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Total Logistics Solution Provider

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1 Total Logistics Solution Provider

2 Agenda Company Profile Branch Profile Business Coverage
2 Company Profile Branch Profile Business Coverage Project in South China Information technology Not only a just company introduction, but this presentation includes the launch of project of reinforce sales of Buyer’s consolidation services, on cooperation with MLG-US. Therefore the main part of the presentation is the chapter of “Introduction program of MLG Buyer’s Consolidation”. The chapter of “Case study of our activity as Solution Provider” is 2nd important. It explains that MLG-HK has experience on “Total coordination of customer’s supply chain, including analysis, advice, from the view point of customer’s shipping department, and such way of approach is the basic stance when we build up the satisfactory system and way of operation / communication of Buyer’s consolidation (= Cargo Management System, Mr. Michel Goh says). So that, generally, we allocate longer time into these 2 chapters, and please quickly procede other part. This is also because that the audience is not just the customer but the MOL people who knows the basic logistics menu. We think it is better to announce this intention to the audience at the beginning of presentation. Case study of our activity as Total Logistics Service Provider

3 Company Profile

4 Company History 1984 Setup of M.O. Air International (H.K.) Ltd.
1985 Joined HAFFA 1987 Obtained IATA license 1992 Setup of Hong Kong Logistics Co. Ltd. Setup of Japan Express (H.K.) 1998 Opening of Rep. Office in Yantian 1998 Opening of Airport Office in Hong Kong Integration of 3 company to form MOL Logistics (H.K.) Ltd. 2002 MCS integrated to MOL Logistics (H.K.) Ltd. 2003 Obtained FIATA license 2003 Opening of Shenzhen Office (Class A license) Approval of CEPA Opening of Guangzhou Branch Office

5 Company Profile 210 Company Name MOL Logistics (H.K.) Ltd. Established
January 01,2002 Authorized Capital HK$3,680,000.00 Managing Director Yuko Kane Head Office Hong Kong Shareholders MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd % Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd % Japan Express Co., Ltd % No. of employee 210

6 Network in mainland China
6 Tianjin Beijing Dalian Qingdao Zhangjiagang Wuxi Shanghai Shuzhou Hangzhou Ningbo Xiamen Guangzhou Yantian ● : Branch Office Zhongshan Shenzhen ● : Representative Office Futian Chiwan Zhuhai ● : Agent Office As of May,2007

7 Warehouse Capacity in Shatin, Hong Kong Floor Loading Cap.(KM/M2).
Head Office & Warehouse Floor Use Gross Area(M2) Ceiling Height (M) Floor Loading Cap.(KM/M2). 17/F Warehouse 2,314 4.3 1.22 16/F 2,301 9/F 782 8/F Office & W/H 2,260 4.7 7/F 6/F 5/F 4/F 1.46 3/F 2,270 2/F Handling Area 3,771 6.0 2.44 GF 1,060 7.0 2.50 Total 23,798

8 Organization Managing Director Executive Officer 8 Business Unit
Accounting Administration China Unit Airfreight Forwarding Ocean Freight Forwarding Distribution/ Warehouse Removal Import Export Import Export Shenzhen Branch Guangzhou Branch Airport Office

9 TAPA “Class A” Certificate
On 29, Aug. 2003, We are officially approved as holder of “Class A” Certificate from TAPA (Technology Asset Protection Association), the international security safety standards organization. *** On 29, Aug. 2005, We renewed officially as holder of “Class A” Certificate Class A License is the highest grade in TAPA, we are enough capable to provide Door to Door Logistics services with extremely higher level of security, and Safety. **TAPA : is a non-profit organization established in the United States in 1997 to Improve safety in cargo transport.    Its members include security specialists and company personnel in charge of security, such as IBM, HP, etc.

10 10

11 Branch Profile

12 Shenzhen Branch Office
12 Opening Date: OCT 2003 Receiving & Settling Accounts by RMB Issuing invoice & B/L related to our warehouse, transportation & customs clearance work Air Freight & Sea Freight Handling Domestic & Cross border Truck Distribution & Warehousing

13 Guangzhou Branch Office
Opening Date: APR 2005 Transportation & Warehouse Arrangement Air Freight & Sea Freight Handling Domestic & Distribution Documentation (Custom Arrangement) International Removal

14 Business Coverage -Air Freight Forwarding -Sea Freight Forwarding
-Warehousing & Distribution -Cross Border & China Domestic trucking & hauling Services -International & Domestic Removal

15 Air Freight Forwarding
15 -Own ULD Consolidation & Deconsolidation -Complete import/export documentation -Transshipment (to/from China) -Intact Service Sea Freight Forwarding -Worldwide NVOCC- FCL & LCL -Own CFS Operation in Hong Kong -Consolidation at (Shenzhen or HKG) -GOH Warehousing -Excellent Environment Serving Temperature control, High-tech equipment. -Added Value Services TAPA Licensed facility, Resorting, Marking, Labeling, Sealing, Palletizing,

16 Cross Border Transportation
Distribution 16 -Food stuff, Frozen goods, Oversize cargo -Domestic & Distribution GPS Own Truck Cross Border Transportation -Double licensed trucking & haulage services -Tran-shipment via Hong Kong -South China domestic trucking & haulage services International & Domestic Removal -Office, Factory or Household Removal Overseas, Domestic include China -Consultation by Supervisor Insurance, Customs Clearance, Pick Up, Perfect Packing, Un-packing, Storage, Setting

17 Project in South China

18 Warehouse in Shenzhen 18 Warehouse Customs Entrance Terminal

19 Buyers Consolidation Business
Vendor 1 Vendor 2 Vendor 3 Vendor 4 Buyer Our Buyer’s Consolidation Dept. is exclusively working for Consolidation Project.

