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Last updated 07/18/14. Andy Wyss Department Chair Webb 1112 Susannah Porter Graduate Advisor/Vice-Chair Webb 1117.

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1 last updated 07/18/14

2 Andy Wyss Department Chair Webb 1112 Susannah Porter Graduate Advisor/Vice-Chair Webb 1117

3 Kate Lima Department Manager (MSO) Webb 1006 (Main Office) Vivian Stopple Office Manager Webb 1006 (Main Office)

4 Hannah Smit Graduate Program Assistant Webb 1006 (Main Office) Loren Fentroy Undergraduate Advisor Webb 1006 (Main Office)

5 Patricia Machuca Financial Manager Webb 1006 (Main Office) Yvette Howze Financial Assistant Webb 1006 (Main Office)

6 Dave Robbins System & Network Manager Webb 1031 (Mac Lab) Howard Berg Sr. Development Engineer Cloud Lab 1117

7 Gareth Seward Sr. Development Engineer Cloud Lab 1120 Andrew Kylander-Clark Assoc. Development Engineer MSI 1008-1010

8 Chris Livsey Principal Lab Mechanician Webb 1054 Tim Cuellar Field Equipment Manager Webb 1054

9  Activate UCSBnetID & Umail account.  Update address info (with local address) on GOLD.  Sign-up for Direct Deposit (online) and e-refund (on GOLD).  Attend ALL mandatory new student orientations/training.  For out-of-state students, establish California residency. Get a CA drivers license, register your car in CA, have your bills sent to your local address.  Get an Access/student ID card at the Info desk in UCen.  Get an office key, Grad Master key, FOB key, class copy code & your copy code.  Get settled in your office, check your dept mailbox.

10  You must be registered for 12 units every quarter.  EARTH 201A, EARTH 260 & other courses your placement committee recommends.  Fees are automatically assessed each quarter. Fees are paid once your appointment is entered & you’ve registered for 12 units.  TAship WILL cover the following fees: Mandatory Fees: $4,064.00 Health Insurance: $846.80  TAship WILL NOT cover: Campus Based Fees: $255.56  Department WILL cover Nonresident Tuition: $5,034.00 (your first year only)

11  TA’ships, GSR positions, Reader positions and Fellowships in relation to your department financial support packages.  Fellowship recipients are not required to be a TA, RA or Reader the years you have your fellowship.  Fellowship recipients may choose to take one additional appointments (TA, Reader, GSR). Appointments are limited to an average of 35% for the academic year.  TA appts vary from 25% - 50%. Reader appts vary from 25% - 50% (100 – 200 hours per quarter). GSR appts are typically at 49%, but it may vary depending on the availability of the grant.  TAs, GSRs and Readers may take on appts for up to 75% with the dept. chair’s approval.  For TAs & Readers, your first paycheck will be on Nov. 1 st. If you are a GSR with a hire date of Oct. 1 st, then your first paycheck will be on Nov. 1 st as well.

12  TA Requests (a call will go out mid-quarter)  TA appts vary from 25% (halftime) – 50% (fulltime).  Fulltime TA salary (50% appt) is currently $5,885 for the quarter ($1,961.67 per month).  If your appt is less than 50%, you will receive a one-time stipend to bring your salary to an equiv of 50%.  For example, if you have a 25% TA appt, your salary for the quarter is $2,942.50 ($980.83 per month). To bring your salary to an equivalent of $5,885 (50% TA quarterly salary), you will receive a one-time stipend for $2,942.50.  Timesheets are not required for TAs, but you are required to complete and sign a TA responsibilities form.

13  GSR appts are determined by your faculty advisor.  Typically, GSR appts are at 49%, but it may vary. Salary will be determined by your faculty advisor.  GSR appts go through ERI dept or MSI dept.  Timesheets are required.  Reader appts are either 25% (100 hours per quarter) or 50% (200 hours per quarter).  Readers are paid on an hourly basis. The current rate for Readers is $13.50 per hour.  Timesheets are required.

