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Mongolia Mission Report. The King of glory has entered Mongolia “The King of glory has entered Mongolia”

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1 Mongolia Mission Report

2 The King of glory has entered Mongolia “The King of glory has entered Mongolia”

3 Prayer Journey On September 17, 2008 a group of 5 ladies assembled in the capitol of Mongolia for an opportunity in a life time. Before arriving in Mongolia, the Lord had given several visions to this particular place, and it was just like the picture He had given us. The first day we did a grueling prayer walk, and were able to identify areas that needed prayer. The Lord revealed that the local government was controlled by a witch. He then showed us how to pray and what to break. The day we climbed up a hill in the middle of the valley was another key moment. There were many altars, and evidence of animal sacrifices. Once again, God guided us how to pray. As we prayed, God gave a vision of arrows shooting out from between us towards the city, and then a huge collapsing of something in the distance. We knew that the work was done, and the powers over the city had been broken. The King of glory had entered. Hallelujah!

4 This place stands as the most glorious. As we prayed in the ancient ruins of a Chinese Palace, we felt oppression that still exist in the Mongolian men, so we prayed under the leading of the Spirit. The wind and cold were merciless and we were very tired, but we pressed on and arrived at a meeting where 13 leaders of a local church had gathered. We shared the Word and prayed for each person individually, and the Holy Spirit descended and touched each one. A Mongolian woman testified that for months she had been begging the Lord for a special visitation, and that someone would arrive and pray for them. Glory to God! He answered her prayers. We later heard that the Lord had touched the church leaders, and this led to a change in the Sunday morning service.

5 Praying from the High Places Taking Back Territory There was quite a bit of resistance reaching this place. Our contracted driver cancelled at the last minute so we had a different driver. His vehicle broke down several times along the way. There was a nomadic family who the driver knew, so they happily took us, and fed us while the driver fixed the vehicle. We had a beautiful experience with this family and spoke blessings over their lives as we left to continue our journey.

6 Mongolian Children Children with herds At the Valley Driver’s Home & Family

7 Buddhist Temple Temple Prayer Wheels Monk & Family One day while we were prayer walking through the town our leader took a photo of the Buddhist Temple. Just about that time, the Buddhist Monk in charge came out of his “yurt” and opened the temple to show it to us, so we took advantage and went in!!! Before the trip the Lord had spoken to us about open doors/gates ), in Micah 2:13 He told us: “The breaker is come up before them: they have broken up, and have passed through the gate, and are gone out by it: and their king shall pass before them, and the LORD on the head of them”. The King of glory certainly has entered into Mongolia, glory to His name! and “ the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” Afterwards they invited us into their “yurt” to have tea, and we enjoyed the family setting.



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