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Navigating A ‘Global’ World: Preparing for the Journey Harry I. Chernotsky GIAS UNC Charlotte (NC, USA)

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1 Navigating A ‘Global’ World: Preparing for the Journey Harry I. Chernotsky GIAS UNC Charlotte (NC, USA)

2 Navegando Un Mondo Global: P reparando El Viaje Harry I. Chernotsky GIAS UNC Charlotte (NC, USA)

3 A World of Borders un mundo de fronteras

4 Geographic Borders fronteras geográficas Physical World el mundo físico – how & where settle – degree of interaction

5 The Physical World: Can We Sustain It? ¿ SOSTENER?

6 Political Borders fronteras políticas Political World el mundo político – States/Countries Territory Population Governments Recognition

7 ¿ CONTROLAR? The Political World: Can We Control It?

8 Economic Borders fronteras econόmicas Economic World el mundo econόmico Markets exchange of goods services capital people

9 ¿ ENRIQUECER? The Economic World: Can We Enrich It?

10 Socio-Cultural Borders fronteras socio-culturales Identity World el mundo identitario – Classes/Nations Language Religion Ethnicity Economic Status Historical Roots

11 ¿ PRESERVAR? The Identity World: Can We Preserve It?

12 Understanding Our Changing World: Crossing Global Borders BORDERISSUESDISCIPLINE GeographicSustainabilityGeography PoliticalSecurityPolitical Science EconomicProsperityEconomics Social/CulturalIdentityAnthropology/Sociology Cruzando Fronteras

13 Globalizaciόn Agent of Change: Globalization


15  Interdependence and Integration interdependencia e integraciόn --- networks & relationships --- compression of time & space “how people act in the world influenced by how they think about the world.” THE DEFINING TRAIT el rasgo definitivo

16 THE DEFINING IDEA la idea definitiva  Free Market Capitalism … Neo-Liberalism capitalismo de libre mercado … neo-liberalismo  Openness …apertura  Deregulation …desregulaciόn  Privatization …privatizaciόn  “The Golden Straitjacket” (Friedman) camisa de fuerza dorada

17 THE DEFINING CULTURE la cultura definitiva  Americanization/Homogenization

18 SOURCES OF POWER fuentes de poder

19 Globalization: The Up Side (beneficios)  Growth  Jobs  Technology  Living Conditions  New Ways of Thinking

20 Globalization: The Down Side ( problemas )  Uneven Growth  Job Displacement  Increasing Inequality  Loss of Identity  Loss of Autonomy

21 Is Globalization New (nueva) ?

22 Globalization Today  The Big Difference?  farther…deeper…faster… cheaper… than ever before más: lejos, ancho, rápido, barato and … It’s a lot more difficult to control mucho más dificil controlar

23 So…. how do I prepare for my journey through this world?

24 1. Automation/Technology … automatización/tecnología 2. Changes in the Workplace …. lugar de trabajo  Less Hierarchy and Supervision … menos jerarquía  More Autonomy and Responsibility …. más responsabilidad  Less Predictability and Stability …. menos predecible 3. Globalization … globalización Working in the 21 st Century World: Key Developments

25 1. Hollowing Out of Existing Jobs … menos puestos de trabajo  Outsourced ($); Replaced (technology) 2. Expansion of Virtual Work … trabajo virtual  The World is Getting “Flatter” 3. The Rise of Transnational People … personas transnacionales  Relocate swiftly  Communicate cross-culturally Globalization of Work & People: Key Competitive Challenges

26  Foundational Knowledge … erudición  Practical Literacies … alfabetismo  Reading & Mathematical  Science & Technological  Civic  21 st Century Competency Skills habilidades competentes  The Four C’s Working in the 21 st Century World : Getting Yourself Prepared

27 1. CRITICAL THINKING …. pensamiento crítico 2. COMMUNICATION …. comunicación 3. COLLABORATION …. colaboración 4. CREATIVITY …. creatividad Skills for the 21 st Century: The Four C’s

28 Go forth … salid Be happy … sed feliz Be productive … sed productivo But remember …… pero acuerda

29 Ciudadano tu eres el cambio que del quieres ver en el mundo Mundo

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