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Module 2 unit 2 Wei Ming has been all over China by plane. 魏铭曾经乘飞机去过全国各地.

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2 Module 2 unit 2 Wei Ming has been all over China by plane. 魏铭曾经乘飞机去过全国各地.

3 西方的 成为现实 在国外,到国外 极好的 任何地方 中国城,唐人街 意大利人的 美味的 比萨饼 三明治 超过,多于 卖 western adj. come true abroad adv. fantastic adj. anywhere adv.& pron. Chinatown n. Italian adj. delicious adj. pizza n. sandwich n. more than sell v.

4 sell out musician n. dagger n. seat n. beside prep. taste v. only adv. yet adv. stone n. climb v. roast duck another pron.&adj. 卖光 音乐家,乐手 匕首,短剑 座位 在 … 旁边 品尝 仅仅,只 (迄今)还,尚 石头 爬,攀登 烤鸭 又一个,再一个

5 competition dream experience price prize 1.________A group of thoughts, ideas or feelings happened in your mind when you go to sleep. 2. _______ the money you spend in buying something, i.e. a plane ticket to the U.S.A. 3.____________ a test of ability or skill, we usually see it on television, in newspaper or at our school. 4. ____________ something that happens to you and has an effect on the mind and the feelings 5. ________ something that given to you when you are successful in a game or a competition dream price competition experience prize

6 — in or to a foreign country — next to or at the side of sb/sth — having a very pleasant taste or smell — excellent — the house that you live in — a place where you can sit — to be all sold abroad beside delicious fantastic home seat sell out

7 1.I like the food very much because it tastes _________. 2.Last summer holiday, I went to swim in the sea, it was a _________experience. 3.I had to stand in the bus because there were too many people and I couldn’t find a ________. 4.When I finally got to the book shop, my favourite book was __________, so I was unhappy. 5.Lingling sits ________ me, she is my desk mate. 6.When you go to another country, it means you are __________. 7.I am going to stay at ______ because it is raining hard. abroad beside delicious fantastic home seat sell out delicious fantastic seat sold out beside abroad home

8 1.Tom ____________ (break) the window, it’s broken now. 2.I ___________ (have) dinner, I am full. 3.We ___________ (read) this story. 4.They ___________ (see) the movie. 5.She ___________ (buy) some nice toys. 6.I ____________ (finish) my homework already. 7.We ___________ (wash) our clothes, they’re clean now. 8.My uncle __________ (visit) the museum, so he won’t visit it again tomorrow. has broken have had have read have seen has bought have finished have washed has visited

9 Mount Tai ( 泰山 ) Have you ever been to … before? Chinatown Sanya

10 Have you ever … before? Yes, I have. I have already … No, I haven’t. I haven’t … yet. send-sent-sent

11 Have you ever been to the cinema before? Yes, I have. I have already… No, I haven’t. I haven’t … yet. see-saw-seen seen a film The House of the Flying Daggers ( 匕首,短剑 ) [ 'd æ gə ]

12 Have you ever had pizza? Yes, I have. I have already…. No, I haven’t. I haven’t … yet. have-had-had eat-ate-eaten pizza ( 比萨饼 ) [ 'pi:tsə ]

13 fhmjhgjk Have you ever taken a plane? Yes, I have. I have (already) …. No, I haven’t. I haven’t … yet. take-took-taken take a plane fly fly-flew-flown

14 swim in the beach Have you ever …? Yes, I have. I have already…. No, I haven’t. I haven’t … yet. swim-swam-swum

15 Have you done your homework? do your homework do-did-done Yes, I have. I have …. No, I haven’t. I haven’t … yet.

16 A: Have you ever … before ? B: Yes, I have. I have already…. No, I haven’t. I haven’t … yet.

17 Wei Ming has been all over China by plane. 魏铭曾经乘飞机去过全国各地.

18 --Have you ever been all over China ( 全国各地 )?

19 --Have you ever been all over the world( 世界 各地 )? --Have you ever been abroad ( 到国外 )?

