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School №17 Donald Bisset.

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1 School №17 Donald Bisset

2 Donald Bisset Donald Harold Bisset is a modern
English children's writer. He was born on August, 30th (3), 1910 (11) in Brentford, Middlesex, England, in a family of clothes designer. He studied in Warehousemen, Clerks and Drapers School, Addington, Surrey. During the Second World War he served as lieutenant of artillery. He married in 1946, later divorced, had one son.

3 Film actor He was a film actor and Agatha Christie’s Poirot: the Dream
appeared in 57 films and TV serials. He played his first role in “Go round” in 1949. His last role was Mr. Grimm in TV serial “The Bill” in 1991. Agatha Christie’s Poirot: the Dream (1989) – Mayor The Hound of the Baskervilles (1988) – Manservant Little Dorrit 1. Nobody’s Fault (1987)

4 Bisset in Theatre Bisset played in Royal Shakespearean Theatre and
National Theater. Also he was an inventive theatrical director, he himself staged his fairy tales in the Royal Shakespeare Theater in Stratford-upon-Avon and even played a dozen of small roles.

5 Autobiography About himself Bisset wrote «... I live in
London... Grey-haired, dark blue eyes, 5,9 feet tall. In theater since I started to tell fairy tales for children in 1953 on television.... My greatest desire is to publish one of my children's books with my own color illustrations... My favourite children's books are «Wind in willows"," Winnie the Pooh "," Alice in Wonderland ». And also national fairy tales about giants and witches.” This autobiography Bisset wrote in 1967.

6 Writer A Forgotten Birthday Bisset created a world of
short fairy tales for children. Among them are “The Forgotten Birthday” “Little Bear’s Pony” “Talks with a Tiger” “Upside Down Land” “Yak and the Ice Cream” Some of them are translated into Russian.

7 Characters Donald Bisset created a new animal and called him “Crococat” because its two halves were from a cat and a crocodile. But his favourite character was Tiger Rrr with whom Donald Bisset likes to travel down the river Time till the end of the Rainbow.

8 Cartoons Some of his stories were screened and even children
“ A Little Bus Who Was Afraid of the Darkness” Some of his stories were screened and even children in our country (who don’t speak English yet) can watch them. One of the most popular Russian cartoons is about “ A Little Bus Who was Afraid of the Darkness” and “Tiger Tinkie Who Lost his Stripes”

9 Illustrator Donald Bisset didn’t only write his tales but perfectly
illustrated them. His pictures are vivid, colourful and clear for his readers. The first mice on the Moon.

10 Interview When Donald Bisset was asked, why
he became a writer, he answered: “ Because the grass is green and trees grow. Because I hear the thunder s and the rain. Because I love children and animals. I take my hat off before a ladybird. I like cats and to ride a horse... And also to write fairy tales, to play in the theater, to draw... When you love all these things, then you are rich. He can't be happy who loves nothing,»

11 Visit to Russia Donald Bisset visited Moscow
Uncle Tick-tock’s Journey Donald Bisset visited Moscow twice. He appeared on television, and visited a kindergarten where he even composed a fairytale «I do what I want» together with children. In our country Bisset’s tales appeared in They were translated into Russian by Natalia Viktorovna Shereshevskaya

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