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Brook Trout Bottom fins (pectoral, anal, pelvic ) have white margins Spots on side merge along top and appear worm like Slight notch in the tail fin.

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1 Brook Trout Bottom fins (pectoral, anal, pelvic ) have white margins Spots on side merge along top and appear worm like Slight notch in the tail fin

2 Brown Trout Brown in color Red or gray – yellow spots surrounded by a white halo Spotted adipose fin

3 Rainbow Trout Rainbow color characteristic on the sides Black spots on the body and fins

4 Rio Grande cutthroat trout Red slash marks below the jaw. Large black irregular spots on tail and upper 2/3rds of the body

5 Gila Trout Gold / Copper Color Black spots on upper half of the body and on the dorsal and caudal fins Dark splotches along center line

6 Channel catfish Deep forked tail, upper jaw projects beyond bottom jaw Dark spots on body, white belly

7 Flathead catfish Flat head, lower jaw projects beyond upper jaw. Pale yellow belly, mottled color. Rounded caudal fin

8 Yellow bullhead catfish Lower body has yellow color. The anal fin is rounded, fins are dusky brown and the head is depressed.

9 Smallmouth bass Yellow-green with vertical bands Jaw hinge slightly forward of the eye

10 Largemouth Bass Usually dark green, dark splotches form a horizontal line. Dorsal fin almost divided. Upper jaw reaches behind rear margin of the eye

11 Striped bass Olive green back, white belly with dark horizontal stripes. Doral fin is separated

12 Bluegill The gill fringe is blue in color, with a black patch on the back of the gill. It has five dark vertical bars on the sides. Body tends to be orange in color.

13 Crappie Eyes locate near the top of the head. Dark flecking on the body.

14 Crayfish Hard segmented exoskeleton. May be brown, yellow or green I pair of antennae and one pair of pinchers.

15 Kokanee Salmon Bright silver on the sides. As they mature the female has a blue /green color and the male turns red with a hooked jaw.

16 Walleye The light reflects light, giving it the shiny glossy appearance. White belly with a yellow/olive colored body. Usually has five dark saddles on the back

17 Carp Small eyes, has thick lips with a barbel at the corner of its mouth. The carp has very large scales.

18 Sucker Elongated head with the small mouth adapted for bottom feeding. Heavily scaled and a tinge of red or pink on its sides

19 Northern Pike Olive green body with elongated white spots. Single dorsal fin and has a white underline, teeth are very evident.

20 Longnose Gar Extremely long nose with numerous teeth. Long cylindrical body with a white underline. The dorsal fin is located almost in front of the tail fin.

21 Canada goose Large brown goose Long black neck White Chin strap

22 Snow Goose White goose, black on the tips of the primary wing feathers.

23 Mallard - Male Green head, yellow bill, white ring on neck, gray back, blue wing speculum.

24 Mallard - Female Orange bill with a black central patch. Dark cap and eye line. Mottle brown with a blue wing speculum.

25 Pintail - Male Long pointed tail, blue – gray bill with a black stripe down the middle. White stripe on the back of then neck. Green wing speculum.

26 Pintail - Female Bluish bill, yellow brown in color, pale green wing speculum

27 Shoveler - Male Pronounced bill. Dark green head, white breast. Light blue shoulder patch, black – green speculums

28 Shoveler - female Gray – brown buff in color, light blue shoulder patch, black-green speculum Pronounced bill

29 Gadwall - Male Grayish color, white patch on back of wing edge, black rump. Folded wings appear to have red/brown stripes

30 Gadwall - Female Mottled brown color, white patch on wing edge.

31 Wigeon - Male Brown body with a white abdomen, green on the back of the head. Pale yellow to white fore head. Pin/gray breast, green speculum. Blue Bill

32 Wigeon - female Brown mottled body with a green wing speculum. Blue bill

33 Wood Duck - Male Very colorful, body may be green, purple, burgundy. Green crested head and a white throat. Long square tail.

34 Wood Duck - Female Brown to gray in color, white patches around the eyes. Crested head.

35 Green-winged teal Male Cinnamon colored head with a green wing patch. White stripe down the side between the wing and breast. It has a black bill and feet and legs.

