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Bellwork What was the difference between the Great Awakening and the Enlightenment?

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1 Bellwork What was the difference between the Great Awakening and the Enlightenment?

2 Today “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” Sermon Collect Video Collect 5.1 Terms & Chart 5.1 quiz Notes 5.2 Activity Homework: 5.2 Questions & Read 5.2 QUIZ on 5.2 Tomorrow!!!!!

3 Roots of American Democracy

4 Indicators What key English documents and events influenced democracy in the colonies?

5 Key Terms Magna Carta Parliament Virginia House of Burgesses Royal Governors Smuggling Navigation Acts Dominion of New England Edmund Andros The Glorious Revolution English Bill of Rights Salutary Neglect Zenger Trial

6 Magna Carta 1215 Guaranteed English political and civil liberties Protected the rights of the people Remains the foundation of modern American democracy

7 Parliament England’s lawmaking body House of Commons (elected) House of Lords (non- elected nobles, judges, and clergy)

8 Self-Government Virginia House of Burgesses: imposed taxes, managed the colonies Parliament had ultimate authority Royal Governors were appointed

9 Smuggling Smuggling to avoid the Navigation Acts! Claimed England had no right to make laws for them The King cancels their charter (self- government)

10 Royal Power Increases New King (1685) wants to strengthen royal power, Dominion of New England is created, Edmund Andros appointed governor…ends representative assemblies and limits town meetings Without their assemblies, some colonists refused to pay taxes and were jailed

11 The King Makes a Mistake! King James severely punished a rebellion and dismissed Parliament in 1687

12 The Glorious Revolution & English Bill of Rights The Glorious Revolution 1688: James’s daughter Mary and her husband William take the throne in England, King flees William and Mary agree to uphold the English Bill of Rights: Government was to be based on the laws of Parliament, not what the ruler wanted at the time

13 Rights of Englishmen Colonists quickly claimed English Rights, jailed Andros Compromise: Massachusetts regained the right to elect representatives to an assembly BUT they had to accept a governor appointed by the crown p. 140 Diagram

14 Salutary Neglect During the 1700s, England interfered very little in colonial affairs: Salutary Neglect Governors rarely enforced the laws passed by Parliament on regulating trade, use of money, apprenticeships, etc. and the colonists grew increasingly independent!

15 Zenger Trial: Establishes Freedom of the Press 1735 John Peter Zenger was brought to trial for criticizing New York’s governor in the paper. It was against the law to criticize the king in the paper and the governor represented the king. His attorney argued he had the right to print the truth and he won. Freedom is part of colonial heritage now in the Constitution.

16 5.2 Quiz The Great Charter, or _____________, was approved in 1215 to guarantee Englishmen political and civil rights and freedoms. a. Bill of Rights b. Mayflower Compact c. English Bill of Rights d. Magna Carta

17 What was England’s lawmaking body called? a. Congress b. Parliament c. Session

18 How many Houses were there in Parliament? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4

19 What did Edmund Andros do once he was appointed royal governor? a. Reduced taxes b. Ended representative assemblies c. Gave people jobs in his government

20 William and Mary agreed to uphold the English Bill of Rights. What did it say laws were to be based on? a. The King b. Parliament’s Laws c. Laws passed by the royal governor

21 What did salutary neglect mean? a. Colonists depended on England for all of their decisions b. Colonial trade would be expanded c. Laws of Parliament were strictly enforced d. Colonists were growing increasingly independent of English rule

22 What right did John Peter Zenger’s trial establish in the colonies? a. Freedom of Religion b. Freedom of Speech c. Freedom of Press d. Freedom of Assembly

23 5.2 Activity

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