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It’s important to cite our sources! It’s important to cite our sources! By Mrs. Fisher.

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1 It’s important to cite our sources! It’s important to cite our sources! By Mrs. Fisher

2 Why?

3 When you use someone else’s work or ideas you must give that person credit. 1. A citation provides a method of giving recognition to the author of an idea or expression whether from a written source or some other medium. A citation allows your audience to locate your sources – furthering their knowledge. 2. If you do not cite the sources upon which your research is based, you will be guilty of 3. plagiarism.

4 What’s Plagiarism? Image: 501_dialogue_bubble

5 is using someone else’s words or ideas without giving them proper credit. It’s wrong, WRONG, WRONG! PLAGIARISM

6 So how do I cite sources? Image:

7 By making a Works Cited Page or Bibliography... Image:

8 What’s a Bibliography? A bibliography is an alphabetized listing of all your sources.

9 Like this—

10 Works Cited 1776: The Year America was Born. Chicago: New Haven Press, 1985. Allen, Robert C., ed. The Hopi Way. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. Allen, Thomas B. Vanishing Wildlife of North America. Washingtion D. C.: National Geographic Society, 1974. Bouchette, Ed. “Porter May Face Bengals Sunday.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 17 September 2003. “Japan.” Encarta. 1998ed. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 1998. “Judy Blume.” UXL Discovering Authors. Online. Student Resource Center. 15 September 2003. Kanfer, Stefan. “Heard Any Good Books Lately?” Time 21 July 1986: 64-71. Kanfer, Stefan. “Heard Any Good Books Lately?” Time 21 July 1986: 64-71. Pettingill, Olin Sewall, Jr. “Falcon and Falconry.” World Book Encyclopedia. 1980. Ridge, Jeffrey P. “Tax Increase Promises Hard Times.” Chicago Tribune. 15 Dec. 2002 nat.ed., sec. A : 2. Searles, Baird and, Martin Last. A Reader’s Guide to Science Fiction. New York: Facts on File, Inc., 1979.

11 Now Let’s Take A Closer Look At Individual Entries...

12 In Grades K-12, we use the MLA or Modern Language Association’s rule’s for doing citations.

13 An example of a book entry: Author’s last name, first name. Book Title. City of publication: Publishing company, publication date. Important: you must indent the second and third lines of any entry.

14 An example of an encyclopedia entry: Author’s last name, first name. “Title of article.” Name of Encyclopedia. Year of Edition. Volume number, page(s). (If no author is given, start with title.)

15 An example of an online encyclopedia entry: “Title of article.” Title of Encyclopedia. Version.. (Date you accessed the website).

16 An example of an Internet source: Author’s name, if known (last, first). “Title of Article.” [Online] Document date (if available).Website address (URL) (Visited: Date you accessed the website).

17 Citing an Internet image source: Artist/Photographer’s name, if known, (last,first). “Image/Photo Title.” Image Description. Web Page Title. Update/Last Date. Date you accessed the website. Website address (URL).

18 The Way We Cite An Internet Image Source: Right click on an image. Go to “properties” and copy the URL that is given. This at least gives a source for your image. (It is often difficult to find everything you need to do a good image citation.)

19 Your Image Citation will look like this: Image Description: URL Red or North Pyramid: Or an actual citation done this way:

20 Image: Now you have some good tools to use...

21 So Please Remember to Cite Your Sources !!! (If you don’t want to be in big trouble!) Image:

22 Photo on Slide 1 hool/DMatthews/HK%20Media/media%20cente r%20projects%20&%20pixs%20032.jpg hool/DMatthews/HK%20Media/media%20cente r%20projects%20&%20pixs%20032.jpg Slide 3 Idea taken from Slides 5,8,9,6,10,11 taken from

23 Press esc to exit THANK YOU

24 BIBLIOGRAPHY EXERCISE On loose-leaf, arrange these sources into the correct format and alphabetical order: Encyclopedia AmericanaJoel Garreau “Albert Einstein” Edge City 1991 editionDoubleday (publisher) 1990New York 1991 “Women in American History” Britannica Online Version 98.1.1 Nov. 1997 Encyclopedia Britannica 10 Mar. 1998

25 CITATION EXERCISE Follow these steps: 1. Find a book. 2. Select and copy a quote on loose-leaf. 3. Cite the quote correctly. 4.

26 SUGGESTED SOURCES  Encyclopedias  Books  Internet sources  Note: use at least one of each type of source. Click picture to return

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