36 Green-winged, Female The female has a light brown head and neck with a whitish throat, green patches on the wing.

37 Cinnamon teal - Male Cinnamon colored head and body. Long dark bill, red eyes. Spatulate bill.

38 Cinnamon teal - Female Brown eye, pale head

39 Blue –winged teal, male The male has a blue gray head, a white curved stripe between the bill and the eye. Speckled pink and gray body.

40 Blue-winged teal, female Speckled black, white and brown body. The bill is black and blue

41 Canvasback, male Red head, long black bill, sloping forehead. Black chest with grey-white body.

42 Canvasback - female Lighter colored head than the male. Long bill and sloping fore head are evident.

43 Lesser scaup - male Dark green metallic head, speckled back, white side. Blue bill with a black nail tip.

44 Lesser scaup - female Blue bill, black nail at tip, white band at the base of the bill, dark body.

45 Ring-necked duck - male Dark head, very dark purple ring seen on the neck. Upper body and rear are black. Bill is blue/grey, white bordered with a black tip.

46 Ring-necked duck - female Bill is blue grey, white bordered with a black tip. Tan sides, brown back and white belly.

47 Common merganser - male Green-black head, white flanks, breast and belly. Long red, pointed, serrated bill. Dark back, white flanks, breast and belly.

48 Common merganser - female Long orange serrated bill. Brown head, grey back and grey/white body

49 Hooded Merganser - male Yellow eye, black head and back, large white patch in the center of the crest.

50 Hooded merganser - female Brown eye, gray brown head and body, faint red tinge to the crest, white belly.

51 Common goldeneye - male Dark metallic head, yellow eye, gently sloped forehead, small black bill. White patch in front of the eye.

52 Common goldeneye - female Reddish brown head, gray body and goldeneye.

53 Bufflehead - male Front of the head and the top half of the body are black. The lower half of the body is white. White bar from the eye to the back of the head.

54 Bufflehead - female Sooty Grey body, white spot behind the eye.

55 Redhead Male Red head, short blue bill, grey back and middle. Female has a brown head and light brown body

56 Coot Duck like aquatic bird. Gray body, black head, white pointed bill. Partially webbed feet.

57 Ruddy Duck

58 Whooping Crane White in color with black wing tips. Red Fore head and cheeks

59 Sandhill Crane Gray bird up to 60” tall. Has a red crown, long pointed bill, whitish cheeks.

60 Great Blue Heron Long legged gray bird which may be four feet tall. White head with a dark crest. Long feathers on the lower neck.

61 Least Tern The top of the head and neck are black, the forehead is white. It has an orange bill with a black tip.

62 Pied-billed-grebe Small stocky body. Short thick banded bill. Brown in color, darker on the back and head. White under tail coverts, feet set far back on the body.

63 Red – Tailed Hawk Broad tailed hawk. Top side of tail feathers are red. Black spots across the middle of the breast.

64 Cooper’s hawk The Beak is short with a rounded tip. The wings are short, broad and rounded. Long tail that is rounded on the tip and has black stripes.

65 Sharp shinned hawk Short broad wings. The tail has black bands and is squared off. Adults have a dark crown.

66 Swainson’s hawk There are two color phases. Light=immature Dark = mature. Brown feathers on head and neck resemble a hood. It has a speckled breast.

67 Barn owl The barn owl has a heart shaped white face with a brown outline. White breast and multi colored back

68 Western screech owl The western screech own has a small squat body. The iris of the eye is very bright yellow. The ear tufts can be raised when the owl fluffs its plumage. The body varies from gray to red in color.

69 Golden Eagle Dark brown body with golden colored feathers on the head of mature birds. The cere and feet are yellow. Feathers on the shanks, but not on the feet.

70 Bald Eagle Black body with white feathers on the head and tail. There are no feathers on the shanks or the feet

71 Peregrine Falcon Black mustache mark below the eye, spotted breast and legs. Narrow tail.

72 Great horned owl Large gray bodied owl with tufts of feathers on its heads that appear to be horns. Feathers on the shanks and feet

73 Burrowing Owl Small owl, somewhat round and puffy looking. No feathers on the shanks or feet.

74 Turkey Vulture Black body. Red head bare of feathers. Yellow feet.

75 Merriam’s turkey Small blue head, red neck. Body has metallic appearing reflective feathers. Buff colored bands of color on the tail feathers.

