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Pedigrees and Epistasis Genetics Bootcamp Review.

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1 Pedigrees and Epistasis Genetics Bootcamp Review

2 Epistasis Two mice heterozygous for genes B & C are crossed. If B & C assort independently, what should be the phenotypic ratio of the offspring:

3 Epistasis

4 How were genes B & C related? Being homozygous for C affected the ability to produce color. C-pigmentation B-color of pigmentation

5 Pedigree

6 What to know about pedigrees? How do you know if a gene is dominant? Recessive? Sex- linked?

7 Inheritance of a dominant disease. What if individual 2 did not have parents who had HD?

8 Are alleles changing in a population? The 5 finger story!

9 P 2 + 2pq + q 2 = 1 Alleles remain balanced in a population unless: Natural Selection Sexual Selection Non-random mating Small population Genetic Drift Gene flow Do you think there is selection for polydactly? Why or why not? What human traits may have been selected for in certain populations?

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