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SWEDEN. Welcome International Committee – IU Webpage Weekly infomail.

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2 Welcome International Committee – IU Webpage Weekly infomail

3 ”How to do” in Sweden Always be in time Show respect to the people you share corridoor with Moving out - cleaning

4 Signing up for a dinner/activity is binding If you get sick or have any other valid reason you have to call and cancel, -if not you still have to pay

5 You always take of your shoes in a swedish home

6 If you are invited to a dinner in a swedish home You should bring a small gift Always introduce yourself to new people in the company

7 In sweden we think a lot about the environment Assort the waste glass, newspapers, compost Return empty bottles and cans You can earn money

8 Health care In case of emergency - call 112 Akuten – Emergency ward Vårdcentralen – Care center In not so urgent cases Studenthälsan- The student health service preventive care, mental care, sexual health

9 Apotek – pharmacy where you buy drugs and curatives Systembolaget the only place where you buy alcohol you have to be 20 and bring ID

10 Bank Cash withdrawal Post Look for these signs where you can buy stamps and send mail Working out Stallet och svettis, Friskis & svettis at campus

11 Busses 3, 17, 20, 35 central Uppsala – SLU Ultuna Save money by buying tickets in the machine, by sms or with a buscard. Bicykle Is the cheapest way to get around in Uppsala Remember the helmet! By law you must have light on your bicykle.

12 Ultuna Campus Syltan The resturant at campus Matkuponger Discount food coupons Ultunabutiken Small shop at campus where you can buy almost everything

13 Gasque or sittning = dinners Remember, signing up is binding Dresscode Högtidsdräkt – Evening dressKavaj - Jacket

14 Kåren – The Student Union The committees: ULLA/Ultunae drängar - the choirs FiQ – the fika GN – the music Spexet – the farce Ultunesaren – the paper ULS IF – the sports

15 Sports Monday 20.00 - 21.30 Badminton Tuesday 17.00 -18.30 Soccer 18.30 – 20.00 Volleyball 21.30 – 23.00 Floorball Wednesday 20.00 - 21.30 Volleyball Thursday 17.00 - 18.30 ”cirkel traning” UARS Sunday 14.00 – 15.00 Floorball

16 The Nations Värmlands, ÖG, VG, Norrlands, Snerikes, Stockholms, Göteborgs, GH, Gotlands, Kalmars, Vedala, Upplands, Smålands Nightclubs Different kinds of music and good fun Pub/Bar With food and cheap drinks Membership You have to be a member of one of the nations to be accepted in the bars and nihtclubs.

17 Remember, It is not allowed to bring alcohol or food When you go to a Nation or the Students Union Respect the usheres Be friendly- and they will be friendly back

18 Welcome weekend Thursday 11.00 information with fika and free lunch 14.00 registration & campus walking tour at the Students Union 16.30 games, swedish midsummer & dinner at Syltavallen Friday 9.15 – 13.00 Group1 Computer introduktion in DU27 13.15 – 16.00 Group 2 15 - 17 Information from the nations at Norrlands nation 18.30 Welcome dinner at Vedala nation

19 Saturday 11.15 City tour meeting point by the station 13.00 Fika at Östgöta nation 22.00 Släpp at the Students Union Sunday 10.40 Excursion to fjällnora meeting point by the station Bring your own picnic 19.00 After swim/Pub night at Norrlands nation

20 More activities.. 3/9 Camp ultunae & Pirate pub 4/9 Brännboll with the Swedish freshmen 6/9 Sleigh building 7/9 Sleigh race

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