76 Rio Grande turkey Small blue head with a red neck. Longer legs than other breeds of wild turkeys. The body appears to be somewhat copper colored

77 Prairie Chicken Small Chicken like bird, short square tail. The male has orange/ yellow air sacs and eyebrows.

78 Scaled Quail Scale like feathers on the breast and abdomen. Gray brown head, blue about the head and neck

79 Gambel’s quail Plume like feather on the top of the head of both male and female. Males have a red crest, while the female crest is brown.

80 Bobwhite Quail Males have a white throat and eye line with a black eye bar. The lower breast is black and white mottled color. The female eye bare and throat are buff colored.

81 Mearn’s Quail Harlequin marked face, large eyes, heavily spotted sides

82 Ring-necked pheasant The male head is iridescent blue, green or purple. He has a white collar, red skin on the cheek. Long brown tail. The female is brown mottled color.

83 Blue grouse Dark in color with faint white mottling on back and under wings. Yellow to purple air sac on males. Yellow to orange comb over the eye

84 Band-tailed pigeon Blue grey body with white and grey to black bands of color on the tail.

85 Mourning dove Brown head and body, blue grey wings with black spots, long pointed tail.

86 White-winged dove Light blue-grey body, short blunt tail, white evident on the wings.

87 White-tailed ptarmigan White outer tail feathers, red comb, mottled brown in summer, white on wings and belly, entirely white in winter.

88 Black Bear Smallest North American bear. Short stocky bear, thick legs, small ears. Color may be black, blonde, cinnamon.

89 Bison Some what beef like in appearance. Large heavy fronted mammal. Large crest, very dark, hairy face, curved upright horns.

90 Grizzly Bear Very large bear that may be blonde, brown or black in color. Large hump on shoulders, large round head.

91 Moose Largest of the deer family. Long legged with dark fur. Large droopy nose with dewlap hanging from the chin. Large palmate antlers.

92 Mountain Goat Thick fluffy white hair. Black horns 6-10” in length.

93 Pronghorn Antelope Tan on the upper half of the body and white on the bottom, white rump, black horns, neck is dark with a white stripe.

94 Mule Deer Brown coat, large ears, dark patch on the forehead. White rump the tail is white with a black tip. Antlers grow up and the main beam forks.

95 White-tailed deer Brown body with a white underside. The underside of the tail is white, there is white ring on the nose and white on the throat. Antlers curve forward over the face.

96 Elk Tan colored body, dark legs and neck. Cream colored rump with a short tail.

97 Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep Brown body, white on the eye patch, rump, muzzle, belly and back of legs. Massive horns spiral back from the top of the head. Both sexes have horns.

98 Desert bighorn sheep Same color as the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep but not as stocky. The horns are flatter and spread wider from the head

99 Javelina Small pig like animal ( 12-16” tall). Very coarse black and white speckled hair, white band around the shoulders.

100 Oryx Both sexes have black spear like horns. Black markings on a white face, fawn colored body.

101 Ibex Goat like animal. Males have a beard, both sexes have horns. Males horns are long and semi circular, female horns are much shorter than the male

102 Barbary Sheep Brown body, long mane hangs from the throat, chest and upper fore legs. Both sexes have wrinkled horns that bend out and then back.

103 Gray fox Salt and pepper coat, the underline and neck are buff/orange in color. There is a black stripe from the rump to

104 Swift fox The smallest of all foxes it has very large ears. The coat is salt and pepper color, the underline is buff/orange and white. There is a black tip on the tail.

105 Red Fox Reddish brown fur. White underline and a white tip on the tail.

106 Gray wolf Very large, 2-2.5 feet tall and 4-5 feet in length. Color will vary from gray, white red to black. More massive and sturdy in structure than a coyote.

107 Coyote The coyote is dog like with a round bushy tail. Very coarse hair that varies in color, mostly gray but can be brown, black, rust colored.

