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Miss Nikki Kelsall MEF Lead Trauma & Orthopaedic SpR.

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1 Miss Nikki Kelsall MEF Lead Trauma & Orthopaedic SpR

2  2005 Mr James Gilbert & Dr Rosie Lusznat  The majority of trainees engage in education  Some do more than expected, in their own time  This needed formal recognition  To support the educators of the future  ‘Professionalisation’ of educational interests

3  Full criteria on website ◦ Champion of education ◦ Trust, speciality, deanery or national level ◦ Formal education roles ◦ Higher educational qualification ◦ Currently at/above SpR, ST3, GP registrar  Usually 12-20, 45 have been through the programme education_fellows.aspx

4 Excellence in educational supervision Leadership Lead educator development programme Education champion Certificate / Diploma / MA in education Other experiences Wessex Medical Education Fellow Educational supervisor Trust / Specialty lead Higher Degree Deanery Induction WPP Access Wessex educational courses Annual conference for MEFs by MEFs Active input into deanery work Access to bursary scheme Facilitated peer group CCT Certificate / Contract Entry Further Educational Development

5  Certificate & contract for portfolio  Yearly appraisal  Support with personal projects  Access to deanery supported projects  Continue to develop educational portfolio  Attendance at 2 out of 4 yearly meetings  Involvement in annual conference  Evidence that requirements are met

6 Validation Recognition Mentorship Influence Credibility Educational community Career development Exposure to deanery business Education conference planning Haven conference Wessex courses

7 GP Training Multi-professional Education Flexible Training Tomorrow’s Teachers 1 & 2 Specialty Training Undergraduate Education Academia & Research Annual MEF Conference Wessex deanery MEF Strategy Group Strategy Group Remit: Strategic input to PGME within Wessex deanery Promote medical education at training grade level Develop educational activities for trainees MEF Structural Framework Mentorship of junior trainees

8  The annual Wessex medical education conference  Tomorrow’s Teachers (1, 2, faculty & franchise)  Junior trainee development & mentorship  Dorset County Hospital education committee  Trainee representation on review panel hearings  Trainee presence at deanery induction/bmjcareers fair  Audit of the MEF programme  Educational resources  Undergraduate projects  Using technology for teaching  Faculty members on local & national courses  Development of new training opportunities

9  Developing the MEF role  Studies looking at: ◦ Educational supervisor development ◦ Trainee perspectives of educational supervision ◦ Supporting doctors in difficulty ◦ Marker motivation in undergraduate assessments ◦ Quality assurance ◦ Evaluation of work based learning ◦ Validity of the OSCE & simulated patients in the FRCPsych  Teaching quality improvement at Salisbury District Hospital  Development of speciality specific courses/hand books  Shadow school of surgery  Selection criteria for core trainees  Supporting the leadership fellows

10  Publicity, recruitment and appointment to role  Identifying projects (deanery, speciality & trust)  Ensuring accountability & regulation  Encouraging MEF’s personal professional educational development  MEFs beyond training

11 Paula Hunt & Denzil May Tomorrow's Teachers co-directors Lucy Sykes & Mark Szymankiewicz Junior trainee mentorship co-developers

12 Denzil May Paula Hunt

13  GMC’s “Good Medical Practice”, 2001. ◦ - Teaching, training, appraising and assessing doctors and students are important for the care of patients now and in the future. You should be willing to contribute to these activities. ◦ - If you are involved in teaching you must develop the skills, attitudes and practices of a competent teacher. ◦ - You must make sure that all staff, for whom you are responsible, including locums and students, are properly supervised. ◦ - You must be honest and objective when appraising or assessing the performance of colleagues, including locums and students. Patients will be put at risk if you describe as competent someone who has not reached or maintained a satisfactory standard of practice.

14  Wessex Trainees have access to a teaching course.  Cheap for trainees, cost neutral for the Deanery  Objective evidence that teacher training is occurring  Enthusing work place education  Platform for Lead Educator Development ◦ Faculty development ◦ MEF appointment & other educational projects

15  Established over 12 years ago  Number of delegates so far – approx 1450  BMJ Careers Diplomatosis 3 rd September 2008 – “It increased my enthusiasm and has motivated me to pursue medical education training further. I would certainly recommend it for anyone who wants to improve their teaching skills.”

16  Increased to 12 courses per year, 18 delegates per course (24 soon).  Currently registered interest to do TT - >100  Target audience FY2 to ST5  Dedicated well trained faculty ◦ Currently 14 members of faculty

17  Numerous enquiries from outside of Wessex  Appointed Project Coordinator for TT Franchise  Raising profile of education within Wessex  Potential for revenue generation


19  Demand for further teaching course  Development funded by Tomorrow’s Teachers  Aimed at more senior trainee’s (ST3 to peri- CCT)  Focused on facilitation skills

20  Tomorrow’s Teachers popular and successful ◦ Delegate development ◦ Professional development for faculty  Franchising ◦ Funds reinvested into Wessex Trainees  Educator development from start to end of training  Tomorrow’s Teachers 2

21  “If you are unable to explain something simply enough then it is unlikely that you understand it well enough” Albert Einstein

22 Mr Mark Szymankiewicz, Dr Lucy Sykes Deanery Supervisor: Dr Rosie Lusznat

23  Cultivate trainees’ med. ed. experience  Aimed at pre-ST3 level  Structured pathway  Informal mentorship programme

24  Web-based guidance on how to broaden / enhance medical educational experience  Available to all  NOT a list of requirements / competencies

25 Hello and welcome to the Wessex Deanery Medical Education Fellows’ guide on how to develop your interest in Medical Education. This resource is aimed at anyone who wants to expand their horizons in Medical Education. As trainees with a passion for education and training, we know how difficult and daunting it can be to start building up experience in this arena and even to know exactly what falls under ‘the umbrella’ of Medical Education. Having all pioneered a way through it ourselves, here are our combined ideas about how to put your enthusiasm to work, develop opportunities and broaden your horizons in this area. Have fun!

26  Recognisable but informal programme  Complement & support Ed. Supervisors  Named MEF for each trainee / mentee, preferably in same trust  Discussion, guidance, goal-setting

27  NOT based on ‘competency’ or appraisal  NOT for support of struggling trainees  MEFs involved receive mentorship training

28  Formalise & develop trainees’ ed. skills  Increase MEF numbers, experience & expertise  Stronger links with Ed. Supervisors  Continue strong Deanery ed. focus  Regular pathway / programme evaluation

29  Wessex DMEs – Oct 2011  Wessex Ed. Conf – Nov 2011  8 trainees already registered interest  Formal written enrolment underway  8 MEF mentors undergoing training  Review of progress Aug 2012

30 Aspiring to Excellence Seventh Annual Wessex Medical Education Conference November 8 th 2012

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