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2 Connecting the CAWIV console to POS systems. PetroVend - Holiday Companies –(Requires a Serial Cable only) GasBoy - Tesoro, Holiday Oil –(Requires a $500 Kit to connect) Schlumberger - Coastal –(Requires a Serial Cable only) AutoGas - Not Yet Other POS Suppliers? POS

3 Connecting the CAWIV console to POS systems. All require: Code-A-Wash IV Program 19574-006 Rev. H or later.

4 Code - A - Wash IV

5 CAWIV New Features Alternate POS system –Allows the CAWIV to be connected to virtually any POS system. (With Carwash Interface) Enhanced Network Diagnostics –CAWIV console interrogates the network nodes for reliability and annunciates problems with the network.

6 CAWIV New Features (cont.) AMTT Credit Card Support –The POS protocol in the console has been enhanced to handle credit card transactions through the POS system. A CD-Rom Windows® Test tool and a revised protocol has been distributed to all POS manufacturers for writing credit card operations into the POS terminal.

7 CAWIV New Features (cont.) We need to push POS manufacturers to implement this protocol into their systems ASAP. New error and event log. –Can now track what the console is seeing and doing by using this new diagnostic feature.

8 CAWIV New Features (cont.) Multiple currencies –Console can now print tickets showing prices in multiple currencies. Print multiple copies of wash tickets. Supports the new AMTT Attendant option. –Provides reports and tracking of sales – made by an attendant at the AMTT – for tunnel applications.

9 CREDIT CARDS Field Test Results Customer ergonomics are critical –(Must use clear and non-confusing signage.) Locking Smart Card/Mag stripe card reader adds additional confusion for users. WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED?

10 CREDIT CARDS Field Test Results (cont.) Some customers tried to insert a credit card into the printer paper slot. Some customers insert the card backwards or upside down. (Note: This is a common problem that customers also have with the gas pumps.) Most customers eventually figure it out and insert the card correctly.

11 CREDIT CARDS Field Test Results (cont.) Locking Mechanism for the Smart Card will cause some customers to try and pull the card out even though the screen and audio messages ask them to wait. Some customers try to bend the card to the side when removing the card from the mechanism. This can cause a misread of the card data at times.

12 CREDIT CARDS Card Mechanism Types Credit Card reader only. (Mag Stripe) –This is the same type of reader as used in the gas pump.

13 CREDIT CARDS Card Mechanism Types Credit Card reader (Transport Type) –Similar to the units used in ATM machines. Card goes inside the mechanism and is read inside the unit. This unit is capable of writing on mag stripe cards also.

14 CREDIT CARDS Card Mechanism Types Combination reader –This mechanism contains a mag stripe reader and a Smart Card reader and writer. –(AMTT Current production at this time)

15 Credit Card Authorization System

16 CREDIT CARD Authorization System The authorization system is a small box that fits inside the AMTT coinbox. This box requires a phone line that can dial out and can be dialed into. It does not need to be a dedicated line, but a dedicated line is preferred. A printer is highly recommended to provide a receipt for the customer.

17 CREDIT CARD Authorization System (cont.) Credit cards can be individually authorized, or may be batch processed at midnight or when the transaction buffer becomes full. System provides a bad card database of up to 50 bad cards per site. For sites with more than one AMTT, AMTTs can be linked together to only one authorization system and phone line.

18 CREDIT CARD Authorization System (cont.) Owner needs to fill out an application for the credit card services and an application for the bank clearing house. NOTE: Approval can take up to 4 weeks, so this must be done ASAP! CommStarAPPLICATIONBankAPPLICATION

19 CREDIT CARD Authorization System (cont.) After the application is approved, the service person must call the service provider with the phone number of the AMTT coinbox. (Must make an appointment beforehand with the provider) The service provider will then call the coinbox and set the system up properly. The system will be diagnosed and tested at that time. The system is ready for use now.

20 CREDIT CARD Authorization System COSTS Both the system provider and the banks charge fees for their services. The fees break down as follows:

21 The additional cost of a phone line if a dedicated line is used, or the cost of a communications sharing device. The bank processor charges $25.00 to set up the account. The system provider does not have a set up charge at this time. COSTS

22 The system provider charges $.10 per transaction. The bank processor charges $.20 per transaction and $10.00 per month with a min. monthly total charge of $25.00 Visa and MasterCharge charge an additional 1.75% of the charged total. American Express charges an additional 3.25% of the charged total.

23 COST SUMMARY A $6.00 wash purchased with a VISA/ MC card costs the site owner $.41 on average. A $6.00 wash purchased with an American Express card costs the site owner $.50 on average.

24 AMTT Coinbox The Wash Club Card Programming Console is available for sale. Order PN 23297-000

25 AMTT Coinbox Acceptance of new $5 and $10 Bills New coinboxes will have bill acceptors capable of handling the new bills by 7/15/00. A retrokit will be available to upgrade bill acceptors to take the new bills by 7/15/00.

26 AMTT Coinbox A new $1 coin mechanism will be added to the AMTT in the near future when the coins are more readily in circulation. The AMTT can give the $1 coin as change NOW by simply using it and changing a setup question in the AMTT. A new coin mechanism which will accept quarters and the new $1 coin will be available soon. Acceptance of new Golden Dollar Coin and giving it out as Change.

27 AMTT Coinbox-- New Features Able to print/ display reports. –Shift –Manager –Lifetime Totals –Coinbox Totals –Setups –Wash Club Card Receipt –Attendant Option Reports

28 AMTT Coinbox-- New Features Lowered the level of change required in the change hopper for proper operation. Improved LCD screen contrast control. Enhanced network diagnostics and error handling.

29 Multiple Upgrade Coinbox We thought that we had this new feature included in current production Multiple Upgrade Coinboxes, but due to a software problem in the units by the bill acceptor manufacturer, current manufacturing units will not take the new $5 bill properly. Acceptance of the new 5 Dollar Bill.

30 Multiple Upgrade Coinbox We are currently working with the bill acceptor manufacturer to get the proper software in all in house acceptors. We are also getting retrokit parts from the manufacturer to update units in the field. Everything should be in place in the next few weeks. Acceptance of the new 5 Dollar Bill.

31 Multiple Upgrade Coinbox The acceptance of the new $1 coin by the Multiple Upgrade Coinbox will be added later this year when the coins are more readily in circulation. Acceptance of new Golden Dollar Coin.

32 STEP TOKENS Ryko cannot get step tokens from the mint. –This has to do with a quality control issue. Therefore, both the small and the large step tokens are obsolete at this time. All coinbox assemblies which use step tokens are obsolete at this time All future orders for tokens or coinboxes must use flat tokens.

33 STEP TOKENS Customers should be directed to use what tokens they have, go to a code system, or convert their coinboxes to flat tokens. Step tokens can be ordered until Ryko’s current inventory of step tokens is exhausted. (not many left at this time)



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