14  For Student Loans or Work Study, you will need to complete a FAFSA.  Deadline to file a FAFSA is March 2 nd. Apply online at  You are all required to complete a FAFSA every year.  If you have been awarded Work-study, please email Vivian Stopple at  UCSB Continuing student Fellowships nominations are determined by the Admissions & Fellowships Committee. Nominations are submitted around April.  Extramural Funds/Fellowships  Grad Div's website has a list of extramural funding you can apply for:

15  12 units per quarter  30 units to graduate (10 units of 596 may be counted)  201A & 201B  260 “Speaker’s Club” (every quarter) unless you have a TA or scheduling conflict. You’ll need to get the Dept. Chair’s approval for an exception.  268 “Speaker’s Club” presentation  Comprehensive Exam - What are “Comps”?  Measures your progress in the graduate program and tests your geologic knowledge.  Exams has two components: 1) Oral Q&A on general geology; 2) Presentation of paper/project, followed by questions

16  Year 1 Winter: Comps Proposal Due  Year 2 Fall: Comps Exam  Year 3 Fall – Year 4 Fall: Advance to Candidacy by passing the Qualifying Exam  Year 5 Spring: Defend Thesis and File  If you already have an MS degree, you may advance to candidacy after 3 quarters of residence.  Year 1 Winter: Comps Proposal Due  Year 2 Fall: Comps Exam  Year 2 Spring: File thesis

17  Consists of Advisor, one Faculty member and one Senior Graduate student.  Determines your schedule for Year 1 of your academic studies here.  Placement Committee Form must be completed in the Fall.  Consists of faculty advisor, and 2 UC ladder faculty (1 faculty must be from the dept.)  Provides mentorship.  Reviews and approves thesis/dissertation.

18 Weekly Events:  Speakers Club (Thursdays)  FBH (Fridays) Yearly Events:  Department Welcome Party (Fall)  The department throws a Welcome Party at Prof. Bruce Tiffney’s home.  GRR “Poster Session” (Spring)  Grads showcase their research/comps proposal/work through poster presentation.  Department Picnic (Spring)  New grads organize and throw a picnic for the dept by means of ticket sales.  Awards Ceremony (Spring)  The dept present both grads and undergrads with awards (some are monetary awards).

19  Held every Thursdays, 2:00 – 3:00, in Webb 1100  Enrollment in EARTH 260 (Speaker’s Club) is required every quarter, unless you are on a leave of absence or giving a presentation.  If you have a scheduling conflict with EARTH 260, you will need to e-mail the chair (Doug), grad advisor (Andy), and the instructor of record to request for an exemption from enrollment. Also, cc me on the e-mail.  Enrollment in EARTH 268 (Speaker’s Club presentation) is required for the quarter that you are giving a talk.  Speaker’s Club Committee is responsible for securing various speakers throughout the quarter.  Speaker’s Club Committee consists of committee chair and 3-5 grads. Grads stay on for a one-year term.

20  Held in the Spring quarter, around early to mid-May.  Organized and thrown by the new grads.  List of duties:  Reserving the park & main coordinator  Print/Sell tickets (all new grads)  Accounting  Plan/Buy Food  Beverage (non & alcoholic) purchase  Utensils/plates/cups/napkins  Food Prep  Softball equipment  Clean up (all new & current grads)

21  Mailboxes  Grad Offices  Keys  Mac Lab & Image Lab  Machine Shop  Grad Division (located on the 3 rd floor of Cheadle Hall)  ERI (located on the 6 th floor of Ellison Hall)  MSI (4 th floor for Administrative office, 1 st floor for labs)  Egrades  Direct Deposit (payroll) & E-refund (stipend checks)  E-mail listserves: gs-grads, gs-grads-year1, gs-grads-year2, gs-undergrads, gs-faculty, gs-staff, gs-everyone

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