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Round One Ultimate QuestionLouisXIV Peter the Great Oliver Cromwell Round Two Scores can be changed manually during the slide show.

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3 Round One Ultimate QuestionLouisXIV Peter the Great Oliver Cromwell Round Two Scores can be changed manually during the slide show.

4 Category #1Category #2Category #3Category #4Category #5Category #6 The Baroque The Baroque Political Philosophy Political Philosophy Western Absolutism Western Absolutism Eastern Absolutism Eastern Absolutism Constitu- tionalism Constitu- tionalism $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 Grab Bag Grab Bag Click on any of the top row squares to return to the Scoreboard.

5 $100 AnswerScoreboard This magnificent 17 th - century palace built during the reign of Louis XIV was a good example of baroque architecture.

6 $100 Round 1 Versailles? What is Versailles?

7 $200 ScoreboardAnswer This Flemish painter was perhaps the greatest Baroque artist of the seventeenth century.

8 $200 Round 1 Peter Paul Rubens? Who is Peter Paul Rubens?

9 $300 ScoreboardAnswer This architect created the colonnade in front of St. Peter’s Basilica.

10 $300 Round 1 Bernini? Who is Bernini?

11 $400 ScoreboardAnswer The Hapsburgs sought to replicate the grandeur of Louis XIV with the construction of this palace.

12 $400 Round 1 Schönbrunn? What is Schönbrunn?

13 $500 ScoreboardAnswer This Italian 17 th -century artist was well known for his development of tenebrism.

14 $500 Round 1 Caravaggio? Who is Caravaggio?

15 $100 AnswerScoreboard This Englishman claimed each person has the right to “life, liberty and property.”

16 $100 Round 1 John Locke Who is John Locke?

17 $200 ScoreboardAnswer This Leviathan author believed humans in a state of nature were nasty and brutish and had to transfer their sovereignty to a ruler who would maintain order.

18 $200 Round 1 Thomas Hobbes? Who is Thomas Hobbes?

19 $300 ScoreboardAnswer This 17 th -century Frenchman elaborated on the notion of the “divine right” of kings to justify the power of Louis XIV.

20 $300 Round 1 Who is Bishop Bossuet?

21 $400 ScoreboardAnswer This 16 th -century Frenchman saw absolutism as necessary to prevent the chaos that had characterized the French Civil Wars.

22 $400 Round 1 Who is Jean Bodin?

23 $500 ScoreboardAnswer These two 1689 works by John Locke sought to justify philosophically the “Glorious Revolution” in England.

24 $500 Round 1 Two Treatises on Civil Government? What are the Two Treatises on Civil Government?

25 $100 AnswerScoreboard This Puritan created a military dictatorship as the Lord Protector of England after the Civil War.

26 $100 Oliver Cromwell? Who is Oliver Cromwell? Round 1

27 $200 ScoreboardAnswer This economic minister developed France’s mighty mercantilist system during the reign of Louis XIV.

28 $200 Round 1 Jean- Baptiste Colbert? Who is Jean- Baptiste Colbert?

29 $300 ScoreboardAnswer This English king disbanded Parliament in 1629 and 1640 and eventually lost his head.

30 $300 Round 1 Who is Charles I?

31 $400 ScoreboardAnswer This minister developed the intendant system, brought France into the Thirty Years War, and increased the power of Louis XIII.

32 $400 Round 1 Cardinal Richelieu? Who is Cardinal Richelieu?

33 $500 ScoreboardAnswer Louis XIV reversed the Edict of Nantes with this 1685 edict that persecuted Huguenots.

34 $500 Round 1 Edict of Fountainbleu? What is the Edict of Fountainbleu?

35 $100 AnswerScoreboard This Tsar favored Westernization and opened up the Baltic as Russia’s “Window to the West?”

36 $100 Round 1 Who is Peter the Great?

37 $200 ScoreboardAnswer These three countries/empires came to dominate Eastern Europe in the 17 th and 18 th centuries.

38 $200 Round 1 Austria, Prussia and Russia What are Austria, Prussia and Russia?

39 $300 ScoreboardAnswer This Hohenzollern ruler founded the modern state of Brandenburg- Prussia (but he never got to be called a king).

40 $300 Round 1 Frederick William (“The Great Elector”)? Who was Frederick William (“The Great Elector”)?

41 $400 ScoreboardAnswer These three empires declined (and in one case disappeared) throughout the 17 th and 18 th centuries.

