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Подготовила учитель английского языка Смирнова М.В.

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1 Подготовила учитель английского языка Смирнова М.В.

2 Цели и задачи:  Совершенствование лексических навыков и навыков чтения.  Обобщение изученного материала по теме «Животные».  Тренировка внимания и мышления, развитие интереса к изучении иностранному языку. 2Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

3 I am very big and I an grey. I live in the jungle, but you can find me at the zoo or in the circus. I don’t like meat, I like vegetables, fruit and grass. I am very strong, I can lift a ton. 3Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

4 The answer 4Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

5 It is green, big and long. It lives in the water and likes to eat meat. The answer. 5Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

6 It is small, it lives in the forest. It is afraid of everything. The answer. 6Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

7 -I can go without food and water for a long time. The answer. 7Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

8 The answer. 8Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

9 I live in the river. I am not a fish. I jump in the field. I have got a green coat. The answer. 9Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

10 Who is the slowest of all? The answer. 10Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

11 The answer. 11Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

12 Who has the longest neck? The answer. 12Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

13 My friend is a man, my wife is a hen, my child is a chick. Who am I? Say quick. The answer. 13Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

14 bag flag father mother cool pool last fast stone phone play grey show snow cry try 14Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

15 - cat,dog,hamster,horse; -cow,goat,pig,wolf; -fish,frog,fox,crocodile; -tiger,lion,wolf,cow; -fox,wolf, bird,hare; -bear,horse, fox,wolf; 15Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

16 Составьте одно новое слово из двух данных слов. foot ball snow man book shelf post cardletter box black board 16Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

17 Назови лесенку из слов, начинающихся на букву О. Картинки тебе помогут. O O O O O O n ld pen nion c t o b er range 17Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

18 Назови слова, картинки помогут тебе. a a a a a It is on the wall of your classroom. A man puts it on his head when it is cold. This women is not thin, she is …. A pet in the house. You put your student’s books there. mp ht ft ct bg 18Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

19 Желтый Фиолетовый Синий Белый Красный y e l l o w violt bue r e d hit 1 2 3 4 5 19Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

20 Назови антонимы ( слова, имеющие противоположное значение) и проверь себя с помощью кроссворда. 1.-top 2. -new 3. -cold 4.- high 5. - tall 6. - beautiful b o t t o m ld ho u y lw sal l u g 20Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

21 m ` t Guess! What does the tiger eat?

22 Guess! What does the bear eat? h ey

23 Guess! A famous English saying about the weather. It` c ` ` d`` It rains cats and dogs.- Льет как из ведра.

24 1-я g =nh=l What does it mean? England

25 Thank you very much Thank you very much! 25Smirnova/Riddles about the animals

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