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golf driving range next to the Children’s Park in Leseding.

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4 golf driving range next to the Children’s Park in Leseding

5 teaching young people leadership & life skills through the game of golf

6 the 1 st organic African 9-hole Par 3 golf course on wasteland

7 - precious fresh water resources - irrigation loosing 70% of water to evaporation NO: YES: -100% naturally recycled wastewater - irrigation at night

8 “….the way golf courses should be built and the way golf should be played….” Tiger Woods at the British Open 2006


10 a new concept in golf restoring wasteland no chemicals 40% less water increasing the water table creating an eco- township tourist destination

11 Organic Restaurant

12 greening next to the school feeding and teaching our children to grow and eat healthy food creating an Environmental and IT centre






18 To produce Carbon Fuel with a Community Biomass Reactor for heating & cooking using grass, invader bush, saw mill waste, sewage sludge and other organic waste Benefits to the Community: Job creation with low investment cost of R10,000/job (SA national average is about R50,000 ) Community receives dividends Increased economic activity as money multiplies within the community

19 Sustainable Low-Cost Housing Mbekweni and Institute of Sustainability – The Cape Local Materials Local Labour Rainwater Harvesting Solar Energy Waste Recycling

20 The Waterberg Biosphere – an international tourist destination

21 Luxury Lodges in Private Game Reserves

22 Wilderness - “Big 5” animals

23 and a round of golf in Leseding

24 Bridging the gap between 1 st and 2 nd economy in an African township

25 The Khutšo™ Foundation Tel Fax: 014 755 3724 Thank You

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