42 $400 Round 1 Holy Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire Polish Kingdom What was the Holy Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire and Polish Kingdom?

43 $500 ScoreboardAnswer This major power lay siege to Vienna in 1683 but was repelled by Leopold I.

44 $500 Round 1 Ottoman Empire? What is the Ottoman Empire?

45 $100 AnswerScoreboard This 1688 event marked the beginning of an official and permanent constitutional monarchy in England.

46 $100 Round 1 Glorious Revolution?” What is the “Glorious Revolution?”

47 $200 ScoreboardAnswer This 1689 document became the foundation of England’s political system.

48 $200 Round 1 English Bill of Rights? What is the English Bill of Rights?

49 $300 ScoreboardAnswer These two monarchs simultaneously became the first two constitutional monarchs in English history.

50 $300 Round 1 William and Mary? Who are William and Mary?

51 $400 ScoreboardAnswer This early republic had a decentralized system with a stadholder as leader of each region.

52 $400 Round 1 Dutch Republic (the Netherlands)? What was the Dutch Republic (the Netherlands)?

53 $500 ScoreboardAnswer This Stuart king was restored to the throne in 1660 but could not disband Parliament.

54 $500 Round 1 Charles II (the “Merry Monarch”)? Who was Charles II (the “Merry Monarch”)?

55 $100 AnswerScoreboard This 1713 treaty ending the War of Spanish Succession represented a triumph in the balance of power against the “Sun King.”

56 $100 Round 1 Treaty of Utrecht? What is the Treaty of Utrecht?

57 $200 ScoreboardAnswer This political practice kept Poland from exercising effective power over its kingdom in the 17 th and 18 th centuries.

58 $200 Round 1 liberum veto? What is the liberum veto?

59 $300 ScoreboardAnswer This city was the center of banking in Europe during the first half of the 17 th century.

60 $300 Round 1 Amsterdam? What is Amsterdam?

61 $400 ScoreboardAnswer The Ottoman Empire relied on this army group of former Christians to keep order in southeastern Europe.

62 $400 Round 1 Janissary Corps? What is the Janissary Corps?

63 Question Place a bet between $100 to $1000 (or higher if you have more money)

64 $500 ScoreboardAnswer Jan Vermeer was a major figure in this art style.

65 $500 Round 1 Dutch Style? What is the Dutch Style?

66 Category #1Category #2Category #3Category #4Category #5Category #6 The “Sun King” The “Sun King” Henry of Navarre Henry of Navarre Prussia England Peter the Great Peter the Great The Arts The Arts $200 $400 $600 $800 $1000 $600 $800 $1000 $600 $800 $1000 $600 $800 $1000 Click on any of the top row squares to return to the Scoreboard.

67 $200 AnswerScoreboard Louis appointed intendants from this new class of nobles.

68 $200 Round 2 nobility of the robe? What is the nobility of the robe?

69 $400 ScoreboardAnswer This minister ruled France on Louis’ behalf when he was a young lad and vanquished the Fronde.

70 $400 Round 2 Cardinal Mazarin? Who is Cardinal Mazarin?

71 $600 ScoreboardAnswer This Dutch stadholder became a thorn in Louis XIV’s side regarding the “Sun King’s” expansion in the Low Countries and beyond.

72 $600 Round 2 William of Orange? Who is William of Orange?

73 $800 ScoreboardAnswer This term refers to a mercantilist goal of keeping gold and silver flowing into one’s country, not out of it.

74 $800 Round 2 bullionism? What is bullionism?

75 $1000 ScoreboardAnswer Louis persecuted these Catholics who incorporated some Calvinist ideas.

76 $1000 Round 2 Jansenists? Who are Jansenists?

77 $200 AnswerScoreboard Henry IV was the first French king in this dynasty.

78 $200 Round 2 Bourbon dynasty? What is the Bourbon dynasty?

79 $400 ScoreboardAnswer This 1598 proclamation by Henry resulted in religious toleration towards French Huguenots.

80 $400 Round 2 Edict of Nantes? What is the Edict of Nantes?

81 $600 ScoreboardAnswer Henry’s rise to power coincided with the end of these major conflicts.

82 $600 Round 2 French Civil Wars? What are the French Civil Wars?

83 $800 ScoreboardAnswer This minister instituted economic reforms in France and increased the influence of the king.

84 $800 Round 2 Duke of Sully? Who is the Duke of Sully?

