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Looking to other cultures for design motifs. Nigerian Masks.

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1 looking to other cultures for design motifs

2 Nigerian Masks

3 Native American Pottery and Blankets

4 Turkish Kilims (rugs)

5 Mud Cloth from Mali

6 Quilts of Gees Bend, Alabama

7 Australian Aboriginal dream paintings

8 Molas from Panama

9 Mexican Folk Art

10 Chinese New Year Dragons

11 Japanese Kimonos

12 Indonesian Ikat Textiles

13 Indian Mendhi

14 Papua New Guinea Face Painting

15 Tibetan Mandalas

16 Russian, Czech, & Ukranian Painted Eggs

17 Islamic Architecture

18 Grafitti and Street Art

19 Haitian Paintings

20 Egyptian Tapestries

21 TIE DESIGN- 3 inch repeat stripe pattern 5 colors, including one or more design motifs 1- Fold 12 x 18 inch paper in half lengthwise 2-Trace a tie on the left side 3-Mark off every 3 inches at left side and on the fold. LIGHTLY draw lines across tie at 3 inch intervals. The line at 9 inches ( half way) should go all the way across the paper 4- Use right side for planning colors and experimenting with inclusion of design motif(s). Number colors 1 through 5. 5- Create stripe design in first 3 inch section then use tracing paper and light box to recreate stripes for the repeat pattern. REMEMBER TO DRAW VERY LIGHTLY. The pencil lines should not become part of the design. 6 –CREATE A DIFFERENT LOOK FOR THE SECOND HALF 4 Colors must change, 1 stays the same. On right side of paper indicate the new set of colors, numbered 1-5

22 USING COLOR THOUGHTFULLY What is the mood you are trying to create? Do you want to emphasize one color? Are the colors showing contrast or are they closely related (analagous)? Does the design have a calming or peaceful effect or is it loud or lively? Do you want the design motif to stand out or do you want it to be subtle?

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