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Module 3 Journey to space Module 1 Has it arrived yet?

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2 Module 3 Journey to space Module 1 Has it arrived yet?

3 1. 你曾经进入过太空吗? ________ you ever ________ into space? 2. 你弟弟曾经在大海里游过泳吗? ________ your brother ever _______ in the sea? 3. 魏明曾经坐飞机游遍全国。 Wei Ming has________ ________ ________ China by plane. 4. 还有他没参观过的地方吗? Is there anywhere he ________ ________? 5. Sally 曾经邀请我哪天跟她一起待在英国。 Sally ________ ________ me to stay with her in England one day. 根据中文意思将下列句子译成英文。 Have been Has swum been all over hasn’t visited has invited

4 Have you been to space before? What is the space like? Has anyone been to space? What’s in space? Now let’s have a look!

5 Our Galaxy (星系) ---The Milky Way ( 银河系 ) There are more than 200 billion (十亿) stars in our galaxy ( 星系 ), and our Sun is only one of them.

6 Other Galaxies There are other galaxies in the universe( 宇宙). The stars we see at night are the suns in other solar systems (太阳系).


8 Mercury 水星 Earth 地球 Mars 火星 Saturn 土星 Neptune 海王星 Venus 金星 Jupiter 木星 Uranus 天王星 Pluto 冥王星 planet ['plænit] 行星

9 How can we go to space? spacecraft ['speiskr ɑ :ft]





14 Activity 1 Listen and number the words as you hear them. Earth Mars moon scientist spacecraft 415 3 2

15 Activity 2 Check the true sentences. 1. The spacecraft has reached Mars. 2. It has landed. 3. It has already sent messages back to Earth. 4. They have found life on the moon. 5. They have found life on Mars.

16 Do you want to know more about this space travel? Daming and Tony are talking about it. Let’s listen to the dialogue! Question: Has the spacecraft arrived yet?

17 Earth n. 地球 Mars n. 火星 model n. 模型 space station 太空站 spacecraft n. 宇宙飞船 space shuttle 航天飞机 scientist n. 科学家 already adv. 已经 just adv. 刚刚 panic v. ( 使 ) 感到惶恐

18 latest adj. 最新的,最近的 several ['sevərəl] adj. 几个的,数个的 month n. 月份 discover [dis'k ʌ və] v. 发现 recently ['ri:sntli] adv. 最近 show (showed, shown) v. 展示 show sb sth=show sth to sb over prep. 多于 on business 出差

19 Activity 4 answer the questions. 1 What homework has Daming got? He has got the homework about space travel. 2 How does Daming feel about the homework? He panics. 3 What news has Tony heard? Some scientists have sent a spacecraft to Mars. 4 Who has been to Mars? No one has been to Mars.

20 Find out the present perfect sentences to tell what they have done, what they haven’t done. 1. I’ve just made this model of the space station. 2. I haven’t started it yet. 3. Have you heard the latest news? 4. Some scientists have sent a spacecraft to Mars. 5. It has taken several months to get there. 6. Has it arrived yet? 7. And have the astronauts discovered life on Mars? 8. But astronauts have already been to the moon. 9. but no one has been recently. 10. But lots of astronauts have worked on the space station. 11. But I hear they’ve gone to Shanghai on business.

21 Now think about this space travel. What have we done? What haven’t we done? We have already sent a spacecraft to Mars. We have just … We have… Let’s write more sentences and see who has the longest list! We haven’t found life on the moon yet. We haven’t… We haven’t…

22 Think about space travel. Make a list of what we have and haven’t done. We have… We haven’t… sent a spacecraft to Mars. sent a manned spacecraft to Mars. sent astronauts to the moon. sent astronauts to the space station. discovered life on Mars. been to the moon recently.

23 Everyday English 你在干什么? 你觉得怎么样? 别紧张! 你听到最近的新闻了吗? What are you up to? = What are you doing? What do you think? Don’t panic.=Don’t worry. Have you heard the latest news?

24 Activity 5 complete the sentences. borrow discover life model recently space station space shuttle 1 Astronauts take the ________________to get to the_____________. 2 They haven’t ___________any _______on Mars yet. 3 The _______of the space station isn’t Daming’s, and he only wants to _______it. 4 Astronauts haven’t been to the moon_________. The last time was over 30 years ago. space shuttle space station discoveredlife model borrow recently

25 注意: already , just 多用于肯定句中, ever , yet , never 多用于疑问句和否定句 中,before 多用于句末。 Exercises: 用 already, just 或 never, yet 完成句子。 1) I have been to many big cities, but I ______ been to Shanghai. 2) Most of us have ________finished our compositions. 3)Have they taken down the old pictures______? No, not ___________. 4) He has _________visited Beijing twice. 5) I have ________ heard the news. I know it. 6) His parents have never eaten sandwiches________. yet already never just before

26 Work in pairs. Tell your partner about : A famous novel you have just read. 2. Something you’ve borrowed this week. 3. Something you’ve done recently. 4. Some people you have always wanted to meet. 5. Something scientists have discovered

27 Monkey King has always been my favourite character( 人物 ).

28 I have lost my wallet, so I can’t go home now.

29 I felt very cold this morning and I have had a headache. I have

30 He has lived in Hong Kong for many years. He is good at Kongfu. You have always wanted to meet Jacky Chan.

31 They have disappeared ( 消失 ). They were very big and strong. It has They have discovered dinosaurs( 恐龙 ).

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