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Census Transportation Planning Package. Mid-Region Council of Governments.

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1 Census Transportation Planning Package

2 Mid-Region Council of Governments

3 A Little bit about MRCOG NM Rail Runner Express Workforce Connection Of Central New Mexico (WCCNM) Local Planning Assistance Agribusiness (EDA) Economic Development District Regional Transit District (Rio Metro) Rural Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) MRCOG

4 A Little bit about YOU

5 Agenda CTPP Basics What’s New with the CTPP? CTPP Parts and Tables CTPP software and online data access CTPP Resources

6 What is the CTPP? A Partnership effort between MPOs, DOT, FTA, FHWA, AASHTO, TRB and the Census Bureau. Set of special tabulations collected by the US Census Bureau. Designed by Transportation Planners for the purposes of Transportation Planning.

7 What Makes CTPP Unique? Tabulations at Residence Tabulations at Workplace Flows between Home and Work Part 1Part 2Part 3 Part 1Part 2 Part 3

8 Variables Available TRANSPORTATION Place of Work Means of Transportation Workers per Vehicle Time Leaving Home Travel Time Vehicles Available SOCIOECONOMIC Minority Status Age of Worker Sex of Worker Household Income Poverty Status Occupation & Industry Class of Worker * Variety of Cross-tabulations available

9 Potential Applications Transportation planning: How many people commute from Belen to Albuquerque? What are some key employment destinations that may be appropriate for TOD? Travel Model Validation & Sample Design for travel surveys Employment Analyses: What are the most common destinations for work commuters? How do centers compare in terms of worker earnings, ages, industries? Targeted Analyses: How many workers work at home & in which industries? How is mode choice impacted by race? Age? Income? Vehicle Availability Generate Statistics: What is the average number of workers per vehicle? How many workers are there per household?

10 Data Products American Community Survey Journey-to-Work Data  Characteristics & Flows, (20,000+)  Transportation Profiles, 2005, ,  Characteristics & Flows, 2006 – 2010 (All Geographies!) Decennial Census Journey-to-Work Data  2000, 1990, 1980, 1970, 1960  Transportation Profiles, 2000 (State & County)

11 Decennial Census vs. ACS: Survey Implementation Frequency Sample Size Follow up Workers Every 10 years vs. Continuous 1 in 6 hhlds vs. 1 in 40/yr 100% follow up vs. ½ to ¼ Temporary vs. full-time workers

12 American Community Survey & CTPP Releases 12 Data ProductPopulationGeographic Data released in: ThresholdOptions Year Estimates65,000+ State, County, Place, PUMA Year Estimates20,000+Plus UA’s Year EstimatesAll Areas* Plus Tracts & Block Groups Data ProductPopulationGeographic Data released in: ThresholdOptions Year Estimates65,000+ State, County, Place, PUMA Year Estimates20,000+Plus UA’s Year EstimatesAll Areas* Plus Tracts & Block Groups Worker Flows

13 Non-Disclosure Rules US Code Title 13, Section 9 ensures that no published data can disclose an establishment’s or individual’s identity Rule #7: Worker flows must have 3 un-weighted cases for each O-D pair CTPP 2000: 82 percent of tract-to-tract data & 89 percent TAZ-to- TAZ flow data were suppressed ACS 5-yr sample: about 50 percent of Census 2000 ensuring almost no flow data at TAZ or Tract level using suppression rules CTPP 2006 – 2010 uses data perturbation techniques & iterative proportional fitting, along with rounding and grouping methods

14 Two Sets of Tables Set A: Non-Disclosure proofed microdata Rounding, cell & table suppression Set B: Disclosure proofed microdata data perturbation methods applied, suppression rules lifted When using both, row and column totals won’t match for the same population and geographies NCHRP Producing Transportation Data Products from the ACS that Comply With Disclosure Rules

15 Variable Groupings

16 Rounding Rules Mode to Work Value Rounding Total (not 355!) Drive Alone Carpool4645 Transit5960 Walk3335 Bike24 Zero = 0 1 – 7 = 4 8+ = nearest 5th

17 Geography Available Residence & Workplace Geography Nation (US Total) State** State-County State-County-MCD (for 12 MCD states) State-Place State-PUMA5 Metropolitan Statistical Area Urbanized Area (Residence Only) State-County-Tract TAD TAZ

18 What is a TAZ? Transportation Analysis Zone Delineation process led by MPO’s In general, population is 1,200 or greater Must nest within counties & TAD’s


20 What is a TAD? Transportation Analysis District Delineation process led by MPO’s Population must be greater than 20,000 No nesting criteria, must be composed of whole TAZ’s.


22 Flow Geography FROM Residence GeographyTO Workplace Geography State State-County State-County-MCD (for 12 strong MCD states)State-MCD (for 12 strong MCD states) State-Place Metropolitan Statistical Area – EACH Principal City State-CountyState-Place State-County-MCD (for 12 strong MCD states)State-Place State-PUMA5State-Place PUMA5POWPUMA Tract TAD TAZ (Base) TADTAZ (Base) TAD State-PlaceTAZ (Base) Place

23 Tables Available

24 Let’s look at the Table List

25 Accessing the Tutorial Manual

26 Software Tutorial Manual

27 Accessing the Web-based Training

28 Web-Based Software Training

29 Accessing the Data

30 CTPP Software Demonstration

31 Limitations Universe is often Workers only, 16 and over (no retirees, students, unemployed) Work Commutes only (no shopping, school trips, medical, etc.) Census Geography. No address point data (OnTheMap) Data suppression, rounding, grouping, synthesis Those darn ACS margins of error!

32 A word of caution CTPP 2006 – 2010 does not currently include workplace data for TAZs with zero (0) populations. This is being rectified and a new dataset will be released around January, This means that any TAZ which consists solely of a special generator (i.e., an airport, a shopping mall, a business park etc.) does not have workplace data or flow to it available. The data IS available at tract for Tracts with zero (0) population, so you can do Tract flows.

33 Resources

34 AASHTO website

35 FHWA website

36 CTPP List Serve

37 “Status Report” newsletter

38 E-Learning Modules

39 The ACS compass handbooks A Compass for Understanding And Using ACS Data  Set of user-specific handbooks  Train-the trainer materials  E-learning ACS Tutorial  Annotated Presentations

40 Penelope Weinberger CTPP Program Manager, AASHTO 444 North Capitol Street NE Suite 249 Washington, DC Special CTPP Contacts Brian McKenzie CTPP Program Manager Census Bureau Liang Long CTPP Technical Support FHWA

41 Kendra Watkins Socioeconomic Program Manager (505) Contact Information

42 Comparison to OnTheMap CTPPOnTheMap Sample survey All Workers over 16 Only workers at work during the reference week Counts each worker once TAZ level Data Synthesis Detailed Crosstabs Administrative Records Covered Workers any age Omits self-employed, Military & unpaid Counts each job once Block Level Data Synthesis Limited Socioeconomics

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