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MC40 THE NEW FACE OF RETAIL MOBILITY 1. AGENDA  The business challenge  The solution: the MC40  Features and benefits  Global Services  Motorola.

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2 AGENDA  The business challenge  The solution: the MC40  Features and benefits  Global Services  Motorola Solutions – your true mobility partner 2


4 SERVICE LEVELS IN THE STORE 4 The number of shoppers that are very satisfied with service in the brick and mortar store. 90%+ Brick and mortar stores are responsible for the vast majority of retail sales. 20% 1. Once Proudly Web Only, Shopping Sites Hang Out Real Shingles; Stephanie Clifford; New York Times; December 18, Motorola Solutions Holiday Shopping Study, Motorola Solutions, December

5 THE HIGH COST OF A DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER 5 Begin doing business with a competitor following a poor customer service experience 89% Customer Experience Impact Report, Getting to the Heart of the Consumer and Brand Relationship; Oracle (conducted by Harris Interactive) Global Customer Service Barometer, Findings in the United States; a research report prepared for American Express; Echo Research The average number of people an unhappy customer tells about bad service

6 HIGHLY SOPHISTICATED SHOPPERS 6 How can you meet the expectations of shoppers who can access more information on their own smartphones than your associates can? PRODUCT INFORMATION COMPETITIVE PRICING PRODUCT REVIEWS …….

7 THE GOOD NEWS: SERVICE HAS BECOME A COMMODITY 7 The amount two thirds of all shoppers are willing to pay for goods to get good service. 20% MORE 2010 Global Customer Service Barometer, Findings in the United States; a research report prepared for American Express; Echo Research


9 9 THE MC40: THE NEW FACE OF RETAIL MOBILITY 9 DESIGNED TO GIVE YOUR ASSOCIATES :  Whatever it takes to take care of your customers  Whatever it takes to take care of your store  Whatever it takes to maximize productivity – and manager efficiency

10 10 DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE RETAIL STORE 10 YOU ASKED. WE LISTENED.  Business-class durability, built for all-day every-day use in the retail store  Advanced bar code scanning for first-time every-time capture  Payment transactions  High resolution 8 MP camera for flexibility  Instant push-to-talk with practically any other voice-enabled mobile device  Largest display in its class  Power to run any application  User-replaceable battery  Brandable …and more

11 11 ROI: “3+3” ENTERPRISE CLASS LIFECYCLE 11 UNSURPASSED LIFECYCLE IN THIS DEVICE CLASS FOR A SUPERIOR RETURN ON INVESTMENT  Available for purchase for three years  Support will be available for three years after the product has been discontinued …providing an unparalleled 6 year total lifecycle.


13 13 PROVIDE UNSURPASSED CUSTOMER SERVICE 13 WHATEVER YOUR CUSTOMERS NEED TO MAKE A BUYING DECISION, ASSOCIATES CAN DELIVER:  Check price and inventory  Locate a product in a different size or color  Locate complementary items  Answer any product-related question by searching the store database or calling a product expert inside or outside the store  Offer product comparisons  Place an order for home delivery  Ring up a purchase  Look for a future promotion  Use push-to-talk to reach a worker to bring an oversize item to the register  Access a gift registry  Look up loyalty card points  Locate and either print or send electronic coupons to a customer’s smartphone  Receive customer calls through your PBX

14 14 KEEP YOUR STORE AT ITS BEST - ALWAYS 14 THE SAME DEVICE THAT PROVIDES EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE DOES DOUBLE DUTY, PROVIDING ALL THE TOOLS ASSOCIATES NEED TO KEEP YOUR STORE AT ITS BEST AND READY FOR BUSINESS:  Reach maintenance staff carrying two- way radios to clean up spills  Reach Loss Prevention staff for any security threat  Perform price audits and print out new shelf or items tags (requires a compact mobile printer)  Perform markups and markdowns  Replenish shelves with the right items at the right time  Rapidly process an incoming shipment of goods  Line bust to reduce wait times in traditional POS lanes

15 15 MAXIMIZE ASSOCIATE AND MANAGER PRODUCTIVITY 15 WITH MOTOROLA’S MOBILE WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, YOUR SUPERVISORS WILL SPEND LESS TIME MANAGING – YET ASSOCIATES WILL STAY BUSY EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY SHIFT  Automates task creation – anyone and any store system can create a task  Automatically assign and deliver tasks  Automatically escalate tasks if they are not completed on time  Provide managers with a real-time dashboard to view task status  View rich historical information to continuously improve associate productivity – and the customer experience.