108 Bobcat The bobcat has a short tail, tawny gray body with black spots. Broad cheek ruff, small tufts of black hair on the ends of the ears.

109 Mountain Lion Tawny color above, buff underline, small round ears, long black tipped tail.

110 Jaguar May be black or have yellow/brown fur with dark rosette markings. The lower tail will have black rings.

111 Raccoon Brown body, black mask around the eyes, 4-6 orange and black rings on the tail.

112 Ringtail

113 Coatimundi Brown body, long tail with alternating dark brown and light brown stripes

114 Ringtail Slender cat like body, long tail with alternating black and white rings. Large ears with white rings around its eyes

115 Badger Broad squat body, white stripe from the nose over the head to the shoulders. White stripe between the eye and ear.

116 Stripped Skunk Black head and body. White stripe between the eyes. White stripe on each side from the top of the head to the tail

117 Spotted Skunk Smaller than a striped skunk, has spots rather than stripes the length of the body.

118 Hognose Skunk Top of head back and tail are white while the lower portion of the body is black. It has a large blunt pig like nose.

119 Beaver Large soft furred rodent. It has a large flat scaly tail, two large front teeth, short ears and webbed hind feet.

120 Muskrat Brown in color, it has a long scaly tail that is flat from side to side, pale color below the throat.

121 Norway rat Will have brown to black fur. Ears and tail are bald. The length of tail is shorter than the length of body.

122 Black rat The black rat is brown to gray in color. It has coarse fur. Sparse hair on the tail. The tail is also scaly. The length of the tail is longer than the length of head and body.

123 Deer mouse Approximately 8” in length including the tail. Tan or brown in color with a white belly and throat. Large round hairless ears.

124 Nutria A rodent nearly as large as a beaver, it has a long scaly rat like tail. It has webbed feet, orange incisors and a white chin.

125 Mexican vole A small brown short tailed mouse.

126 Yellowbelly marmot A heavy bodied rodent with gray brown fur. Yellow patches on the neck, front legs and rear legs. White bar on the nose and lips.

127 Porcupine Quill bearing rodent.

128 Jackrabbit Dark buff color speckled with black. It has large ears and long legs.

129 Cottontail rabbit Small brown rabbit with black and white speckles, white tail like ball of cotton short ears.

130 Black-footed ferret Long weasel like body. It has black mask around the eyes, black legs.

131 Long-tailed weasel Long slender brown body, bushy tail, yellow/white belly and neck, pure white in the winter.

132 Prairie Dog Robust small rodent with a fat round body. Brown with a light colored belly. Short legs.

133 Pocket gopher Dark brown upper body with a light brown underline. Total length of 5 ½” to 9”. Hairless tail and ears. Large stout front legs

134 Kangaroo Rat A rat that resembles a miniature kangaroo. Very large hind legs and feet, long tail and large dark eye.

135 Mole Moles have a cylindrical fur covered body with small or covered eyes, ears are not visible. They have large fleshy feet and snout

136 Armadillo Easily recognized by it outer shell which is made of bone. Long ant eater like nose and short powerful legs.

137 Opossum Grey to black in color. The opossum has a pink nose, tail and feet. The nose is long an pointed and the ears are often black in color.

138 Chipmunk Yellow grey in color with black and white stripes from the nose to tail.

139 Rock Squirrel Mottle coat grey/brown in the front, brown behind, buff/white underline. Long bushy variegated tail.

140 Fox squirrel The fox squirrel has a brown/gray body with a red underline, cheeks and a red black speckled tail.

141 Gray Squirrel The upper body is gray in color, underline and bottom of the tail are white. Black tufts of hair on the tips of the ears.

142 Red Squirrel Reddish gray in color, white underline, large bushy tail.

143 Tassel-eared squirrel Cylindrical body with grey fur on the upper body and a white underline. The ears are long and broad with tufts of hair on the ends

144 Bat

145 Desert Box Turtle Black to red/brown shell, yellow lines radiate from the center.

146 Common snapping turtle The color varies from tan to brown and olive color. The skin on top is brown and the skin on the bottom is yellow/cream. It has a large head with two barbels on the chin. Five clawed toes on each foot.

