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Strategic Plan 2012 Footprint to the future. Strategic Plan Kickoff Identified in 2011 the need for a plan that would guide the council’s development.

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1 Strategic Plan 2012 Footprint to the future

2 Strategic Plan Kickoff Identified in 2011 the need for a plan that would guide the council’s development over the next 3 yrs. Kickoff at the July 2011 Board retreat at Camp Workcoeman. Started with the previous Strategic Plan Board members and council leadership discussed and developed initial goals in small groups. Goals were analyzed and five themes to drive the council’s success emerged: 1.Compelling Programs 2.Customer Focus/Membership 3.Engaged Leadership 4.Robust Governance 5.Justified Funding

3 Strategic Plan Development Jan 2012 five teams were formed. Included individuals from throughout the council and in various program areas. Teams also sought feedback from outside their core groups. Initial results provided to the executive board in April Detailed plans were provided to the board in July. Then began the extended collaboration which continues at these roundtables.

4 Strategic Focus #1 CRC Will Develop Compelling Programs

5 Compelling Programs Our programs are the foundation of Scouting – They are the tools we use to get the Scouting message across Compelling programs are why kids and their families stay in Scouting. CRC is committed to offering the best programs possible. Are we leaving good tools in the toolbox?

6 Compelling Programs 1.Understand the programs offered today. Inventory

7 Compelling Programs 2.We need to agree what makes a great program.

8 Compelling Programs 3.Sharing the best can make all units and districts better.

9 Compelling Programs 4.Evaluating programs will help to make them better. Traditional Vs. Old Vs. New Best Delivery Methods Collaboration vs. Repetition Reaching Today’s Youth Customer Satisfaction Core Values Outdoor Activities Focusing Resources Indoor Elements

10 Compelling Programs Better communicate all of our programs to increase participation. Part of an overall council internal marketing program Council Marketing Committee District Marketing Committees Staff Advisors Older Scouts Parents Leaders E-Blasts Website Roundtable Materials Social Media

11 Compelling Programs Reinforce community service The value of community service is…. Work with Order of the Arrow to improve the understanding of the value of community service Increase the number of community service hours Education Increased Community Service Better Reporting to The Public and Sponsors Program Evaluatio n Public Recognition of Scouting Improved Recording

12 Compelling Programs Develop a long term facilities plan Appoint a council Vice President of Facilities Development. Create and support a property steering committee Work with justified funding to develop giving guidelines for camps and facilities. $$ $ Property Steering Committee & Justified Fund Development Unified Plan

13 Strategic Focus #2 Customer Focus

14 Customer Focus: Increase Membership By 1% Per Year Enhance the council-level Membership Committee with members that: – Support each Scouting program area Recruit membership chairs for Cub and Boy Scouts – Represent areas of potential support in the community. Charter organizations such as Lions, Elks, Rotary, etc.

15 Customer Focus: Increase Membership By 1% Per Year Add a spring Cub recruitment program Develop a Tiger specific “Very Important Tiger” or VIT program Develop training for District Membership Chairs

16 Customer Focus: Increase Membership By 1% Per Year Develop a Webelos-to-Scout (W2S) transition program Educate parents to the value of Boy Scouts Promote Scouts to Webelos II Dens with a “speakers bureau” of former Eagle Scouts Partner with camping to promote summer camp

17 Customer Focus Increase retention by 0.3% per year in traditional programs – Utilize “Voice of the Scout” program to better understand retention and membership challenges.

18 Customer Focus Maximize effectiveness of Scoutreach to help economically challenged youth and families – Assess current Scoutreach programs to understand what is most effective – Develop a program to reach out to potential Latino membership – Add Latino professional staff – Use experience to reach out to other communities – Asian, Indian, etc. – Understand how to help deserving kids in all neighborhoods.

19 Customer Focus Develop an integrated marketing plan to promote Scouting Internal and External communication Engage more Scouting alumni in membership efforts

20 Strategic Focus #3 Engaged Leadership

21 Create a leadership process that: Provide the most effective leaders that can create and deliver compelling Scouting programs

22 Engaged Leadership Leadership Development Process Identify Recruit Develop Programs & Procedures Train Best Practice Leaders Existing Leaders Mentor Strengthen Comm’r Staff Assess & Measure The Leader

23 Engaged Leadership Strengthen the Commissioner staff Achieve national goal of one Unit Commissioner for every 3 units. Develop plan for Unit Commissioners to visit every unit at least 2 times a year and 50% of the units at least 6 times a year. Establish “New Unit” Commissioners who work directly with new units. Produce a guide for re-chartering to include a sample completed charter Conduct Internet training for re- chartering, advancement, registrations, etc. with Unit Commissioners to ensure they can help their units Building support for Scouting with an enhanced Commissioner Core

24 Engaged Leadership Go beyond traditional training to develop new and existing leaders by creating targeted activities that share best practices and provide additional resources at council/district events.

