to import supplies.  Laos is a communist country, might not accept new hospital.

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