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The Innovation of the Cotton Gin

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1 The Innovation of the Cotton Gin
By: Ashley Moxey

2 Life Before the Cotton Gin
Picking cotton by hand was extremely labor intensive Cotton was not considered a profitable crop Cotton was difficult to manufacture

3 Slavery Before the Cotton Gin
Slaves would have to clean cotton by hand Agriculture depended heavily on the slaves in the South Slaves had to pick the seeds out of the cotton fibers and it took them one day to produce 1 lb. of cotton

4 Eli Whitney Biography Born on December 8, 1765 in Westboro, Massachusetts Worked on father’s farm At age 15, had part-time job in father’s shop making nails While tutoring on a Georgian Plantation he noticed slaves having trouble picking seed from cotton bolls Graduated Yale College in 1792 Was an American inventor best known for the cotton gin

5 Eli Whitney

6 Invention of the Cotton Gin
Eli Whitney Invented the Cotton Gin Took him 10 days to draw a plan for the machine His gin was able to clean 50 lbs. of cotton a day Reason for inventing it: he saw it took too long to clean cotton April 1793

7 Letter Eli wrote to his father about his invention.
Pg. 2 of 4 of letter Pg. 1 of 4 of letter.

8 The Cotton Gin: What is it?
The cotton gin is a machine used to separate cotton fibers from the seed.

9 How The Cotton Gin Works
First, the fibers and seeds of cotton bolls are fed into the cotton gin… Next, while the handle is turned, the cylinder and brushes rotate… Wire teeth pull cotton bolls through narrow wire slots… Seeds too large fall to bottom of the gin… 5. Clean cotton fiber is pulled by rotating brushes from wire teeth out of the gin.

10 Slavery After the Invention of the Cotton Gin
Economic foundation of slavery strengthened More land was used to grow cotton, therefore more slaves were needed Solidified the need for slavery in the South

11 Slaves using the cotton gin.

12 Effects of the Cotton Gin on American Society…
Positive Negative 1. Massive growth Need for slaves increased of cotton production Number of slave states shot up easier Took land from Native Americans 2. Expanded Northern textile mills 3. Became cash crop of America

13 Patent on the Cotton Gin
Whitney applied for patent on the cotton gin Patent was ignored More people made their own design Whitney never became wealthy from invention Actual patent written. Actual sketch of cotton gin.

14 Eli Whitney died on January 8, 1825 in New Haven, Connecticut.
Eli Whitney’s tomb at Grove Street Cemetery in New Haven, Connecticut. Eli Whitney’s grave memorial.

15 Evolution of the Cotton Gin.
First cotton gin Modern cotton gin

16 Historical Significance of the Cotton Gin
Cotton became America’s leading cash crop Impact on Slavery in the South Greater availability and cheaper cloth Affected politics until Civil War Turning Point in economic history of US

17 Present Day Significance
What can you make from a bale of cotton? Weight = 480 lbs. (size of a refrigerator!) From that bale, you can make: 215 Pairs of Jeans 409 Men’s Sport Shirts 690 Terry Bath Towels 765 Men’s Dress Shirts 1,217 Men’s T-shirts 3,085 Diapers 4,321 Mid-Calf Socks 313,600 $100 Bills

18 Wow!!!


20 ? Question for Debate ? Would slavery in the South have withered away without the Innovation of the Cotton Gin?

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