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Step 2 Sizzling Starts.

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1 Step 2 Sizzling Starts

2 First impressions count


4 Nigel, graph of story

5 The Bear Hunt

6 Before On Saturday I went to the football. My dad and I always go to watch the footy together. It was a cold day and we went in by train and it rained as we walked from the train. We got there but it took ages to find our seats. Dad bought me a pie but when I cheered for a big goal I spilt it all over me…

7 After Ever tried to eat a pie with one hand and jump and cheer as your team kicks a great goal? Don’t.

8 Action Activity Five Minute Fast Starts
You’re in the reality show from hell. Brothers are SO much better than sisters. (Or not!) There’s a tree in the school yard that eats kids!

9 Every morning for a week

10 Secret is Chunking

11 Say ‘no’ to the Nerds

12 Text Types -Recount Trip to Museum
There are naked people at the Melbourne Museum. Lots of them. OK they are models, but at first glance it seems you’ve stumbled on a roomful of nudists. (Michelle Hamer, journalist)

13 Text Types - Informational
1) Every time you lick a stamp, you're consuming 1/10 of a calorie. 2) A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.

14 Animals in Captivity The lion’s glorious hair moved with the breeze as he smelt today’s breakfast. Slowly he prowled towards the delicious smell, preparing to pounce on his prey. As he spots his food he lightly leaps off the ground, into the air, and swallows the air born peices of meat. His large paws make a light thud as he meets the ground and a excited applause from the audience arrupts. This is a lion in captivity. Is this cruel?

15 Sample marking 1. Audience (5 out of 6 marks).
Comment: Opens strongly by using narrative to engage reader, illustrate point and set up context. Not maintained to this same level across text.

16 Text Types - Persuasive
Before I think cats are better than dogs because a) b) c)... After They slobber on your best outfit, they bark all night and their breath smells exactly like meat left out in the sun for a week. Dogs as pets, I don’t get it. Give me a cat quiet and curled up on my knee, purrrrlease.

17 Action Activities Five Minute Fast Starts (Maybe one by one.)
More starts in Top Topics


19 Action movie starts x 5 Finding Nemo Shrek The Incredibles BFG
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

20 Best starts competition
Action Activities Best starts competition Let me tell you about the heater, the ice-cream and the scream...

21 Action Activities Book starts
‘My brother is only 8 years old, which is rather young to have a baby...’ (Paul Jennings)

22 Weekend recounts One sentence weekend recounts
I hated fishing and I bet the worm Dad stuck on my hook hated it too. BAN ‘one day…on Tuesday…on the weekend.’

23 Start with a sound Start with: Crash Woosh Brrrrr

24 Agenda: The Seven Steps
1. Plan for Success Sizzling Starts _________________________________ Tightening Tension 4. Dynamic Dialogue 5. Show, Don't Tell 6. Ban the Boring Bits 7. Exciting Endings

25 Special for EYES 20% OFF

26 Free Newsletter

27 Secret is Chunking

28 The Hard Part Writing is not something you do with a pen, it is something you do with your brain. (Jen McVeity)

29 Homework (5 hours) Watch TV - the ads – find Story Graph
Watch a movie – find Sizzling Starts Read a book – enjoy!

30 Laughter and Learning Good teachers had the most fun in their classrooms: the lessons were lively, fast-paced, and full of jokes and little classroom games. Prof William Louden (Uni WA) and Assoc Prof Mary Rohl, (Edith Cowan Uni)

31 Go Play


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