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Historical places of Aktobe East or West, home is best!

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1 Historical places of Aktobe East or West, home is best!

2 ‘Ak-white, tobe-hill’

3 Mausoleum Abat Baitak Abat-Baytak is located in 12 kilometers to the east of Beskopa village of the Kobdinsky region of the Aktyubinsk district. People who want to become rich come there, pray and ask about it. that is surprisingly, but often it occurs.

4 Mausoleum Eset baba This place is considered sacred. Cars reduce their speed when they pass near this monument. who quickly pass without having greeted Eset baba, have an accident. Many people come here asking about the solution of their problems. On a legend, Eset baba comes in a dream and shows a way to the decision.

5 Mausoleum Kobylandy batyr Koblandy batyr – a symbol of heroism and pride of the Kazakh people. According to ancient stories people who repent about deeds come here and who wants to be cleared from sins.

6 Monuments for national heroes

7 Monument to victims of political repressions This monument is located in Tuyetobe's district, on the 20th km of the highway of Aktobe - Orsk. Description: Granite stele on a step pedestal. Inscription: "To victims of repressions of 1930 - 50 years from grateful descendants. Your death is innocent. Memory of you is eternal“. Many who came to honor their memory saw their ghosts. They yet didn't gain rest.

8 now sights of the city

9 There are also historical places in future=)

10 There are copies of historical places: a friendship house of Amsterdam and an ancient Greek palace

11 Thanks for your attention! Done by: Baimurzyna A.A. Checked by: Aksholakova A.Zh.

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