25 Strategic Focus #4 Robust Governance

26 Develop and implement an integrated Marketing and Communications Plan Appoint a VP of Marketing Support the goals and objectives outlined in the strategic plan Develop and Implement feedback mechanisms to validate the plan

27 Robust Governance Develop and/or implement updated information technology capabilities Create an Information Technology committee led by the Vice President of Technology Implement national BSA system upgrades Develop and implement a plan to help our volunteer leadership improve Scouting computer skills My Scouting Council Website My dot Scouting Internet Advance ment Internet Rechart ering Scout- net Online Forms Online Registra tion My Council

28 Robust Governance Focus the Executive Board on: Strategy development and deployment Obtaining the resources required to implement the strategy

29 Robust Governance Develop the critical skills of the council volunteer leadership and align them with the strategic plan consistent with the BSA Journey to Excellence Fill volunteer leadership positions with the best available candidates Develop a board inventory based on professional and Scouting experience of each member. Recruit all leadership based on skills needed to fulfill their position description Care will be given to represent demographic, socio-economic and geographic regions of the Council. Train all Council leadership for their position. Create a succession plan for each key council position. Develop the processes and networks for identifying, documenting, evaluating and implementing best practices

30 Robust Governance President Council Commissioner VP District Operations VP Outdoor Program VP Development VP Program VP Strategic Planning VP Membership Council Treasurer Asst Council Treasurer Past President Scout Executive Executive Committee ORGANIZATIONAL CHART 2012

31 Executive Committee ORGANIZATIONAL CHART 2013 Robust Governance President Scout Executive Council Commissioner VP FacilitiesVP Development VP Strategic Planning Council Treasurer National Representatives VP IT VP District Operations VP ProgramVP MembershipPast President

32 Robust Governance Develop the council staff Develop a recommended staffing level, pay structure and compensation and benefits plan Develop an implementation timeline Ensure that the staff is demographically representative of the membership and can support Spanish speaking members

33 Scout Executive Director of Development Finance Director Finance Assistant Director Of Field Services Scoutreach Director 10-12 Program Specialists District Executive Exploring/LFL Field Director West District Executive Northwest Hills District Executive Mattabesett Trail District Executive Matianuck District Executive Mad River Field Director East District Executive Mohegan District Executive Nipmuck District Executive Mark Twain District Executive Hockanum River Public Relations Director Office & Customer Service Manager Customer Service Representative Customer Service Representative Comptroller Accounting Specialist Bookkeeper Director of Support Services Program Director Ranger-Webster Camp Director JN Webster SR Ranger-Mattatuck Camp Director Camp Mattatuck Camp Director Camp Workcoeman Camp Director Tadma Ranger- Workcoeman Ranger-Tadma Administrative Assistant ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Robust Governance

34 Strategic Focus #5 Justified Funding

35 Balance the Scouting budget while keeping Scouting affordable: Determine future funding needs based on the other 4 strategic focus areas. Conduct a fundraising policy review. Implementing a new funding model based on the above. Fundraising Policies/Methods Donors and Donor Fulfillment Funding Requirements

36 Justified Funding Review existing financial and fundraising policies, campaigns and programs: Include District and Camp fundraising. Compare to best practices from other non- profits and BSA councils Ensure donations specified for a certain purpose are: – Used as requested – Use is documented and reported in some detail. Coordinate and control requests of individuals or companies who may be approached by multiple council organizations. Fundraising Policies/Methods Donors and Donor Fulfillment

37 Implement a new funding model based on the output of the first two steps that: Provides for the health of the council Includes development of new programs Supports our camps Considers how we raise money throughout the council Includes some rules and guidance Justified Funding

38 Implement a New Funding Model Design a capital campaign that supports the Strategic plan Complete the annual Friend of Scouting campaign in 6 months with the majority of unit meetings in the first 3 months of the year. Create an ongoing planned giving campaign to help build the endowment and ensure the long term health of Scouting in Connecticut. Endowment Capital Annual FOS Campaign in 6 Months Building Blocks For Long Term Health

39 Next Steps Rollout to Districts during October roundtables Final review by the Executive Board on October 23 rd Oct 24 th : Ready Set Go!

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