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Last updated 07/18/14. Andy Wyss Department Chair Webb 1112 Susannah Porter Graduate Advisor/Vice-Chair Webb 1117.

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1 last updated 07/18/14

2 Andy Wyss Department Chair Webb 1112 Susannah Porter Graduate Advisor/Vice-Chair Webb 1117

3 Kate Lima Department Manager (MSO) Webb 1006 (Main Office) Vivian Stopple Office Manager Webb 1006 (Main Office)

4 Hannah Smit Graduate Program Assistant Webb 1006 (Main Office) Loren Fentroy Undergraduate Advisor Webb 1006 (Main Office)

5 Patricia Machuca Financial Manager Webb 1006 (Main Office) Yvette Howze Financial Assistant Webb 1006 (Main Office)

6 Dave Robbins System & Network Manager Webb 1031 (Mac Lab) Howard Berg Sr. Development Engineer Cloud Lab 1117

7 Gareth Seward Sr. Development Engineer Cloud Lab 1120 Andrew Kylander-Clark Assoc. Development Engineer MSI

8 Chris Livsey Principal Lab Mechanician Webb 1054 Tim Cuellar Field Equipment Manager Webb 1054

9  Activate UCSBnetID & Umail account.  Update address info (with local address) on GOLD.  Sign-up for Direct Deposit (online) and e-refund (on GOLD).  Attend ALL mandatory new student orientations/training.  For out-of-state students, establish California residency. Get a CA drivers license, register your car in CA, have your bills sent to your local address.  Get an Access/student ID card at the Info desk in UCen.  Get an office key, Grad Master key, FOB key, class copy code & your copy code.  Get settled in your office, check your dept mailbox.

10  You must be registered for 12 units every quarter.  EARTH 201A, EARTH 260 & other courses your placement committee recommends.  Fees are automatically assessed each quarter. Fees are paid once your appointment is entered & you’ve registered for 12 units.  TAship WILL cover the following fees: Mandatory Fees: $4, Health Insurance: $  TAship WILL NOT cover: Campus Based Fees: $  Department WILL cover Nonresident Tuition: $5, (your first year only)

11  TA’ships, GSR positions, Reader positions and Fellowships in relation to your department financial support packages.  Fellowship recipients are not required to be a TA, RA or Reader the years you have your fellowship.  Fellowship recipients may choose to take one additional appointments (TA, Reader, GSR). Appointments are limited to an average of 35% for the academic year.  TA appts vary from 25% - 50%. Reader appts vary from 25% - 50% (100 – 200 hours per quarter). GSR appts are typically at 49%, but it may vary depending on the availability of the grant.  TAs, GSRs and Readers may take on appts for up to 75% with the dept. chair’s approval.  For TAs & Readers, your first paycheck will be on Nov. 1 st. If you are a GSR with a hire date of Oct. 1 st, then your first paycheck will be on Nov. 1 st as well.

12  TA Requests (a call will go out mid-quarter)  TA appts vary from 25% (halftime) – 50% (fulltime).  Fulltime TA salary (50% appt) is currently $5,885 for the quarter ($1, per month).  If your appt is less than 50%, you will receive a one-time stipend to bring your salary to an equiv of 50%.  For example, if you have a 25% TA appt, your salary for the quarter is $2, ($ per month). To bring your salary to an equivalent of $5,885 (50% TA quarterly salary), you will receive a one-time stipend for $2,  Timesheets are not required for TAs, but you are required to complete and sign a TA responsibilities form.

13  GSR appts are determined by your faculty advisor.  Typically, GSR appts are at 49%, but it may vary. Salary will be determined by your faculty advisor.  GSR appts go through ERI dept or MSI dept.  Timesheets are required.  Reader appts are either 25% (100 hours per quarter) or 50% (200 hours per quarter).  Readers are paid on an hourly basis. The current rate for Readers is $13.50 per hour.  Timesheets are required.

14  For Student Loans or Work Study, you will need to complete a FAFSA.  Deadline to file a FAFSA is March 2 nd. Apply online at  You are all required to complete a FAFSA every year.  If you have been awarded Work-study, please Vivian Stopple at  UCSB Continuing student Fellowships nominations are determined by the Admissions & Fellowships Committee. Nominations are submitted around April.  Extramural Funds/Fellowships  Grad Div's website has a list of extramural funding you can apply for:

15  12 units per quarter  30 units to graduate (10 units of 596 may be counted)  201A & 201B  260 “Speaker’s Club” (every quarter) unless you have a TA or scheduling conflict. You’ll need to get the Dept. Chair’s approval for an exception.  268 “Speaker’s Club” presentation  Comprehensive Exam - What are “Comps”?  Measures your progress in the graduate program and tests your geologic knowledge.  Exams has two components: 1) Oral Q&A on general geology; 2) Presentation of paper/project, followed by questions

16  Year 1 Winter: Comps Proposal Due  Year 2 Fall: Comps Exam  Year 3 Fall – Year 4 Fall: Advance to Candidacy by passing the Qualifying Exam  Year 5 Spring: Defend Thesis and File  If you already have an MS degree, you may advance to candidacy after 3 quarters of residence.  Year 1 Winter: Comps Proposal Due  Year 2 Fall: Comps Exam  Year 2 Spring: File thesis

17  Consists of Advisor, one Faculty member and one Senior Graduate student.  Determines your schedule for Year 1 of your academic studies here.  Placement Committee Form must be completed in the Fall.  Consists of faculty advisor, and 2 UC ladder faculty (1 faculty must be from the dept.)  Provides mentorship.  Reviews and approves thesis/dissertation.

18 Weekly Events:  Speakers Club (Thursdays)  FBH (Fridays) Yearly Events:  Department Welcome Party (Fall)  The department throws a Welcome Party at Prof. Bruce Tiffney’s home.  GRR “Poster Session” (Spring)  Grads showcase their research/comps proposal/work through poster presentation.  Department Picnic (Spring)  New grads organize and throw a picnic for the dept by means of ticket sales.  Awards Ceremony (Spring)  The dept present both grads and undergrads with awards (some are monetary awards).

19  Held every Thursdays, 2:00 – 3:00, in Webb 1100  Enrollment in EARTH 260 (Speaker’s Club) is required every quarter, unless you are on a leave of absence or giving a presentation.  If you have a scheduling conflict with EARTH 260, you will need to the chair (Doug), grad advisor (Andy), and the instructor of record to request for an exemption from enrollment. Also, cc me on the .  Enrollment in EARTH 268 (Speaker’s Club presentation) is required for the quarter that you are giving a talk.  Speaker’s Club Committee is responsible for securing various speakers throughout the quarter.  Speaker’s Club Committee consists of committee chair and 3-5 grads. Grads stay on for a one-year term.

20  Held in the Spring quarter, around early to mid-May.  Organized and thrown by the new grads.  List of duties:  Reserving the park & main coordinator  Print/Sell tickets (all new grads)  Accounting  Plan/Buy Food  Beverage (non & alcoholic) purchase  Utensils/plates/cups/napkins  Food Prep  Softball equipment  Clean up (all new & current grads)

21  Mailboxes  Grad Offices  Keys  Mac Lab & Image Lab  Machine Shop  Grad Division (located on the 3 rd floor of Cheadle Hall)  ERI (located on the 6 th floor of Ellison Hall)  MSI (4 th floor for Administrative office, 1 st floor for labs)  Egrades  Direct Deposit (payroll) & E-refund (stipend checks)  listserves: gs-grads, gs-grads-year1, gs-grads-year2, gs-undergrads, gs-faculty, gs-staff, gs-everyone

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