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Parliament Triumphs IN ENGLAND.

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1 Parliament Triumphs IN ENGLAND

2 Historical Event Resulting Action of Document Effect on Democracy

3 1. King John tried to raise taxes on the nobles
Magna Carta Established basic legal rights & responsibilities Protected liberties of the English

4 2. Edward needed money to pay for war in France
Model Parliament B. Increased the number of people making Gov’t decisions



7 3. Sixteenth Century Monarchs claim more power.
Divine Right – The belief that monarchs are chosen by God and responsible only to God.


9 3. Sixteenth Century Monarchs claim more power
Petition of Right A. Overthrow of Charles I B. Decreased power of Monarch B. Increased power of Parliament

10 4. The Glorious Revolution takes place.
English Bill of Rights Limited power of Monarchy B. Guaranteed the rule of Law B. Guaranteed Individual Liberties

11 Limited Monarchy Powers of the monarch (ruler) are limited by a constitution or laws of the country

12 Constitutional Government
Government that’s powers are defined and limited by law

13 Oligarchy A type of gov’t in which the ruling power belongs to a few people EX: South Africa

14 Puritans Protestants that sought to “purify” the church of it’s Catholic practices

15 Oliver Cromwell Leader of the Roundheads (Parliament’s Army) in the English Civil War Puritan Defeated the Cavaliers, leading to the execution of Charles I.

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