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Michaela Bartóková Seahorse.

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1 Michaela Bartóková Seahorse

2 Seahorse Seahorses can be found in warm shallow tropical seas.
They are bony fish without scales. Their body covers only a thin skin that can change colour to camouflage with their surroundings.

3 What do they eat? Seahorses favorite food are small shrimps and small crustaceans floating in the water or crawling on the bottom. They hunt food with excellent camouflage and a lot of patience. Some seahorses have been observed eating other kinds of larval fish.

4 Reproduction Seahorses have a lifetime partner.
Females give mature eggs to the male, they stores them in „bag“, where they grow two or three weeks. During this time the female visits the male every morning. The male gives the birth 1 to 2000 small seahorses.

5 Tiger shark

6 Tiger Shark The tiger shark is known as sea tiger, tiger shark is large, he might be long over 5 metres. It lives in many tropical waters, and especially around central Pacific islands (Hawai). Its name derives from the dark stripes down its body which remind a tiger's pattern.

7 What do they eat? The tiger shark is a predator and is known for eating anything, even dolphins and turtles. Young tiger sharks are found to eat small fish and small jellyfish, cephalopods. Because of the risk of shark attacks, dolphins do not stay in the same region as the tiger sharks.

8 Sharks and Human Tiger shark has a very good eyesight and smell.
This shark attacks people the most. 12 % attacks on divers is by tiger shark.

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