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Roanoke Baptism of Virginia Dare, born at Roanoke Colony (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons--public domain) Question 1206: The 1585 Roanoke settlement supported.

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1 Roanoke Baptism of Virginia Dare, born at Roanoke Colony (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons--public domain) Question 1206: The 1585 Roanoke settlement supported by Sir Walter Raleigh A) was a successful example of European colonization in the New World B) failed because of the interference of Sir Francis Drake C) inspired future colonizing adventures D) disappeared without a trace except for a mysterious message written on a post E) endured a difficult first year, but survived for 10 years

2 Early English Settlers Jamestown, the first successful Virginia settlement, 1608 (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons--public domain) Question 1208: The majority of the individuals that came to the English colonies in North America in the 1600s were A) slaves B) priests and missionaries C) prisoners D) indentured servants E) members of the nobility

3 Representative Government Magna Carta, 1215, an important source of self-governing principles (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons--public domain) Question 1209: The long tradition of representative government in North America was first established with a legislative body at the A) Spanish settlement of St. Augustine in Florida in 1585 B) Spanish settlement of Santa Fe in New Mexico in 1640 C) British settlement of Virginia in 1619 D) French settlement of Quebec City in 1608 E) British settlement of Boston in 1630

4 Puritans Puritans sought to ban the celebration of Christmas, among other things they found sinful (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons--public domain) Question 1210: All but which of the following are true of the Puritans who settled in 17th century New England? A) they believed in predestination B) they felt forgiveness for sins came only through the priest and the confessional booth C) they rejected ornate cathedral-type architecture for their churches D) they followed the theology of John Calvin E) they favored simple worship with no instrumental music

5 Women in Colonial Virginia A colonial Virginia family by Sidney King (Image Source: National Park Service) Question 1211: In 17th century Virginia A) women had no legal rights B) the number of men and women was roughly equal C) most women lived until their 60s D) single adult women and widows could not make contracts or conduct business E) most women came as indentured servants and faced a life of hard labor in the tobacco fields

6 Headright System A headright contract from colonial Virginia (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons) Question 1212: In the headright system A) the children of Puritans were allowed to vote in church elections B) slaves were bound for life to their masters C) an attempt was made to solve a labor shortage by giving land to immigrants D) separate legal codes were developed for slaves and indentured servants E) votes were given to all adult males who owned property

7 Bacon's Rebellion Virginia Governor William Berkeley's policies helped fuel the 1676 crisis (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons) Question 1213: Which of the following is not true of Bacon's Rebellion? A) Bacon's followers burned Jamestown to the ground B) wealthy whites grew fearful of the growing number of discontented poor whites C) Governor Berkeley was accused of favoring Indians at the expense of white settlers D) Bacon gained most of his support from wealthy landowners E) Bacon seized political power in Virginia before British ships arrived and put down the uprising

8 Glorious Revolution in America James II of England, who was forced off the throne by the Glorious Revolution of 1688 (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons) Question 1214: The Glorious Revolution that brought William and Mary to the British throne A) led directly to the establishment of Georgia as a debtor colony B) made the Roman Catholic Church a more powerful religious force in the colonies C) sparked Indian uprisings throughout the western colonial frontier lands D) caused the charters of all proprietary colonies to be revoked E) resulted in colonial unrest and uprisings in both New York and Massachusetts

9 Catholics in the Colonies Sir George Calvert sought to create a refuge for Roman Catholics in the American colonies (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons) Question 1215: In which of the following 17th century colonies would Roman Catholics have found the most intolerance to their religious practices? A) Maryland B) Rhode Island C) Pennsylvania D) Massachusetts Bay E) New York

10 Enlightenment John Locke, a key Enlightenment thinker (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons) Question 1217: The 18th century Enlightenment A) emphasized the importance of faith and religious devotion B) supported the rights of monarchs to rule C) focused on reason and the natural world as sources of truth D) led to the economic policy of mercantilism E) stressed the importance of biblical studies

11 The Great Awakening A sermon by Gilbert Tennent, a significant Great Awakening preacher (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons) Which of the following statements about the Great Awakening are accurate? I. It resulted in a split between New Light and Old Light congregations. II. Its most effective preachers appealed to the heart, rather than to cold rationalism. III. It challenged religious authority and tax-supported churches. IV. It was mainly anti-intellectual and had no impact on American higher education. V. African-Americans, particularly in the Chesapeake region, converted to Christianity through its preaching. A) I, II, III, and V only B) I, II and IV only C) II, III, IV and V only D) I, III, IV and V only E) all of the statements are accurate

12 Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin, America's renaissance man (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons) All but which of the following statements are descriptive of Benjamin Franklin? A) he was one of the leading printers in the American colonies B) he was a founding member of the American Philosophical Society C) he founded the Academy of Philadelphia with a focus on theology D) he was a successful inventor of bifocals, an efficient stove, and the lightning rod, among other items E) he organized the first lending library in the colonies

13 Anti-Slavery Attitudes Colonial slave auction block (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons) While most colonists refrained from criticizing slavery on moral grounds, which group consistently opposed slavery? A) Southern cotton plantation owners B) New England shipbuilders C) middle colony merchants D) Virginia Anglicans E) Pennsylvania Quakers

14 The Backcountry "The Old Homestead" by Andrew Knez (Image Source: Question 1220: The western or backcountry regions of the 18th century American colonies A) were largely controlled by plantation slaveowners B) were dominated religiously by the Church of England C) had the largest concentration of Scotch-Irish immigrants D) developed a strong sense of respect for authority E) featured the most prosperous colonists

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