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Safe Haven Village Spring City UT.

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1 Safe Haven Village Spring City UT

2 Family Friendly Earth Friendly
As few stupid rules as possible Free from public alcohol/nudity, illegal drugs Free to have a joyous existence with others

3 80 acres for $195,000 12 homesteads A community center Greenhouses
Cottage Industries Healing Center Education

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5 Sustainable Building Earth Ships Earth Bags Cob Lightweight Concrete
Eco Domes/Monolithic Domes Straw bale Rammed/Poured Earth Cordwood

6 Sustainable Building Principles
Renewable Building a. Tires, Bottles, Cans b. Dirt c. Recycled materials Low Toxins Use local building materials Size a. “not so big” movement b. many functions in Community Center

7 Sustainable Building Principles
Cluster Building Minimal Roads Solar, Wind, Geothermal Water and Sewage Treatment

8 Sustainable Building Principles
9. Greenhouses

9 Sustainable Building Principles The Community Center
Gathering room with Media center with big screen tv and speakers Computer nook Library Piano Fireplace White board Stacking/folding chairs for large seminars etc Large commercial kitchen and large dining area Bedrooms/healing rooms Yoga/meditation/dance floor Workout equipment Basement separate entrance shop w/ tool lending Craft and sewing shop Aeroponics growing room Outdoor barbeque and bread oven Play yard Stables Chicken coops Green house Community garden Indoor/outdoor swimming pool Water feature Several Bathroom facilities


11 Sustainable Building Principles Beauty, Creativity, Joy

12 Earthships

13 Earthbag Homes

14 Earthbag Costs BASIC HOUSE TOTAL $23,232 $16 sq ft OVERALL HOUSE TOTAL
$34,969 $24 sq ft GRAND TOTAL $49,969 Time 30 hours a week for 3 years

15 Cob Homes

16 Other Building Modalities

17 Curves are In

18 Square is Good Too

19 Safe Haven Village We are looking for mature, responsible, fun-loving, joyous people to share our village way of life with in Sanpete County. We want to be building next summer. We need 12 committed hou$ehold$ by September 1.

20 Group Think Making an offer Water/Well Road costs Telephone/Internet
Community Center Design Cost PUD Plan, CCR’s Architectural style Alternative Energy Common Area Greenhouse Build order (houses vs community center) Costs to join Costs to future members Future get-togethers Legal form of community

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