16 16 BIG BENEFITS FOR RETAILERS OF ANY SIZE 16 WHEN YOU EMPOWER YOUR ASSOCIATES WITH REAL-TIME INFORMATION ACCESS, YOU WILL:  Consistently deliver an unsurpassed customer experience  Increase customer satisfaction and retention levels  Increase sales by preventing walkouts and upselling  Improve associate and supervisor productivity and efficiency, increasing workforce utilization  Improve brand awareness and brand perception



19 19 GOOD LOOKS 19 FORWARD-THINKING CONTEMPORARY PRODUCT DESIGN, WITH COMPREHENSIVE AND RELIABLE ENTERPRISE CLASS FUNCTIONALITY  Pure-consumer design on the outside  All business, inside and out –Advanced data capture capabilities –Advanced device management capabilities –Enterprise-class security “I want a mobile device that looks sleek and contemporary – one that is as well- designed and technically advanced as the mobile devices many of my customers own.”

20 20 RETURN ON INVESTMENT 20 REAL ENTERPRISE-CLASS DURABILITY  The durability that Motorola Solutions is famous for – dependable operation, year in and year out.  Drop it, bump it, splash liquid on it, use it around dust – no problem –Military standard 4 ft./1.2 m MIL-STD drop spec – ft./0.5 m tumbles (1,000 drops) –IP54 environmental sealing “I want a product that can serve my business for years in order to get a true enterprise-worthy investment.”

21 21 FIRST-TIME EVERY TIME BAR CODE SCANNING 21 MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS MOST ADVANCED SCANNING TECHNOLOGY  Powerful SE4500 enterprise-class scan engine scans any 1D or 2D bar code at laser-like speeds  Easily captures dirty, scratched and poorly printed bar codes  Captures bar codes printed on paper or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone  True point-and-shoot with omni-directional scanning – no need to align bar code and MC40 “Bar code scanning is business-critical – I need easy-to-use, reliable scanning technology that works on any type of bar code.”

22 22 ROBUST PAYMENT PROCESSING 22 COMPREHENSIVE AND SECURE MOBILE PAYMENT PROCESSING  Built-in magnetic stripe reader (MSR) reads any card with a magnetic stripe – including credit, gift and loyalty cards  Encrypted head MSR for superior security and PCI compliance – payment information is never visible, it is encrypted before it enters the MC40  Bluetooth Mobile Payment Module processes Chip and PIN-based debit and credit cards, plus NFC contactless payments “My associates need to process payments using many different types of payment cards over our wireless LAN – securely.”

23 23 APPLICATION PERFORMANCE 23 A POWERFUL PLATFORM PROVIDES DESKTOP-LIKE SPEED FOR THE MOST DEMANDING APPLICATIONS  Plenty of processing power – an 800 MHz processor  Plenty of memory – 1 GB/RAM; 8 GB Flash  a/b/g/n Wi-Fi – supports the fastest available wireless LAN technology “My associates will be using a wide variety of applications – including some that are very graphics intensive. They need dependable desktop-like application performance.”

24 24 FULL-SHIFT POWER 24 USER REPLACEABLE AND RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES  Swap batteries as needed to keep devices in service every minute of every shift  Reduces the number of devices you need to purchase  Up to 8 to 10 hours of operation on a single charge  Integrated accelerometer conserves battery time by powering down when not in use “I can’t afford downtime when devices must be taken out of service during a shift to recharge. I need a device that has ample power for a full shift.”

25 25 INTEGRATING THE ANDROID OS 25 ENTERPRISE-CLASS ANDROID  We fortified Android for business use by adding enterprise class security, mobile device management and support for enterprise class functionality and accessories  Users can access only approved applications, protecting user productivity  RhoMobile Suite enables the creation of one OS-agnostic application that will run on virtually any mobile device “This is my first Android device. How will I manage the devices? Do I need to create separate applications? Will they be secure? How about service and support?”

26 26 “BRANDABILITY” 26 CUSTOMIZABLE SO YOU CAN PROMOTE YOUR OWN BRAND  Add your logo  Choose your top housing color “If I’m going to put mobile devices in the hands of my associates, I’d ideally like to be able to use them to promote my own brand – not the manufacturer.”

