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Colonial Government How do new ideas change the way people live?

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1 Colonial Government How do new ideas change the way people live?
Chapter 4, Lesson 2 Ms. Elias

2 Vocabulary Protected rights Representative government Magna Carta
English Bill of Rights Proprietary colony Charter colony Royal colony Mercantilism

3 English System of Government
The English colonists—bring English ideas about government to America. Example) trail by jury Two principles of the English system of government: protected rights representative government Both influenced the development of the United States and are part of the U.S. Constitution.

4 Protected Rights Colonists believed government must respect their rights. Protection of people's rights was a central idea in the English system of government.

5 Magna Carta (1215)—the first document which guaranteed
people’s rights. Gave English people protection against unjust treatment or punishment.

6 Representative Government
Representative government—people elect delegates to make laws and conduct government. Idea of representative government comes from England—and we inherited it!

7 House of Lords (wealthy, ruling class)
English Parliament (representative assembly) House of Commons (commoners) House of Lords (wealthy, ruling class)

8 Glorious Revolution In the mid-1600s, Parliament and King James II began a struggle for power. Parliament removed King James II from power—crowned William and Mary to rule. William & Mary promised to govern England according to the laws Parliament passes. Glorious Revolution is this this peaceful transfer of power. After the Glorious Revolution no ruler would have more power than the legislature (Parliament)

9 English Bill of Rights To limit the power of the King, Parliament passed the English Bill of Rights: Illegal for the ruler to suspend Parliament's laws Ruler could not impose taxes, Ruler could not raise an army without Parliament's consent.

10 Government in American Colonies
The 13 colonies began as either charter or proprietary colonies—then some turned into royal colonies. Charter colonies based on a charter Ex) Massachusetts. Proprietary colonies were the property of an owner or group of owners. - owners ruled as they wished and named their own governors. Ex) Pennsylvania

11 Some colonies were turned into royal colonies—were under direct English control (king and Parliament) Parliament made decision in royal colonies—like appointing governor.

12 Voting in the Colonies Only white men who owned property could vote.
Most women, indentured servants, landless poor, and African Americans could not vote.

13 Colonial Economy: Mercantilism and American Resistance
Ms. Elias US History Chapter 4, Lesson 2

14 Mercantilism Europeans followed idea of mercantilism.
Mercantilism means that for a country to be wealthy (sliver/gold) it must:   1. Must export (sell to other countries), more than it imports, (buys from other countries) 2. A country must also seek colonies, which could supply raw materials and serve as a market for exports (to buy its goods).

15 The English followed a mercantilist policy. 
Used the American colonies for raw materials—tobacco, rice, indigo, wheat, lumber, fur, leather, fish, and whale products. They also wanted the colonists to buy English manufactured goods, such as tools, clothing, and furniture.



18 Navigation Acts To control this trade, England began passing a series of laws called Navigation Acts (1650s).  Forced colonists to sell their raw materials to England even if they could get a better price elsewhere.  Goods bought by the colonies from other countries in Europe had to go to England first and be taxed.

19 Mercantilism 1. Create a political cartoon which depicts mercantilism.
2. Symbols: What symbols did you use in your drawing. Describe them and what they stand for. 3. Reasoning: Explain WHY you used those symbols. 4. Description: Explain HOW your drawing shows mercantilism. 5. Answer the Worksheet Questions

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