147 Alligator snapping turtle Alligator snapping turtles have a beak like jaw, ridged shell and spikes on the tail and neck. Mean disposition, like an Ag. teacher on the last day of the fair.

148 Horned lizard Flat toad like bodies, they have a row of sharp points on the head.

149 Collared Lizard Very prominent black bands behind the head. Green body with white, yellow or red speckling.

150 Whiptail lizard The whiptail has a long slender body with a pointed snout and a long tail. The color may be brown, tan or olive with stripes or spots of yellow or white.

151 Salamander Salamanders are found in a variety of colors. They resemble a lizard with a wet waxy appearance.

152 Gila Monster A thick bodied lizard with black, yellow, pink splotches of color. The body has a bead like texture.

153 Skink The color will vary from blue, to gray to beige. They appear to have diagonal lines of scales and a thick tail.

154 Bullsnake Heavy bodied snake, grows 3-5’ in length. Light brown in color with dark brown or black splotches, may have a yellow underline.

155 Diamondback Rattlesnake Triangular head with a pit between the eyes, diamond pattern along the top and rattles are present.

156 Coral Snake Recognized by the alternate bands of color. Red and black band s are wide while the white or yellow bands are narrow.

157 Garter Snake The garter snake has three stripes down its back. The stripes may be white or yellow.

158 Ringneck snake The body color will vary from blue grey to tan or black. It has a flat, black head with a light white ring behind the head.

159 Coachwhip Very long slender snake. The head will be darker than the rest of the body. Generally tan or cream colored.

160 Western prairie rattlesnake Body color may vary form cream, yellow, brown or green. One row of dark blotches on the back. Two rows of small blotches on each side

161 Blacktailed rattlesnake The body may be green, yellow or gray. Thick bodied and have dark irregular blotches on the back, blotches have light center. The nose and tail are black.

162 Mojave rattlesnake The color will vary with terrain, mainly green or yellow. Diamond shape pattern diminishes toward the tail. Offset stripe pattern is different from the diamond back.

163 Bullfrog Dorsal color is usually green but may vary to brown. The sides and belly are usually yellow or white.

164 Treefrog Usually bright green in color. The white underline is separated by black spots.

165 Jay Quite often blue in color but that may vary to brown and almost black. Can recognized by the large crest.

166 Robin Brown to black top line with a red breast and yellow beak. The female will have a reddish brown breast.

167 Red-winged blackbird Black bird with a red or yellow wing bar.

168 Roadrunner Black grey speckled body with a white underline. Feathers stand vertically on top of the head. Tail feathers a black metallic in color.

169 Hummingbird Small bird with a very long beak. Brightly colored metallic feathers.

170 Brown Thrasher Brown back with a white breast. Brown streaks on the breast. It has a yellow eye and a long slender bill. It’s face is gray

171 Crow Totally black in color, heavy thick beak.

172 House sparrow The back is brown with black streaking, the breast and belly are gray. The neck and cheek are white. A short stout bird.

173 House finch The male has a bright red head neck and upper breast. In the female those areas are brown. The top of the rump is also red. It has a short convex bill.

174 Magpie Resembles a crow in body shape. The wing speculum and lower breast are white.

175 Cardinal Red body and crest. The wings are gray brown. Black face with an orange bill.

176 House Wren Grayish brown upper body, with a pale breast and lower body. A white eye brow is visible as are jagged bars of color on the wings.

177 Chickadee Black cap (crest) and throat, with white cheeks. Gray back and brown breast. Gray and white striped wings.

178 Eastern bluebird Bright blue back and head. The upper breast is orange and the lower breast is white Primary wing tips are black.

179 Mountain bluebird Bright blue back and head. Upper breast is blue and fades into white on the lower breast

180 Purple martin Glossy dark purple feathers. Some brown streaking on the breast and tail.

181 Ruby-throated hummingbird

182 European starling Black with yellow bill. The feathers have green/purple iridescence. White spots are scattered on the body. The wings and tail are black in color.

183 Nighthawk Mottled gray brown body with gray tail feathers. Orange on the cheek and around the eye. White stripes on the wings

184 Nuthatch Black stripe down the top of the head. Cheeks and upper breast are white. Back wings and tail are blue gray in color.

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