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Famous Crests and Coats of Arms From “Real Life” and Literature.

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1 Famous Crests and Coats of Arms From “Real Life” and Literature







8 The Language of Heraldry

9 Heraldic Colors Yellow or Gold – Generosity White or Silver - Peace & Sincerity Black - Constancy (& sometimes Grief) Blue - Loyalty & Truthfulness Red - Military Fortitude & Magnanimity Green - Hope, Joy & sometimes Loyalty Purple - Royal Majesty, Sovereignty & Justice

10 Heraldic Animals Bear— Protectiveness Bee— Industriousness Camel— Perseverance Dog—LoyaltyDouble Eagle or Eagle—Leadership Dragon—Defender of Treasure Falcon or Hawk— Eagerness Fox—ClevernessGriffin (part eagle, part lion)—Bravery Horse—Readiness to Serve Lion—CouragePelican—Generosity and Devotion Raven—ConstancySnake—AmbitionStag, Elk, or Deer— Peace and Harmony Tiger—Fierceness and Valor Unicorn—Extreme Courage Wolf—Constant Vigilance

11 Heraldic Symbols Axe – DutifulBridge – signifies a governor or magistrate Crescent – Enlightenment Crosses – Christian sentiments Crown – AuthorityFire – ZealFlaming Heart – Passion Fleur-de-lys (stylized Iris flower) – Purity Hand – Faith, Sincerity & Justice Heart – SincerityHorns & Antlers – Fortitude Lightning – Decisiveness Moon – SerenityOyster Shell – Traveler Ring – FidelityScepter – Justice Star – NobilitySun—GlorySword—WarlikeTower or Castle— Fortitude and Protectiveness

12 Common Design Features Chief - broad stripe across top of shield Fess - broad horizontal stripe through center Pale - broad vertical stripe through center Bend - a diagonal stripe Chevron - an upside-down "V“ Passant - an animal shown walking Rampant - an animal standing on hind legs



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