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Module4 Food, drink and fruit Unit1 We’ve got lots of apples. =have got.

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1 Module4 Food, drink and fruit Unit1 We’ve got lots of apples. =have got

2 What’s this in English? It’s a…/They’re … It’s an apple.It’s an orange. They’re fruit.

3 It’s meat. It’s chicken. meat

4 potato tomato beans They’re vegetables.

5 It’s water. It’s milk.It’s tea. It’s coffee. It’s cola. They’re drink.

6 They’re eggs.

7 Listen to me, and guess what am I. 猜

8 carrots 胡萝卜 My favourite food

9 tomatoes

10 potato potatoes 土豆

11 a piece of chocolate 一块巧克力 两块巧克力 2 pieces of chocolate

12 Countable words 可数 名词 Uncountable words 不 可数名词 Fill these words into the 2 boxes: apple, bean, beef, carrot, chicken, chocolate, coffee, cola, juice, milk, orange, potato, tea, tomato, water apple, orange, banana , fish,chicken,beef, tomato,bean, carrot,potato,cho colate milk,water,tea, juice,coffee, cola,orange( 橙 汁 )

13 Listen to the tape,let's check(√)the food and drink Betty and her mother have got. apples beans beef carrots chicken coffee cola juice milk oranges potatoes tea tomatoes water √ √ √ √ √ √

14 Read the dialogue between Tony and his dad, undeline sentences (划出句子 ) with (带有) We have got. We haven’t got , hasn’t got. Yes,we have. No,we haven’t 2.We haven't got any meat.haven't got 3.We haven't got any oranges. 4.I haven’t got any cola. 没有 5. She hasn’t got any coffee. 6.Have we got any chocolate?Have we got 有 … 吗? Yes, we have. 1.We’ve got lots of apples. 有’ve got /No,we haven’t.

15 × √ √ √ × × Work in pairs and practice now ! (小组合作, 看图用 have got 和 haven’t got 造句) Write on the paper. We have got a/an/some/ 数字 … We haven’t got any … ×

16 Read the dialogue by yourselves,then answer the questions: 1.Is chocolate good for you? 2.Why doesn't Tony's father buy some cola? No,it isn't. Because cola is bad for Tony. Isgood for is bad for be good for… 对 …… 有好处 be bad for… 对 …… 有坏处

17 晚会

18 If 如果 you’re going to have a healthy party 晚会, see what you have got and what you haven’t got, make a dialogue (对话) and act it out (表演) in front of us. I have got I haven’t got Why I don’t get it (为什么不买) foodMeat, chicken…Candy,…… is not healthy drinkMilk, water…Cola, coffee,…… First , you can list a table like this.

19 A: I have got some meat, potatoes,…, …, water and so on( 等等 ). B: OK. Have we got any …? A: No,we haven’t. … isn’t good for you. B: Have we got any fruit like …? A: Yes, we have. … are good for your health. B: Have we got any …? It’s delicious (美味的) ! A: No, we haven’t. … is bad for you. We have got milk. Milk is healthy drink. B: OK. Let’s go and buy more healthy food and drink like …and … A: Good idea! Let’s go!

20 T: Why don’t they buy chocolate and cola ? S: Because they’re … T: What will we get if we eat too much candy and coffee? S: We will … get fat not healthy.

21 What can we eat to make a healthy diet( 饮食 )?


23 Homework Buy something in English with your partner 伙伴 in shop. buy some healthy food.

24 学生一: I’m orange. Rabbits( 兔子 )like me very much. But you may 可能 don’t like them. 谜语 I’m red , and I look like( 看 起来像 ) red apples. But I’m not fruit , I’m a kind of vegetable. I’m delicious and healthy. Do you love me?

25 I live in the ground( 地上 ) Children like me very much and they eat me in KFC. I can be made into pieces (片)。 What am I ? I’m black. But I am very sweet (甜的) and delicious (美味的). I am bad for your teeth. Who am I?

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