20 Italian pizza 意大利的比萨饼 --What do you think of …? --It is delicious/….( 美味的 ) Italy – Italian n. 意大利 adj. 意大利的 n. 意大利人 意大利语

21 Listen and choose the best answer 1. Wei Ming’s father is _______. A.a teacher B. an engineer C. a captain 2. ______ likes Mount Tai best. A.Wang Ming B. Yi Wen C. Wei Ming 3. Han Li likes San Francisco because______ A.there’s a lot to see and do there. B.he can eat pizza there. C.the Chinatown is beautiful. 4. Liu Huan has given concerts and _______. A.written the best novels B. written many songs C. he was the greatest music teacher 5. Who has had a “dream come true”?_____ A. Zhang Ziyi B. Liu Huan C. He Meifeng C C A B C

22 1.all over China to different places 3.have been to Shanghai 4.a lot to see 5.more than the end 7.fantastic experience 8.dream come true 9.Is there anywhere she hasn’t visited? 10.The tickets have always sold out. 11. What food tastes delicious? 遍及全国 飞往不同地方 去过上海 很多可以看见的东西 超过,多于 最后 极好的经历 梦想成真 还有她没去过的地方吗? 票总是卖光了。此处常用主动表示被卖。 什么食品尝起来很香?

23 P1: Q1: How has Wei Ming been all over China ? Q2: Where has she never been ? By plane. Shanghai.

24 P2: Q1: When does Han Li visit his grandparents ? Q2: Why does he like San Francisco? Every Spring Festival. Because there’s a lot to see and do there.

25 P3: Q1: Where has Yi Wen tried western food ? Q2: Does he/she like sandwiches or ice cream? In a hotel in Nanjing. No, she doesn’t.

26 P4: Q1: How many people are there in Liu Huan concert in Beijing ? Q2: Have the concert tickets always sold out( 卖完 )? More than 2000 peolpe. Yes, they have.

27 Q1: Who has He Meifeng always liked? Q2: Has she had a dream come true( 实现 ) at last( 最 后 )? P5: Zhang Ziyi. Yes, she has.

28 Read the sentences from the passage. Say who or where the underlined words refer to. To get the answers, you need to find the details in the text. 1.… so they fly to different places for their holidays. Activity 4 Wei Ming and her father.

29 2. His grandparents live there and he visits them every Spring Festival. 3. He’s written the best songs! 4.Zhang Ziyi was in the seat beside her. 5. I’ve always wanted to meet her! San Francisco in the USA. Liu Huan. He Meifeng.

30 Language points: 1.have been to “have/has been to” 曾经去过某地 (现在人已回来) 2. try sth. try to do sth. 3. have a “dream come true” 4. be/go abroad 5. all over China 6. fly to …= go to… by plane 7. different places

31 Writing. Think about one of your fantastic experience, talk about it with your partner first. Then write it down. You should write the passage considering the following questions: When…, Where…, What…, How…, Who…, Why.”

32 have/has been to 已去过 … ( 去过又回来 ) have/has gone to 已去了 …( 已了还未回来 ) 1.I ____ ever ______ to the Great Wall once. 2._____Tim _________ to Jixing many times? 3.We ________________ to Beijing twice. 4.They _____________ to the Palace Museum, now they may be on the way. 5.Lily __________ to the office, so she isn’t here havebeen Has have been have gone has gone

33 Ⅰ. 根据首字母和汉语完成单词 1.The boy has tried ______ ( 西方 ) food in a hotel in Tianjin. 2.Have you ever had ______( 意大利 )food? It’s very delicious. 3.Have you ever been to __________ (唐人街) before? 4. Liu Huan is a famous Chinese ________ ( 音乐家 ). 5.---Where’s your friend? ---She’s sitting b______ her deskmate. 6.That musician has s_______ many songs. western Italian Chinatown musician eside ung

34 7.---Has your father been a______? ---Yes. He has been to many countries. 8. Zhang Ziyi is very famous. He Meifeng has always wanted to m______ her! 9.How many tickets are s______ out? 10.Wei Ming’s father is an Air China captain, so he has f______ to many different countries. arry old lown broad

35 Make a survey 1.Which place have you been to in China? 2.How many times have you been there? 3.How long have you been there? 4.How did you go there? 5.What interesting things have you done there? namewheretimeshow longhow what

36 Homework 1.Read the passage 2.Write down your survey. You may begin like this: My best friend… has been to many places. He /She has been to….

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