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The first lesson that was taught introduced the ‘human body’. The class engaged in questions such as: -What is the body? -What is the body made up of?

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2 The first lesson that was taught introduced the ‘human body’. The class engaged in questions such as: -What is the body? -What is the body made up of? -Are we all the same? In groups the pupils had to draw around one of their classmates and cut it out. This proved to highlight how we are all different. The pupils then had to cut out the main parts of the body and join the body parts at the joints with paper fasteners. Sammy the sliced body. ‘Fit to go’ workshop looks at organs, skeletons in the body PDMU – Enable pupils to lead healthy, safe and fulfilled lives according to Northern Ireland Curriculum Primary 2007.

3 Progressed to focusing on the function and position of organs in the body. Using the organ body suits the pupils had to guess what a particular organ was called and its function. They then had to place the organ where they thought it is situated on the body suit. The pupils were then given out a worksheet with a blank body on it. They had to draw the organs in the correct position and turn it over and write four sentences about four organs. This lesson introduces the pupils to the organs in our body and where they are positioned in the body. This will be reinforced during the ‘fit to go’ workshop when the pupils will have another chance to work with the body suits. Language and literacy - Pupils should be enabled to participate in guided and independent writing.

4 As the focus of W5 was to reinforce previous learning we arranged for the pupils to take part in the ‘Fit to Go’ workshop. This workshop focuses on the organs we have, where they are and what they do? This knowledge had been worked on in class the previous week and so it was hoped that this workshop would reinforce the learning. The workshop also went on to look at our heartbeat and lung capacity. Highlighting the importance of healthy living to look after our bodies. It was hoped that this information gained could be followed up and discussed more during the next lessons in the classroom. Pupils also had the opportunity to spend some time exploring the rest of w5. We made sure that pupils paid special attention to the exhibits on the human body. However they were not confined to just this area and were instead able to explore areas and with our help hopefully gain some new knowledge!


6 The children carried out an investigation about the effects of exercise on the boy, and in particular, the heart. This lesson highlights the importance of healthy living. As part of this the children competed in a relay race. The pupils then recorded their findings. This lessons aimed to reinforce the learning about the heart that took place at W5. - This lesson progresses from work at W5 and focuses on the importance of and functions of the heart. This lesson carries out an investigation on the effects of exercise on the heart. Numeracy – Children should explain their work orally, be able to draw conclusions and report findings Physical Education - An understanding between the relationship between physical activity and good health.

7 This lessons recap on previous learning by use of questioning. The lesson then progressed to focus on healthy living and how we can help to maintain healthy bodies. The pupils had to assort various foods into their main food groups using the interactive whiteboard. The pupils had a look at their food diary and the kinds of things they were eating on a weekly basis. The pupils then had to record the findings from the food chart they had been keeping during the week using tally marks ad bar graphs. This lesson was aimed to deepen their understanding of what a healthy lifestyle consists of as it was touched on during the ‘fit to go’ workshop. D Design and use a data collection sheet, interpret the results, enter information in a Database or spreadsheet, and interrogate and interpret the results;


9 We feel that through the experience this module has provided we have been given priceless opportunities to evaluate our own teaching in a way that has not been possible before. Being able to pinpoint particular aspects of our individual teaching styles and work on their development is invaluable as student teachers and we believe it will only enhance our abilities within the classroom. This module has enhanced our own knowledge about important aspects relating to the human body. It will be valuable to us when we begin our careers as teachers. To assess, plan, implement and evaluate.

10 It was clear the children enjoyed their trip to W5 and it proved useful for reinforcing what we had looked at in class. We feel that the learning outcomes were met throughout our lessons in that the children have a good understanding of what is inside their body, how to keep their body healthy and the important fact that everybody is unique!

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