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VMware VI OPS Portal Registered User Survey Bob Stephens January 9, 2009 Page 1.

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1 VMware VI OPS Portal Registered User Survey Bob Stephens January 9, 2009 Page 1

2 Executive Summary Survey results from 98 registered users of VIOPS Portal Total 1577 received survey request Most responders are technology people in architect and operations roles 98% of responders are VMware users Results generally positive Users understand the purpose of the site and are happy with user interface Users want more proven practices and also other information like whitepapers Primary reason for not contributing to the site was “lack of time” followed by “don’t think I have anything to contribute”

3 Survey Statistics Page 3 Survey Status: Status: Live Launch Date: 12/16/2008 Closed Date: Total Survey Takers: 98 Median Response Time: 4 mins, 22 Seconds Email Deployment Status: Invited Via Email:1517 Total Takers:98 Complete Responses:83 Partial Responses:15 Bounced Email:0 Opted Out:5

4 Position Title Response to Question was optional. #’s indicate duplicate titles Assistant Database AdministratorIT Service ManagerServer Engineer Associate DirectorIT Systems EngineerSR IT Manager AVPLAN AnalystSr Systems Analyst CEO3Lead ConsultantSr. Infrastructure Administrator CIOLead Intel EngineerSr. Network System Administrator Community ManagerManagerSr. Systems Engineer Computer Training & Support SpecialistNetwork Administrator3Supervisor, Business Continuity Consultant5Network ArchitectSystem Administrator6 Customer trainerNetwork Engineer2System Consultant3 Director of ITNetwork/Systems AdministratorSystem Eng Director, Global Systems Engineer GroupProgrammerSystem Engineer10 General ManagerSenior ArchitectSystem specialist Head of Sys Mgt DepartmentSenior Consultant2TAM Infrastructure AnalystSenior Infrastructure ArchitectTechnical architect Infrastructure ArchitectSenior Infrastructure SpecialistTechnical Consultant Virtualisation2 Infrastructure ArchitectSenior ManagerTechnical Director IT Administrator4Senior Support EngineerTechnical Presales Consultant IT ConsultantSenior System Administrator2VCP IT CoordinatorSenior System Engineer3Virtualization Engineer III IT ManagerSenior Systems ConsultantVMware Support Analyst IT Pro 4Server AdministratorWindows Engineer

5 Companies Page 5 bios systemhaus gmbhLandmark Information Group BNP ParibasLogica Burger King Corp.Mainroad CIBER Inc.Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd CJSC "Mobikom-Novosibirsk"OldanyGroup s.r.o. Colo DOTOneNeck IT Services Cranbrook SchoolOrlando Health CTS Container-Terminal GmbHSmith & Nephew Debevoise & Plimpton LLPSparkasse Oberhessen DellStar Tribune Dow Corning Corp.Steria EDFUNDSumtotal Systems EDSSystrade GmbH EurocontrolTaupo Consulting Limited Fabrica de Jabon La Corona, SA de CVUniversity Hospital Leipzig (Germany) Industrial Distribution GroupUniversity of Copenhagen, BMI JSPVIRTERA Kadlec Medical CenterVMware Company name was an optional question

6 Page 6 How would you classify your use of the VI OPS portal? (check all that apply)

7 Page 7 Is someone at your company using VMware products?

8 Page 8 Are you actively using VMware products?

9 Page 9 What best describes your role? Decision maker (manager, director, executive)

10 Page 10 Why did you register for the VI OPS Portal? (check all that apply) Familiar with VMware and wanted to be part of the community

11 Page 11 Rate your user experience with the VI OPS Portal

12 Page 12 How do you feel about the content of the VI OPS Portal

13 Page 13 I would like to see more than Proven Practices on the VI OPS Portal (check all that apply)

14 Page 14 What would you like to see changed in future versions of the VI OPS Portal (check all that apply)

15 Page 15 Have you contributed Proven Practices to the VI OPS Portal?

16 Page 16 If you have not contributed to VIOPS, what has prevented you from doing so? (check all that apply) I don’t have any information to share with the community I have proven practices but my company won’t allow me to share them My proven practices are an important asset of my business and I don’t want to share them It’s too hard to create the content for the VIOPS site I don’t feel it is an important thing to do If other, please specify

17 Write-in reason for not contributing Didn't take the time to do so. feel like my content is "entry" level and not a viable option for experts Haven't gotten around to it yet (time) i didn't have the time for it, but maybe in the future I haven't had the time to formulate any Proven Practices :-) I just don't have the time right now... I just haven't had enough time, but I would love to share information. I'm looking for proven practices. Once I have the experience to write something that can not be easily challenged for its obvious omissions, I would be happy to contribute. I'm new to VMware. Once I develop a sufficient level of expertise I'll be looking for opportunities to contribute. I'm not a customer or consultant who can share information on best practice or what we did to provide a solution I'm too NEW to VMware to have anything to contribute!! :) :) Just haven't taken the time to contribute / Too Busy Just need to take the time to do it. My customer proven practices are not publicly available. No time to do so, yet. Not had time! Not much time to create content Relatively basic usage so far, gathering practices from others in order to learn the general workings and pitfalls of specific scenarios/implementations in order to later improve upon or adapt to newer technologies/applications. Swamped. Unfortunately, our company policy prohibits us from contributing in this manner.

18 Page 18 Are there any other things you would like to tell us about your experience with or expectations for the VI OPS Portal? (optional)

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