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JEOPARDY REVIEW A Terms B People C Documents D Miscellaneous E Philosophers 100 200 300 400 500 FJ.

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1 JEOPARDY REVIEW A Terms B People C Documents D Miscellaneous E Philosophers FJ

2 Philosphes Name the term given to thinkers during the Enlightenment.

3 What is the name of a document outlining the basic laws and principles of a government? Constitution or Bill of Rights

4 What is the term given to the powerful military under Cromwell that defeated Charles I during the English Civil War? New Model Army

5 Name the system of government in which a monarch rules by the ideas of the Enlightenment. Enlightened Despotism

6 What is the legal right protecting citizens from unfair arrest and imprisonment? Habeas Corpus

7 Who was the King of England during the English Civil War who believed in the Divine Right of Kings? King Charles I

8 Name the Puritan leader who organized the New Model Army and defeated Charles I in the English Civil War. Oliver Cromwell

9 Who was the English Philosopher and Feminist who supported equal rights and education for women? Mary Wollstonecraft

10 Name the King and Queen of England, came to power during the Glorious Revolution and agreed to the English Bill of Rights. William III and Mary II

11 Name the King of England and Prime Minister during the American Civil War? King George III and Oliver North

12 What was the name of the document read aloud to William and Mary before becoming King and Queen of England which outlined England as a Constitutional Monarchy? Declaration of Rights/ English Bill of Rights

13 What document ended the Revolutionary War? Treaty of Paris 1783

14 What U.S. document which set up America’s government in 1787 borrowing many ideas from Enlightenment philosophers? The United States Constitution

15 In 1707 the English Parliament passed the __________ which united the governments of England and Scotland as Great Britain? The Act of Union

16 What document contains the phrase: “…all Men are created equal,…with certain unalienable rights” & whose influence is reflected? Declaration of Independence and John Locke

17 Name the two sides in the English Civil War. Cavaliers and Roundheads

18 The two political parties which formed after the Restoration were the __________ and the ___________. Tories and Whigs

19 The bloodless transfer of power in the English Monarchy in 1688 was called the ______________. Glorious Revolution

20 The time period from Charles I’s Monarchy into the English Civil War then to Cromwell’s Commonwealth, then back to a Monarchy was called what? The English Revolution

21 What is the difference between an Absolute Monarchy and a Constitutional Monarchy? Absolute Monarchy- King/Queen has all the power Constitutional Monarchy- King/Queen’s power is limited by Parliament

22 Which philosopher called for checks & balances? Baron de Montesquieu

23 Who believed that a government should be based on popular sovereignty? Rosseau

24 Believed in “seperation of church & state” and supported freedom of thought. Voltaire

25 Believed that a ruler cannot limit natural rights & could overthrow a ruler if they break the Social Contract John Locke

26 Who believed in a social contract in which people give up all their freedoms to a ruler? Thomas Hobbes

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