27 27 CAMERA FOR MAXIMUM DEVICE FLEXIBILITY 27 8 MP COLOR CAMERA OPENS THE DOOR FOR ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONALITY  Only device in this class to offer 8 MP resolution for photos and videos  Associates can snap a picture to document proof of condition for an incoming damaged shipment  Take photos of a shelf or display to document promotion compliance “If I’m going to put mobile devices in the hands of my associates, I’d ideally like to be able to use them to promote my own brand – not the manufacturer.”

28 28 EASY EVERYDAY ADMINISTRATION 28 MULTI-USER LOG-ON FOR THE WAY YOUR BUSINESS OPERATES – IN SHIFTS  Designed for sharing  Can be instantly provisioned for each user based on log-on to provide access to the right data and applications  Enables easy device sharing, driving hardware and management costs down “Devices will have multiple users – I won’t be giving each user their own device. I’m worried that will translate into a lot of additional management time.”

29 29 AMPLE DISPLAY SPACE 29 LARGE 4.3 INCH DISPLAY  Largest in its class  High-resolution for sharp graphics and text  Provides screen real-estate required for data intensive retail applications that help customers make buying decisions, such as product comparisons “Some applications will need ample display space in order to be user-friendly – such as product comparisons. Users shouldn’t have to scroll around on a screen to view data.”

30 30 VOICE SUPPORT 30 “Sometimes associates will need to voice support to talk to a supervisor or other associate. I don’t want to buy multiple devices – or incur cellular fees.” SUPERIOR VOICE FUNCTIONALITY – ONLY FROM MOTOROLA  Connect your entire staff with instant push-to-talk, regardless of device type, including: −Other MC40s −Other Motorola mobile computers −Two-way radios −Popular smartphones (Android and iOS-based) −PBX extensions  Delivered over your WLAN via VoIP support

31 31 DEVICE MANAGEMENT 31 “I know my Windows-based devices work with my mobile device management solution...but will an Android device?” SUPPORT FOR MOTOROLA’S MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS  Enables easy centralized: −Staging −Initial provisioning −Updates −Monitoring −Troubleshooting


33 33 Comprehensive end-to-end services help you get and keep your enterprise mobility solution up and running at peak performance.

34 SERVICE FROM THE START WITH COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE 34 GOLD STANDARD IN POST- DEPLOYMENT SUPPORT WITH MULTI-YEAR COVERAGE FROM DAY ONE  You’re covered – period –Normal wear and tear + accidental breakage –Covers internal and external device components plus select accessories that ship with the MC45 –Includes telephone and software support BENEFITS :  Maximize device uptime  Unparalleled “from the manufacturer” expertise  Outstanding value – eliminates unexpected repair costs  Frees IT to focus on more strategic initiatives

35 MANAGED DEVICE SERVICE 35 BENEFITS  Frees IT to focus on more strategic initiatives  Rapid issue resolution  Protects user productivity by enabling resolution of issues before users are impacted OUTSOURCE DAY-TO-DAY SUPPORT FOR YOUR USERS  Multi-lingual help desk serves your workers in their native language  Our technicians can take remote control of the device to troubleshoot and resolve issues without user involvement  Includes proactive monitoring services

36 AWARD-WINNING PARTNER CHANNEL Get up and running fast with ready-to-go tested and proven applications  WE MAKE IT OUR BUSINESS TO KNOW YOUR BUSINESS. Whether your field mobility workforce is involved in sales, maintenance and repair, pickup and delivery or merchandising, there is a Motorola partner that knows your business, it’s challenges and best practices that resolve those challenges.  READY TO GO TESTED AND CERTIFIED APPLICATIONS. Our large ecosystem of partners provides a large library of ready-to-use applications 36


38 UNMATCHED EXPERTISE Years of voice and communication infrastructure experience 80 Years of helping customers automate business transactions 34 of customers with a positive and 1,000s fast Return on Investment (ROI) 38

39 UNMATCHED BREADTH Handheld mobile computers Two-way radios Vehicle-mount mobile computers RFID fixed and handheld readers Wearable mobile computers RFID mobile readers Tablets Micro Kiosks Handheld bar code scanners Wireless networks Fixed mount scanners Mobile device management Security solutions End-to-end services EVERYTHING YOU NEED, UNDER ONE ROOF – MOBILE DEVICES, WIRELESS INFRASTRUCTURE, RFID, SECURITY AND SUPPORT SERVICES 39


41 41 The MC40 The new face of retail mobility

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