85 $1000 ScoreboardAnswer Like Elizabeth I and Cardinal Richelieu, Henry’s pragmatic approach to political issues made him one of these.

86 $1000 Round 2 politique? What is a politique?

87 $200 AnswerScoreboard This “enlightened” king was the most powerful and popular of all Prussian kings.

88 $200 Round 2 Frederick II “the Great”? Who is Frederick II “the Great”?

89 $400 ScoreboardAnswer This term identifies the Prussian noble class.

90 $400 Round 2 Junker? What is Junker?

91 Place a bet between $200 to $2000 (or higher if you have more money) Question

92 $600 ScoreboardAnswer This “soldier’s king” infused militarism into all aspects of Prussian society and created the most efficient bureaucracy in Europe during his reign.

93 $600 Round 2 Frederick William I? Who is Frederick William I?

94 $800 ScoreboardAnswer The Prussian rulers during the 17 th century and beyond came from this dynasty.

95 $800 Round 2 Hohenzollern dynasty? What is the Hohenzollern dynasty?

96 $1000 ScoreboardAnswer Prussian militarism in the 18 th century resulted in the country receiving this Greek-inspired nickname.

97 $1000 Round 2 Sparta of the North”? What is “Sparta of the North”?

98 $200 AnswerScoreboard This Whig was the first prime minister in British history and oversaw the development of the cabinet system.

99 $200 Round 2 Robert Walpole? Who is Robert Walpole?

100 $400 ScoreboardAnswer This 1707 law unified England and Scotland to create Great Britain.

101 $400 Round 2 Act of Union? What is the Act of Union?

102 $600 ScoreboardAnswer This non-noble landowning class in England saw its power rise in the House of Commons in the 17 th and 18 th centuries.

103 $600 Round 2 gentry? What is the gentry?

104 $800 ScoreboardAnswer This 1679 law established the right to a fair and speedy trial.

105 $800 Round 2 Habeas Corpus Act? What is the Habeas Corpus Act?

106 Place a bet between $200 to $2000 (or higher if you have more money) Question

107 $1000 ScoreboardAnswer Laws passed after the Restoration to limit the influence of Puritans, like the Test Act of 1673 for example, are referred to by this term.

108 $1000 Round 2 Clarendon Code? What is the Clarendon Code?

109 $200 AnswerScoreboard The construction of this city during Peter’s reign may have claimed as many as 200,000 lives.

110 $200 Round 2 St. Petersburg? What is St. Petersburg?

111 $400 ScoreboardAnswer Peter belonged to this dynasty.

112 $400 Round 2 Romanov dynasty? What is the Romanov dynasty?

113 $600 ScoreboardAnswer Peter created this new institution as a way of developing a service nobility to serve the tsar.

114 $600 Round 2 Table of Ranks? What is the Table of Ranks?

115 $800 ScoreboardAnswer As a result of this 1700- 1721 war against Sweden, Peter gained access to the Baltic region and gained a “window to the west.”

116 $800 Round 2 Great Northern War? What is the Great Northern War?

117 $1000 ScoreboardAnswer Peter persecuted this group of Orthodox Christians who opposed his attempts to westernize.

118 $1000 Round 2 Old Believers?” Who are “Old Believers?”

119 $200 AnswerScoreboard This Dutch painter is considered the greatest of the 17 th century as he painted in several genres and styles.

120 $200 Round 2 Rembrandt? Who is Rembrandt?

121 $400 ScoreboardAnswer This Italian is the most well-known female artist of the baroque, largely due to her “Judith” paintings.

122 $400 Round 2 Artemesia Gentileschi? Who is Artemesia Gentileschi?

123 $600 ScoreboardAnswer This German is considered the greatest baroque composer, in part, due to his mastery of counterpoint.

124 $600 Round 2 Who is J. S. Bach?

125 $800 ScoreboardAnswer This French artist was the master of French Classicism during the 17 th century.

126 $800 Round 2 Nicolas Poussin? Who is Nicolas Poussin?

127 $1000 ScoreboardAnswer This 17 th -century French playwright was most well-known for his tragedies.

128 $1000 Round 2 Jean Racine? Who is Jean Racine?

129 Scoreboard Make your wager!! Ultimate Question Category: 17 th -century Spanish society

130 Scoreboard Ultimate Question Answer These two groups in Spain represented much of the Spanish middle class. When they were removed the Spanish empire never recovered economically.

131 Scoreboard Ultimate Question Back to Ultimate Question Jews and Moors? Who are Jews and Moors?

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