20 Consolidation service in Shenzhen
Chiwan Warehouse

21 CFS Consolidation Facilities (Yantian)
21 70,000 sq. ft. and expandable to 90,000 sq. ft. ONLY 2 km from Yantian International Container Terminal (YICT)

22 Dongguan GFA Garment Inspection Center
22 Cargoes’ Quality Check Before Shipping Address (Location) North Shnag Tun Tianchun Industrial Zone, Liaobu Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong, China (In front of Inspection center of new Dongguan Custom) No. of employee 200 (4 Japanese Staff) Capacity Total 10,800㎡ (6,400㎡/Factory) Equipment X-Ray Machine,QX3-905C,Hashima HN-650

23 Cargoes’ Quality Check
23 Cargoes’ Quality Check Appearance & basic function check for : Textile Medical Equipment Electrical Appliance Low Cost & High Quality Additional Operation : Assort Packing, Labeling Temporary stock Shipping arrangement

24 Information technology
24 L-VIS StarLink Air Cargo Tracking System (CTS) Warehouse Management System (WMS) We remove the word of “State-Of-The-Art” as it is too much decorative. We think it is not well impressive for “Realistic mindfull” Hong Kong Chinese peoples.

25 We provide you “VISIBLE LOGISTICS”
L-vis Warehouse Supplier Ex-factory On Hand Stock Shipping Order Dispatch Arranged On Transit (Air.Ocean) On Board Arrival at Port On Hand Stock Delivery Order Delivery Received at Buyer Forwarder/Carriers Warehouse Buyer Advantage(1) You can control inventory information including moving inventory, warehouse stock with Visibility by “One system = One window” Advantage(2) “ L-vis “ is based on Website system. you can access anytime anywhere on the Internet all over the world. Advantage(3) Abundant retrieval key : P/O R-INV S/O SKU ETD ETA Vendor Buyer Ship-date R-date etc… 25

26 Advantage(5) Highly System Generality , Easy customize for your need
26 L-vis SCM-HUB and WMS Production Management System L-vis WMS Your ERP ③ “Sellable” stock Data ④ PO, and Instruction for reserve stock for delivery ⑤ Shipping Instruction & documents ⑥ Updated Inventory Data ① Production Completion Data ② Scanned confirmation of Receipt of “Fair” goods in warehouse Advantage(4) A lot of Interface Solution with ERP (Example: SAP R/3 Oracle-EBS) Advantage(5) Highly System Generality , Easy customize for your need Advantage(6) Excellent Future Capability for your logistics strategy: ASN RFID SCM etc… Advantage(7) MOL-Logistics world wide network hard and L-vis soft

27 Visible Logistics available all over the world
Procurement logistics Sales logistics Triangle sales logistics Single way logistics Supplier Hub and spoke logistics Buyer Hub-logistics center Spiders-Web logistics Sub-warehouse 27

28 Stock inquiry sample window
28 Stock inquiry sample window Search Item SKU P/O Rcv Invoice Avail Qty Alloc Qty Total Qty Buyer Supplier Rcv Date ST Period Price Measure Total Price Total Measure Receive Date Receive Date

29 Stock inquiry sample window
Stock Period

30 Stock inquiry sample window (S/O inquiry)
30 2 Stock inquiry sample window (S/O inquiry) S/O Status

31 StarLink System

32 Web Application for Customers
StarLink 32 Internal Operation Functions Web Application for Customers Import/Export Operation P/O Management Ocean Freight Forwarding Customer Invoicing P/O Processing Sys tem Arrival Notice Cargo Tracking Management Report Cargo Inventory Import/Export Operation P/O Management Air Freight Forwarding Customer Invoicing Order Management Sys. Management Report Inventory Management W/H Management (including distribution/ GPS) Cargo Management Management Report

33 Power Search (Sample)

34 Tracking Details (Sample)

35 User Defined Reports – Fields

36 User Defined Reports - Output

37 Exceptions Management

38 Air Cargo Tracking System
38 Cargo Tracking Status Report “Click” Cargo Tracking Enter House Air Waybill Number and Click “GO”

39 WHS (Warehouse Management System) <Demonstration>

40 Inventory Report (Sample)

41 Stock Record Report

42 Case Study of our service as Total Logistics Provider
42 Case Study of our service as Total Logistics Provider

43 Total Logistics Service
<Case> Total Logistics Service Cross Border Truckage Warehouse & Distribution Sea & Air Taiwan Indonesia Japan Malaysia South China In & Out Pick & Pack Sorting Bar code Labeling Repacking As case study of “Warehouse+Distribution+Inland transport”, we show 2 cases which are matrialized on combination with MOL’s liner sales. The datas on this and next pages are from the file of MLG-HK Action Plan WIN HK 2004. We think it is better to show some pictures of the said cargoes. Inventory Control Exclusive Line Inventory & Distribution Report P/O Data & Deliver Order Customer

44 Main Customers Air Cargo <Export > Mitsui & Co.- CASIO -
44 Air Cargo <Export > Mitsui & Co.-  CASIO - Fuji Film - Ricoh Company Ltd- Sea Cargo <Export> - Fujifilm Hong Kong - HK Chemi-con - YAZAKI - Nitto Denko <Import> Nitto Denko - Murata manufacturing- Toshiba Corporation - Epson Corporation - Nippon Chemi-con - <Import> - Nippon Chemi-con - Fuji Film - Hitachi Chemical - Mitsubishi Pencil - City Super This page is made by Mr. Ikekame, and now the listed customers are only for Air Freight Division. However, please show the customer’s name from All other divisions, including Ocean, W/H, Distribution, and Removal. We think it is better to include a few of Non-Japanese customer name too.

45 Your Best Partner

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