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The Essential Question

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1 The Essential Question
Name _______ Block _______ Date _______ Chapter 11 - Genetics The Essential Question Who is Gregor Mendel and what did he have to do with alleles, chromosomes, traits, or this topic called genetics?

2 Chromosomes Homologous chromosomes
Two nearly identical copies of each chromosome in an organism. One set is donated by the mother and the other set by the father. Sister chromatids After a chromosome has replicated during interphase they consist of two identical chromatids which are called sister chromatids.

3 Chromosomes Gene The basic unit of heredity. The sequence of DNA nucleotides on a chromosome encodes for the manufacturing of proteins and thus the traits of the organism.

4 Important terms and concepts
Gene: controls one characteristic Alleles: alternative forms of a gene Dominant: an allele that is phenotypically expressed regardless of the other allele Recessive: an allele that is only phenotypically expressed when the dominant allele is not present Locus: location of a gene on a chromosome


6 Important terms and concepts
Heterozygous: contains two different alleles for the trait being studied Homozygous: contains identical alleles for the trait being studied Genotype: the collection of alleles in an individual Phenotype: the physical expression of the alleles (appearance & behaviour)

7 Gregor Mendel He was a High School Biology teacher that gave up teaching to become a monk. For his work in genetics, he earned the title of being know as: The Father of Genetics.

8 Mendels first law the Law of Segregation
Each organism has two hereditary factors for each trait, which are called ___________. And during meiosis, gamete (egg or sperm) formation, the two factors separate (segregate) into different gametes so that each gamete has only one type of each factor.

9 Mendel's second law the Law of Independent Assortment
Genes located on different chromosomes assort independently of one another.

10 Punnett Squares Monohybrid Cross TT x tt

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