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ENGLISH GRAMMAR Prepared by: R.Rajendran.M.A.,M.Sc.,M.Ed.,

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1 ENGLISH GRAMMAR Prepared by: R.Rajendran.M.A.,M.Sc.,M.Ed.,
Headmaster (IC) K.C.Sankaralinga nadar, Chennai-21.

2 Sentence pattern

3 Identify the sentence pattern.
Sita reads S V He saw a tiger S V O Kamal is intelligent S V C My father bought me a car S V IO DO

4 She posted a letter S V O Ajit sings a song S V O Meena is a pilot S V C

5 My mother bought me some fruits
S V IO DO The tiger was running S V The parents named her Priya S V O C She drinks coffee often S V O A

6 We know the answers already
S V O A We have visited the zoo S V O All the boys in the class went S V The plants are growing S V

7 The sun has risen S V Sita sings Hindi songs well S V O C Tigers are ferocious S V C North Indians eat chapatti every day S V O A

8 The government appointed him
S V O He goes to the farm everyday S V A In 1998, we were the winners A S V C Some students read during holiday S V A

9 Identify sentence pattern
My uncle presented me a watch Dogs park Kamala is a dancer The people elected him the leader She drinks coffee every morning They were singing a song Nancy reads news paper every day Words worth admired nature S+V+IO+DO S+V S+V+C S+V+IO+DO S+V+O+A S+V+O S+V+O+A S+V+O

10 Identify Sentence Pattern
The judge declared him innocent We gave him a dinner Floods cause destruction Trees give us fruits Murali is tall The captured soldiers were released I gave her a present He put the book on the table The baby is drinking milk S+V+O+C S+V+IO+DO S+V+O S+V+IO+DO S+V+C S+V S+V+IO+DO S+V+O+A S+V+O

11 Identify the Sentence Pattern
My mother bought me some fruits The master called the servant a fool God loves the poor Mullah was humble My father asked me a question My father is an engineer My mother bought me a pair of bangles The milk turned sour S+V+IO+DO S+V+O+C S+V+O S+V+C S+V+IO+DO S+V+C S+V+IO+DO S+V+C


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