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The Economic Ties Between England and its Colonies.

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1 The Economic Ties Between England and its Colonies

2 Mercantilism ► Definition: an economic system in which nations seek to increase their wealth and power by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver and by establishing a favorable balance of trade (more goods sold than bought.) ► England ’ s Goal: Become self-sufficient under Mercantilism ► Colonies were useful to England:  provided raw materials  Market to sell goods

3 The Problem ► Wealthy colonial merchants sent some products to other countries b/c more profitable for them. ► In Mercantilism – any products flowing from colonies to other countries was an economic threat  not benefiting England.

4 If you were the English Government, what would you do? Take 5 minutes with a partner to establish a plan.

5 England ’ s Solution: THE NAVIGATION ACTS

6 Crackdown on Navigation Act Violators ► Biggest Violators were in Massachusetts  Argued private charter did not require them to obey the Acts  England revoked their charter  Dominion of New England ► Consolidated land from S. Maine to NJ under one colony under rule by Sir Edmund Andros. ► Disbanded local assemblies ► Only lasted until Glorious Revolution.

7 The Glorious Revolution ► James I  no monarchy  Charles II  James II, who was Catholic and hated ► Parliament granted protestants William and Mary to rule the country with husband William ► Parliament established its power over the crown at this time

8 How did it Affect the Colonies? ► Colonists Staged their own bloodless revolution  kicked out Andros ► Parliament established new MA charter w/ religious tolerance and king appointed governor in 1691 ► Salutary Neglect  England relaxed enforcement of colony regulations ► Neglect = Governor had little power over the colony assembly, taste of “ self-government. ”

9 1.How does this continue to establish the Colonial identity? 2.How might this plant Seeds for Rebellion Later on?

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