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Word File Sentences Patterns Expansion Writing Practice.

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2 Word File Sentences Patterns Expansion Writing Practice

3 I. sayings about “love” ‧ Love is blind. 愛是盲目的。 ‧ Love me, love my dog. 愛屋及烏。 ‧ Love thy neighbor as thyself. 愛鄰如己。 ‧ Love is without reason. 愛情是沒有什麼道理的。

4 I. sayings about “love” ‧ Where there is love in the heart, there is joy in the home. 心中有愛,家庭和樂。 ‧ It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. 愛過卻失去所愛勝於從未愛過。

5 II. gender suffixes Male: -er/-or Female: -ess waiter 侍者 waitress 女侍者 author 作家 authoress 女作家 actor 演員 actress 女演員 tiger 老虎 tigress 母老虎 mayor 市長 mayoress 女市長, 市長夫人 Back

6 Expansion I. Pay It ForwardPay It Forward II. More About Kind ActsMore About Kind Acts

7 I. Pay It Forward To make the world a better place to live, your class gets a plan called “Pay It Forward.” In the plan, every receiver of a kind act should repay the kindness by doing 2 kind acts for 2 other persons. Each time an act of kindness is performed, write it on a strip of paper.

8 Form the pieces of the paper into a circle. Put different circles together as shown below. After a week, check how long your chain of love is and you can share your feelings about the plan with one another.

9 II. More About Kind Acts You are going to hear a conversation between Linda and Danny. Listen carefully. Then, indicate “T” (True) or “F” (False) for the following statements.

10 T F □ □ 1. Danny was helping the earthquake victims. □ □ 2. The Red Cross helped Danny's family after a severe earthquake. □ □ 3. Danny works full-time for the Red Cross. □ □ 4. The Red Cross provided food and medical help for the flood victims. □ □ 5. Linda didn't do anything to help the flood victims. Back

11 Defining a Term

12 A definition is any writing that tries to give and pin down the meaning of a word. Definitions are usually necessary, especially when the word is either unclear, technical, or its meaning is in dispute. In defining a word, you may use one or a combination of the following strategies:

13 1. Use a synonym: To use a familiar synonym or a phrase to clarify an unfamiliar word. Example: Kelly is in love with Jeff, but she does not know how to let him know her affection toward him. 2. Give a formal definition: State what class the word belongs to and then show the features that differentiate it from other words in its class.

14 Example: 1. Love is a feeling of intense desire and word class feature affection toward a person. 2. For the French, friendship is a one-to- word class one relationship [that demands feature awareness of the other person’s intellect, temperament...].

15 3. Give the origin of the word: Tell what the word originally meant. Example: The verb “love” comes from the Latin word “lubEre,” meaning “to please.”

16 Exercise A: Read the following sentences. Indicate the strategies of definition used in them by putting S (Use a synonym or a clarifying phrase), F (Give a formal definition), or O (Give the origin of the word) in the blanks. ______ 1. Art is a creation that lifts the human spirit. ______ 2. A silly man is a person who has or shows a lack of good sense and judgment. F F

17 ______ 3. Something that is confidential is meant to be kept secret or private and should not be discussed with other people. ______ 4. Enthusiasm comes from the Greek word meaning “God within.” And what is “God within” is but a sense of love—proper love of self and, from that, love of others. ______ 5. Measles is a disease characterized by red spots on the skin. O F S

18 Exercise B: Define the following terms with the given words. Use one of the strategies mentioned above. 1. Chicago (city/Illinois) _______________________________________ 2. anxiety (feeling/nervousness/worry/something/somebody)_______________________________________ Chicago is a city in Illinois. Anxiety is a feeling of nervousness or worry about something or somebody.

19 3. preparation (mean/more or less the same as/arrangement) ______________________________________ 4. acquaintance (person/you/know/through/work /but/may not /friend /yours) _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Preparation means more or less the same as arrangement. An acquaintance is a person whom you know through work, but who may not be a friend of yours.

20 5. friendship (personal relationship/between/two /be based on/fondness/trust) ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ Friendship means/is a personal relationship between two people which is based on fondness and trust.

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